Thursday 2 August 2018

Tomb of the Robot Kings Free PDF Dungeon #4

As I have been so unproductive due to flu, travel, parental deathclocks, trauma and stuff here is this thing for Psychon or any gonzo magic post apoc thing possibly. As usual will do some reskins here over the next few days.

This was made possible to my Patrons as a suggestion and while someone supports my top tier monthly. Just released #6 Holy Arcadia for planet Psychon or MCC or ASE or other post apoc fantasy schlock exclusively here and #5 still here too.


  1. Just wanted to wish you a quick recovery from illness, and having been on the "Parental Deathclock" myself in the past...well, I wanted to say that it's understandable you've been distracted. I truly hope things improve for you.

  2. You are ridiculously productive with sheer volume of work. your blog is like a super rpg toolbox.

  3. Holy Crap, I love this! Keep up the good work!


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