Tuesday 21 August 2018

Deep Dungeon Missions for EXOPCOM

So the typical beginner dungeon sortie is a time in a forward base or a patrol. Veterans who show a talent for dungeon survival get deeper patrols and missions. The best go on deep missions usually for intelligence or search and destroy specific dungeon entities wanted by command. Possibly will do some dungeon clues tables. Im tempted to map out a great multi level dungeon chasm

Maralinga Experimental Operations Command - The Pit
Pop 1800
Airstrip with underground hangars and the gate entrance
Many personnel unaware of the gates nature
Training facility for newly arrived troops

Headquarters of Dungeon Operations - The Gate
Pop 3000
Central Command Base inside the gate and directly defending the base
Heavily fortified including nuclear blast door over the gateway
180 portable buildings, a small nuclear powerplant, hospital and prison

Fire Support Bases - Supporting the Front
Pop 200
Designated by monster names
Support several forward bases
Often connected by rail to the Gate
Physical phone and power lines to the Gate
Medical and armoury facilities
Heavily fortified with light vehicles and artillery
Able to rush support to forward bases
Monthly major attacks

Forward Operating Bases - The Front Line
Pop 40-120
Named after phonetic alphabet radio codes eg: Tango Alpha Charlie
There are a dozen of these and they occasionally move, are abandoned or established
Most guarded by mine fields, trenches, spotlights, razor wire and machine gun nests
Many are mostly tents with a few kit buildings and diesel generators
Weekly attacked by monsters, frequent skirmishes in area

Broken Morale Squads on the Front-Collect trophies like orc ear necklaces
-Deal in vice and contraband (drugs, sex, looting, gambling)
-Deal in and use unauthorised dungeon items
-Mistreat prisoners and enemy non combatants
-Unauthorised/undocumented dealings with dungeon inhabitants
-Try to influence green troops they are normal
-Fail to report and document encounters
-Unauthorised missions often after treasure

Squad MoraleGreen Zero Level Morale 7
Experienced 1st Level Morale 8
Veteran 2nd-3rd Level Morale 9
Elite 4th+ Level Morale 10

d10 Common Recruit Missions
1 Sent to relieve forward base personnel
2 Sent to escort supplies to forward base
3 Sent on patrol between bases
4 Sent on recon ahead of forward base
5 Search and destroy humanoid camps
6 Search and destroy monster lair
7 Search for missing personel
8 Eliminate humanoid patrols
9 Escort science officer team
10 Escort intelligence officer team

Deep Dungeon Missions for EXOPCOM
01 A wizard making orcs in a great alchemical pit needs to be eliminated
02 Goblin construction site building a new fortified base 
03 Fortified barracks and armoury and barracks of humanoids requires harrasment
04 Destroy a stone bridge to cut off certain enemies
05 Liberate a orc prison camp of allied soldiers and any other inmates
06 A enemy temple acting as a first aid centre and zombie factory requires destruction
07 Destroy goblin alchemist base supplying potions and operating a small derivable
08 Capture a wizard leading a camp of orcs troubling a fire base
09 A manticore nesting colony requires destruction but some eggs would be appreciated
10 A dragon in a great cave requires observation team replacement for a two weeks
11 Goblins have been breeding rust monsters for an attack on a base, free them early
12 Goblins have been fattening up a a purple worm as a siege weapon
13 Patrols have found camps of a foreign power recon teams, contact them
14 AWOL recon teams have left signs they are still alive and have gone native, find them
15 Signs of a surface world criminal cartel base require investigation
16 A dungeon criminal guild base has been dealing in vice to forward bases, destroy it
17 Orcs have been exploring crypts looking for something find out what
18 Enemy wizard has a djinn bottle, kill him and seize it
19 Dungeon bard has been visiting forward bases seducing troops to go native
20 Monastery of evil monks has been coordinating monster attacks on a base
21 New orc priests have been rallying a orc camp previously broken
22 Where do dungeon pies come from? Investigate reports of a wizard bakery
23 Dungeon gnomes have been studying captured army tech, destroy their base
24 Orcs captured modern rifles and are experimenting with them, destroy the weapons
25 Wizard making cursed items in lab found in camp contraband, requires termination
26 A huge orc horde with priests and wizards has been chanting for days, observe them
27 A goblin market has been happy to trade, visit it and trade gold for magic
28 A goblin warlord is willing to help us if we help depose their current king
29 Necromancers have been gathering corpses and scaffolding to build something
30 Sigils found in dungeon indicate a huge summoning symbol, find and destroy it's points
31 Supernatural female monsters have enslaved several squads, rescue them
32 Areas are blocked by giant webs, burn through and investigate what is beyond
33 A flooded chamber has a sunken temple, escort a scuba team to investigate
34 Morale in a forward base is shocking, infiltrate and eliminate the cause
35 A fungus forest has been discovered, explore it 
36 A sprawling mausoleum has been discovered, investigate for enemy camps
37 A giant demon wolf has been prowling around a base picking off patrols
38 Elves have offered some kind of deal, meet their emissaries on neutral ground
39 A wizard has been observed making magical statues, eliminate him
40 Intelligence officer was carried off by a dungeon worm, rescue and remove eggs
42 Dungeon dwarf elders have offered to share Intel, meet them in their stronghold
43 A radioactive tracer on a doppelganger has revealed their stronghold, eliminate them
44 Recon located a golem factory, destroy it and capture any wizards or books on site
45 A monolith surrounded by shadows has been located and command want it destroyed
46 A ghoul nest has collected a cache of magic grave goods scientists want to study
47 A wizard has a helm able to translate languages, cypher teams want it
48 Halflings have been taunting the front line and leading troops into traps, stop them
49 A goblin brewery supplies a orc army camp, poison the brew before we attack the camp
50 A series of chasms is guarded by gorgons, destroy them without being stoned
51 Enter a cave of baslisks , bring back missing stoned recon team to base

52 Some enemy base in a volcanic cavern needs investigating
53 New weapons to counter a specific monster need testing, protect science obsevers
54 Mining specialists need escort to gather samples but Xorn keep eating them
55 Linguists want to document relief writing on ruin walls, escort them into hostile area
56 Beastmen observed chanting and sacrificing victims by a great doorway, why?
57 A daemonic ferryman on a river charges gold, where does he go? gold provided 
58 Criminal cartel stockpiling treasure outside a base, arrest them and seize loot
59 Giants have been gathering, block larger passages with demolition charges
60 Harpies have controlled airspace around a huge cavern, escort a drone and sniper team
61 An elemental node has been activated by wizards to gate in monsters, stop them
62 Destroy a dam guarded by fishmen to flood a goblin stronghold, then pick off survivors
63 Wizards have been breeding green slime in vats in a base, destroy them
64 Wizard camp has been breeding specialist goblins, kidnap some of them for the lab boys
65 Wizard school has been located, kill them, seize or destroy their books
66 A cavern has been growing colder and ice covered, find out why
67 Halflings offer intel in exchange for freeze dried icecream and chocolate but be careful
68 Bugbears are hiding in a open cavern and ambushing patrols, search and destroy
69 Goblins under a wizards control have been erecting some huge machine, why?
70 Gnomes have developed crude anti drone weapons, evaluate them
71 A kobold depot where pre boxed traps are distributed from has been located

72 A secret tunnel complex of kobolds has been located near a base needs purging
73 A huge statue located by recon requires further investigation
74 Portal located where dungeon forces are assembled, use demolition charges to destroy
75 A machine making monsters operated by wizards requires immediate destruction
76 An orc village of non combatants wants to agree to a non hostility pacts, meet them
77 Dark elf spider farm has been located requiring destruction, poison gas supplied
78 A forward base has reports of personnel eating humanoids, infiltrate and investigate
79 A gone native recon team has been advising a evil high priest commanding a orc base
80 An magically lit area overgrown with vegetation has been discovered, investigate
81 A dungeon trade town has been discovered, infiltrate and attempt trade
82 A goblin animal breeding farm where dire wolves and giant bats are bred, destroy
83 A goblin king has offered an exchange of our prisoners in return for guns, meet them
84 Dungeon area overgrown with flesh and horrible protoplasm monsters, investigate
85 Kobolds have been guarding a supposed gate to hell, investigate if this is true
86 An ancient sewer complex has been discovered investigate where it goes
87 An ancient ruined city has been located and a team of scientists need escorts
88 Some kind of goblin festival is taking place, infiltrate and rob the kings magic treasury
89 A large goblin tribe have surrendered to a small recon team who require help
90 Informants say a non combatant humanoid village has a secret tunnel base underneath
91 A series of deep dark caves even monsters dread has been discovered, explore them
92 A temple of human dungeon cultists has been discovered, kidnap some for questioning

93 A great pit of slime where cultists call forth monsters requires destruction
94 Wizards have been using magic to build a stone and iron walled fortress, stop them
95 Recon teams have reported catching magical fish in a hole, escort scientists their 

96 A strange walled garden with hedge maze has been discovered and requires searching
97 Manor house filled with strange magical traps and puzzles has already claimed a team
98 Demihuman council has offered us a seat to plan a united offensive vs the dungeon
99 A magic mirror converts goblins to nilbogs, destroy them before there are too many
100 A witch tower guarded by winged apes requires exploration

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