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d100 Outsider Mutations

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Faerie Mutations
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Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations side fx
Mutant Character Class

Recent Ideas: Berserker mutations, clown mutations, clockwork mutations?

Another dozen sets of these a revision (some subtables d10 all inconsistent and older ones i didn't put concrete mods or effects so much so will revise). Mutant class seems to work well so far and class able to reroll old mutations has been good too.

Whaaat is this.

Many mutants gain powers through being possessed and tainted by other worldly beings. These spirits change people physically and mentally. Some of these beings should not be in our world and they can ruin or even destroy a body. Some take over devouring the soul of their host. Not all are evil but they may be alien or curious and not realize thy are killing victims or changing them. The entities need not remain but the hosts are changed. Their descendants might be receptive to future contact. It has things in common with the bio mutations, chaos and mental mutations. traveling through time or damaged gates or unshielded hyperdrives might attract such beings too. Some hosts embrace them hoping to become gods other struggle to remove the spirits if not the mutations. Most of the greater entities require more resilient bodies and normal ones just explode if occupied. Even a minor possession might cause blood noses, headaches, sinus pain, ear aches or other pressure related symptoms. Beings from overspace have at times been more common and at times directed evil civilizations to conquest.

d12 Sources of mutation
1 Possessed when used as host by cultists in a summoning and lived
2 Taken by outsiders through other dimensions, picked up spiritual parasites
3 A entity from the nightmare lands contacted your mind
4 Some magic made visible things from beyond and some could also see you
5 You read about a entity in a cult book and now you are connected to it
6 You went between the sacred stones on the wrong day
8 Born odd, used to talk to and cry at imaginary things as a child
9 Bred by a cult to host beings from over space in this world
10 Parent secretly horror from another world, other parent is mad, dead or not sure
11 Voices spoke to you from the darkness and taught you to contact alien spirits
12 Went to a haunted place and a spirit slipped inside you

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Outsider Mutations
01 Strange coloured eyes especially when angry
02 Can see in low light condition by stars or dim lights
03 Can hear things crawling in nearby dimensions
04 Blood noses when you use any spells or strange abilities or stressed
05 Eyes glow when you use any spells or strange abilities or angry
06 Its like there is something else in your eyes looking back
07 Smell strange odours from other dimensions
08 See luminous translucent spirits from beyond when you concentrate
09 Yell telepathically for help to one person 10"/Lv once a day
10 See gates, planar weak points, outsider beings not in disguise,
11 Skin is clammy cold and sweaty
12 When angry or stressed body temperature raises and colour changes
13 Hairless all over like some kind of future person
14 Grow hair all over like some prehistoric person
15 Simple B&W eyes all over body 360 vision
16 Extra mouths and sphincters appear all over body and disappear
17 Skin is transparent and gelatinous
18 Skin is shadowy, naturally draws away light
19 Have no shadow
20 Ectoplasm drips off skin when using powers or near supernatural phenomena
21 Eyes open in chest who they stare at has -1 on saves and to hit
22 Glow inside chest cavity equal to candle
23 Something moves inside chest cavity
24 Mouth in chest d4 unarmed bite bigger and faster than normal mouth
25 Biokinetic blast from chest d6 8" range use per level per day
26 Chest tentacle comes out of chest foot per level manipulator
27 Resilient d4 extra HP
28 Bone chest cage +1AC
29 Tolerate greater extremes of pressure than normal human
30 Hold breath round per CON
31 Large almost prehensile mobile genitalia
32 Hungry for meat
33 Vomit up a d4 acid spew one per Lv/day
34 Huge gut hanging out
35 Flatulent especially when stressed or aroused
36 Strange gurgling sounds from body
37 Belching constantly
38 Belch out a cloud of green fog 2" across three times a day
39 Can eat as much as a extra person/Lv
40 Excrement bubbles and glows with eerie light
41 Tentacle or flagellum or pseudopod arms
42 Tentacle or flagellum or pseudopod fingers
43 Extra d3 small tentacles
44 Eyes on hands
45 Mouths on hands d3 unarmed bite can use to feed
46 Slime hand can generate a gallon ectoplasm once a day from hand
47 Arms can elongate up to one extra yard
48 Palms bleed with stigmata when you uses spells, abilities or stressed
49 Fingers turn into claws when angry d3 unarmed
50 Suction hands give +1 to climb and grapple attack
51 Feet always wet dripping with ectoplasm
52 Footprints glow eerily
53 Satyr like legs bend backwards at knees
54 Jump 1" extra distance
55 Big feet Move +1
56 Prehensile feet can hang onto ceiling and hold objects
57 Hooves +1 climb or balance
58 Long Legs can elongate extra yard tall
59 Tiny angry faces on feet with teeth and eyes
60 Webbed feet get full move in water
61 Randomly mutter in alien language in sleep several times a hour
62 Know speech of the ancient evil elder gods
63 Speak in ultra high frequency of spirits so the can hear you within 3"
64 Eye on tongue
65 Egg depositor on tongue can inplant parasites into victims
66 Second set of jaws pop one foot out jaws d4 unarmed damage
67 Fangs and overbite d3 unarmed damage
68 Feeding tube elongates a foot from mouth
69 Hemovore can feed from blood with special pair of teeth
70 Tentacle face foot long and mass is prehensile
71 Head enlarged
72 Bony skull ridges on head
73 Armoured skull +1AC
74 Horns d4 unarmed attack
75 Feel high pressure migraine pain frequently
76 Feel something move in your skull when you feel stressed
77 Thick neck rippling with muscles very hard to asphyxiate
78 Head covered in occult signs
79 Luminous neon sigil halos emblaze around head when angry or fighting
80 Skull is spiked all over causing host pain
81 Pineal gland emerges from forehead detect magic round/Lv day
82 Can detect invisible spirits in 3"
83 Can feed off supernatural energy of the dying or sacrifices instead of food
84 Huge pumping mutant heart +d4HP
85 Can detect if a body is dead, alive or dying within 2"
86 Violent or strong emotions from others around make you feel pleasure
87 Detect other planar beings in 1" who vibrate on a different frequency
88 Detect by touch if living or dead body possessed or undead
89 Can detect if any plane shifting within 10"
90 Can tell if planar beings like a demon, devil or elemental is summoned within a mile
91 Can read script of the old gods carved in pre human ruins
92 Superior maths skills character has numeracy as if trained
93 Hear otherworldly being offer you terrible advice in times of crisis
94 Have strange otherworldly visions of ultra space realms in dreams
95 Can ask a spirit a question yes or no once a day
96 Brain glows in times of deep thought or reading
97 Can overhear ultra high frequency of spirits talking to each other in 3"
98 Learns new skill in some branch of arcane orr elder lore
99 Can cast one zero level cantrip as a priest or druid or wizard or sorcerer
100 Resist possession saving throw +2

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Major Outsider Mutations

01 Spirit Sight can see non corporeal entities within 6"
02 See auroras of living beings with souls within 6" but not through walls
03 Can see possessed people or spirits in objects within 6"
04 Can smell beings from other planes within 1" even in disguise
05 Third eye glows when used can detect life in 1"/Lv
06 Pineal gland exits skull as a prehensile tentacle yard per level
07 Sense plane shift or open planar gate within one mile
08 Understand language of beings from other planes
09 Hear anyone casting a spell within 3"/Lv
10 Can see and attack beings on other planes without penalty
11 Invulnerable Skin AC +312 Skin can slough off healing 2d8 damage once a day
13 Slime covered skin dripping ooze, regenerate hp/ten minutes
14 Skin can turn inside out at will, when covered in gore heal a d3, one use/Lv
15 Puncture proof skin -1/damage from cutting or piercing attacks per dice
16 Disgusting blubber -1 damage from blunt attacks per dice
17 Skin is transparent, alien things swim under the skin, +2d4 HP +1/Lv
18 Skin glows in the dark illuminating 1"/Lv at will
19 Unnatural eyes all over skin can sense 360 degrees through matter foot/Lv
20 Skin covered in thorns, any unarmed attacker takes a d3 per hit
21 Rib cage splits open revealing d8 damage mouth can swallow a whole person
22 Orifice in chest fires three d3 damage shuriken per round, a round/Lv each day
23 Bony Plastron Armour AC +5
24 Creature spawns from chest once/day, 1HP/Lv Mov 12" D4 bite
25 Great scarlet eye on chest fires beam d6/Lv once per day (save for half) 12" range
26 Heart will restart after d4 rounds death, awaken with 1HP, use/Lv per day
27 No need to breathe and can tolerate extreme high and low pressure
28 Exhale gust of wind, 1"/Lv range cone, save or fall back d4" rounds
29 Exhale poison gas, 1" range cone per level, save or d3/Lv damage
30 Elongating flexible snake like spine grow a foot/lv at will
31 Prehensile genitalia or tail elongate foot/lv, can swing or hold objects
32 Intestines burst out and hose enemies with acid 2d4 damage 1" range/Lv
33 Intestines burst out and can perform extra grapple attack on target with 3"
34 Intestines with lamprey heads attack for d4, once hit keep sucking a d4 until cut loose
35 Eat anything organic unharmed in huge amounts
36 Heal self by gorging on flesh, 1HP/HD, can eat a HD per turn
37 Feed from small critters from other planes never go hungry
38 Can eat any amount of food or drink which gets funneled into a dimensional void
39 Can suck up 3" area of smoke, gas or fog in a round with no ill efect. one use/Lv/day
40 Horrible grumbling noises and bulges from belly +d8 HP
41 Mouths on hands, d4 bite extra attack if hand free, can eat through hands
42 Extra set of insectoid limbs gain one extra action per round
43 Tentacle arms, flexible can stretch one yard per level
44 Arm is huge crab like claw d8 extra attack
45 Outrageous muscled arms +1 STR
46 Arm is a biological gun that shoots bone splinters range 9" 2d4 damage
47 Unarmed attacks can hurt creatures as if magic weapons as +1/3Lv
48 Attacks made on undead have +2d4, they crumble to dust when killed
49 Glider membranes under arms can glide across as far as up Mov 12"
50 Elongating arms can extend yard/lv
51 Backward bending knees and two huge toe feet, +1" Mov/Lv
52 Legs fuse into single muscled limb can jump +1"/Lv
53 Elongating legs can extend yard/lv, +1 Mov/3Lv
54 Huge spurs +d6 unarmed attack with kick
55 Prehensile feet can grip and hang upside down or manipulate tools
56 Walk on water, leave no footprints
57 Leave trail of horrible ichor that repels normal animals and predators
58 Walk up walls like a insect or lizard
59 Quadrupedal mode of locomotion using arms, +50% Mov
60 Walk through solid matter one round/Lv per day
61 Prehensile Tongue foot long per level
62 Snapping toothed maw extra attack d6 bite
63 Vomit acid 2d4 damage burns 1HP per round/Lv, one use per/Lv per day
64 Extendable mouth can swallow person same size
65 Can vomit up d4 gallons/Lv of ectoplasm, once per Lv/day
66 Can speak with dead once per day, a question per level if corpse fails save
67 Can call thing from beyond per level per day 1HD Att d4 Mov 12" levitates
68 Sonic scream 1"/Lv cone d4/Lv save or deaf for ten minues, once/day/Lv
69 Vomit swarm of crawling maggots 1"/L, 2HP damage per round, round/Lv
70 Vomit swarm of flies, cloud covers 1" area in darkness/Lv, Mov12", round/L per day
71 Rotating head has three faces each with separate bonus +1 WIS +1INT or +1 CHA
72 Horns can sprout form forehead at will, d6 extra attack
73 Flaming aurora can form around head at will, d4 fire to any unarmed attacker, 1" light
74 Luminous aurora forms from head illuminating 3"/level area at will
75 Skull explodes, d4/Lv over 3" once a day, awaken with head regrown after one hour
76 Solar beam from forehead d3/Lv, Range 2"/Lv, one use/4Lv/day
77 Elongating neck, 1 yard/Lv at will
78 Crystal encased skull, see visions of impending disaster, war and mass destruction
79 Head can transform into tentacled toothed horror round/Lv/day, save from fear within 3"
80 Glowing runes in skull, hear voices of bound planar beings, sometimes advice is useful
81 Light absorbing organ 3" darkness for one turn/Lv per day
82 Restore one level of energy drain or lost stat point by eating
83 Hear your name spoken within one mile with rough idea of distance and direction
84 Planeshift to avoid calamity once a week, end up on a random dimension
85 Can reproduce with any species producing unatural hybrids
86 Regenerate damage 1HP/round from non magic weapons, fire, acid, silver or iron
87 Can survive extremes of other planes as a native life form
88 If killed a wraith from overspace enters the world through your corpse
89 If killed a being from overspace takes your body and turns it into a mummy
90 If killed a clone child hatches from your remains a d4 hours later
91 If killed releases horrible alien entity 1HD/Lv Mov 12" Levitate d4 dam/Lv with bite
92 Can question dimensional beings as a History Spell per Lv/day
93 If killed brain and nerve stem escapes and hides, will regrow body over months
94 Levitation at will 1" Mov in air at will
95 Telepathy 1"/Lv range can communicate with sentient beings by silent direct mind link
96 Empathy 1"/Lv range can sense emotions of living beings and broadcast your own
97 ESP one round/Lv per day, 1"/Lv range, read surface thoughts if victim fails save
98 If unconscious or mind controlled alien evil persona takes over for d6 10 minute turns
99 Never needs sleep but hears strange alien voices from beyond if you try
100 Enhanced Intelligence +1 plus read a d4 dead alien languages

d12 Apotheosis

01 Body explodes when higher density being tries to occupy your body
02 Powerful being bonds to your body and eats your soul
03 Soul is evicted by entity and becomes a miserable damned non corporeal spirit
04 Plunge from world to world gazing at wonders and infinite cosmic power scales
05 Body becomes the seed of a new body for a monstrous alien being
06 Becomes host of one of the elder gods worshipped by cultists
07 Body occupied and changed by entity into rampaging mindless monster
08 Taken into stomach of a soul eating old one to be devoured for aeons
09 Taken to other world to be plaything of curious planar outsiders
10 Beings from ultraspace come and take your brain to another dimension
11 A being takes the host body to another world to wage wars of cosmic conquest
12 Body breaks down into a mindless shoggoth


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