Thursday 30 August 2018

Get Down to Bugtown

Partly inspired by French artist Grandville and Dr Bey's Bedside bug book and some other retro novelty art. Insect folk often gather or form small shanty towns on the fringes of human lands to trade. Sometimes they are on the borders with faerieland. Bug town is a interesting place to visit or recruit interesting henchmen or trade. Play a track of crickets or cicadas while in town.

Bug Currency
1 Chit = 1cp pellet of compressed dried pre chewed food 1Oz
1 Fungi Ball =1cp ball of decayed matter and fungus 1lb
1 Dewdrop = 1sp transparent skin of sweet partially digested fluid 1lb
1 Honey cake = 1gp 1Lb of crystalized honer covered in wax 1lb
1 Royal jelly = 5gp 1Oz super rich, mutagen properties 1% dose 1Oz

d12 Bug Buildings
01 Tavern, where bugs meet to drink 2d6 inhabitants plus barkeeper
02 Inn, where travellers and merchants stay 2d6 inhabitants plus innkeeper family
03 Shop, where a insect family sell various supplies and trade
04 Nest, where eggs and grubs and larvae and nymphs are kept safe
05 House, where a family of bus live
06 Burrow, underground bug tunnel complex
07 Garden, where bugs grow plants and fungus for food
08 Stables, where slave bugs are kept as beast of burden and food
09 Storehouse, large hive structure where food is stored
10 Armoury, where bug sherriff runs the militia from and stores weapons
11 Wall, a defensive barrier of bug secretions, corpses and feces pelletts
12 Bandstand, where bug bands and entertainers perform

Visitors to Bug Town

01 Elf and faerie ambassodors
02 Dwarf traders
03 Goblinoid fungus dealers
04 Human thief guild rep trading goods
05 Human bard trading songs with bugs
06 Wizard trading magic with bugs for giant grubs
07 Druid visiting bug people for their wisdom
08 Priest of bug cult come for wisdom
09 Visitors from distant bug town
10 Bug eating beastman trying to blend in for sly free feast

D10 Bug Band Skill
01 Sing
02 Horn
03 Flute
04 Drums
05 Xylophone
06 Lute
07 Harpsicord
08 Violin or fiddle
09 Harmonica
10 Dancer

d100 Interesting bugs
01 Ant
02 Wasp
03 Bee
04 Termite
05 Mantis
06 Aphid
07 Flea
08 Tick
09 Mite
10 Wolf Spider
11 Scorpion
12 Solifuge
13 Whip scorpion
14 Cricket
15 Centipede
16 Grasshopper
17 Worm
18 Caterpillar
19 Grub
20 Hawk moth
21 Monarch butterfly
22 Borer beetle
23 Deathwatch beetle
24 Crusader bug
25 Lady bug
26 Millipede
27 Rhino beetle
28 Scarab beetle
29 Bombadier
30 Staghorn beetle
31 Slater
32 Earwig
33 Slug
34 Snail
35 Stink bug
36 Stick insect
37 Cicada
38 Blow fly
39 Lacewing
40 Dragonfly
41 Mosquito
42 Silverfish
43 Springtail
44 Weevil
45 Cocroach
46 Bedbug
47 Water strider
48 Mayfly
49 Assassin bug
50 Fire fly
51 Gad fly

52 Fruit fly
53 Blister beetle
54 Bark beetle
55 Carrion beetle
56 Tarantula
57 Daddy long legs
58 Water spider
59 Tiger beetle
60 Soldier beetle
61 Leaf insect
62 Black widow
63 Segmented worm
64 Crab spider
65 Funnel web spider
66 Water beetle
67 Scissor beetle
68 Mole cricket
69 Horse fly
70 Click beetle
71 Longhorn beetle 

72 Cabbage moth
73 Leaf beetle
74 Reflex beetle
75 Tiger beetle
76 Ground beetle
77 Silk moth
78 Jewel beetle
79 Pine beetle
80 Deaths head moth
81 Ironclad beetle
82 Milkweed bug
83 Ambrosia beetle
84 Bark beetle
85 Atlas moth
86 Christmas beetle
87 Darkling beetle
88 Katydid
89 Sap beetle
90 Huntsman spider
91 Leech
92 Moon moth

93 Titan bug
94 Weta
95 Treehopper

96 Swallowtail butterfly
97 Jumping spider
98 Glow worm
99 Orb spider
 Jumping spider

d100  Interesting bugs to meet

01 Timmy Twinkles, green cricket loves fancy hats & food, loves human hair wigs

02 Byron Crackerjack, shiny black cricket plays trumpet and tap dances

03 Phylis Snodgrass a posh lady lacewing, likes tea and being a snob

04 Corinda Scarlet, lady bug detective, looks for mysteries and clues

05 Earnest Scrawler, ground beetle porter, carries loads for rich visitors for cash
06 Clark Gimble, tap dancing click beetle, wears fancy shiny shoes and carries a cane
07 Laurence Longglegs, dandy spider likes to watch bands and eat barflies
08 Kimble Crag, long horn wood beetle, carpenter who plays the fiddle
09 Edmund Sixlegs, dapper borer beetle dancer and drummer, loves ladies of all species
10 Velveteen Cray, black widow, hangs around bar seducing drunks, wont eat musicians
11 Eegan Calvert, stink bug writer, reviews music for touring insect music fans
12 Bronny Flax, earwig sheriff, out for bad bugs who prey on the weak, idealist
13 Calzan Crazypants, centipede xylophone player, eats hecklers, likes gambling
14 Orlac Hanz, pianist mole cricket, wears top hat and tiny spectacles
15 Zebedee Flint, weevil wizard, recruits young bugs to wizard life and demonology
16 Kimber Morant, Praying mantis horn player, only eats a few young bugs a day
17 Gregory Thistle, singing leaf bug, likes to get drunk and play dice till broke
18 Pollyanna Prickletoes, scarab beetle vocalist, also canny merchant trader 
19 Lorne Dern, old rhino beetle, leads refugee bugs to the promised land
20 Califax Tan, stick insect barkeeper, expert at stacking glasses and cocktail juggling
21 Saphire Peaches, tarantula singer who  invites unlucky fans into her lair
22 Morgana Sienna, bejeweled weevil, watches performers from palanquin, likes fancy fans
23 Hammond Farland, wandering crusader bug knight who saves bugs from peril
24 Gloria Munday, cabbage moth socialite, buys jewels an hires adventurers to find them
25 Lazlo Lilo, sleazy bedbug pimp, offers cheap accomidation in his shed of bloodsuckers
26 Stix Mendleson, assassin bug hitman, listens to music while sharpening his stilettos
27 Paloma Terrona, bark beetle hustler, sells faux potions and drugs, keeps several urchins
28 Dusty Lustre, tiger beetle prostitute, only eats customers who try to cheat her
29 Sammy Slit Throat, scissor beetle bouncer, decapitates troublemakers, but mostly nice
30 Manny Nectar, an aphid who produces magic healing nectar from a magic tree he once sucked on
31 Bonita Cicada, plays the violin and like to play knucklebones for cash
32 Borris Gadornin, goliath beetle who likes to catch fish and dig holes
33 Carmen Curoza the cockroach, is shiny and dresses fancy but stinks if scared
34 Golan Ritz, a flashy talented musician but has disgusting taste in food
35 Milly the moon moth, exotic fan cabaret dancer drives the bugs wild
36 Erubus Tang, elderly syphilitic spider with beard, spectacles, top hat, likes ladies and absinthe
37 Globbo Vault, rogue termite, gnaws on wood while tapping toes to music off beat
38 Cyrano Glob, wood louse beatnick poet, all poems about eating wood in dark
39 Gordom Millwort, silvershish, admires clothing and books to eat, offers silver coin
40 Billy Vrang, a huge weta the size of an ogre, eating a sheep, drinking beer
41 Candie Mulldoon, leech with makeup and a wig, trying to seduce a victim badly
42 Horace Willpole, dragonfly wizard, reads books while sipping tea and smoking opium
43 Shiela Pondly, jumping spider, enthusiastic, loves gossip, very friendly, likes cuddles
44 Shelby Nutter, fruit fly gorging self on fruit with bug smile, face covered in pulp
45 Mabel Clang, mosquito scholar, will pay for your blood, asks politley
46 Victor Lubago, waterstrider sketches every day life in bug town, shy
47 Nebazor Vril, darkling beetle necromancer, looking for bug corpses for his army
48 Barnabus Cleave, flea circus acrobat, liks twirling moustache and announcing himself
49 Mother Serendipity, ladybug runs bug orphanage in an old giants boot, afraid of fire
50 Colonel Gout, bombadier beetle, tells stories of siege warfare and army life
51 Lou Thimble, glow fly wizard, likes to drink and watch band while reading old books
52 Vinny Glub, snail man hustler,  buys and sells ill gotten loot, offers horrible missions 
53 Cardomon Veal, slug tea merchant, smokes hookah, attended by weevil slaves
54 Parissia Keel, jewel beetle horn player, other bugs adore her and try to get her drunk
55 Donny Sawtooth, unemployed ant, scrounges for change and beer
56 Holbert Low, worm miner, wearl lamp hat and covered in dirt, hates mole men
57 Mortimer Larp, ironclad beetle mercenary likes fighting and trying new food
58 Alice Mayfly, barmaid, wary of customers who want to eat her, dreams of adventure
59 Gilbert Gilderson, shiny christmas beetle, big spender and pays for free feasts 
60 Emile Lamond, orb spider likes to make pretty pattern webs and sells spider silk clothes
61 Oscar Cadman, gadfly dandy, likes to drink and screw with superficial interest in art and clothes
62 Gerry Formica, ant comedian, neurotic, clumsy and weird, tries to score drugs
63 Queen Mave, deposed elderly bee queen with several servants, talks about old days
64 Macy the monarch butterfly, snooty and aloof, drinks nectar and plays harp
65 Phylis Green, leafhopper, flighty and nervous, drinks acorn coffee and takes stimulants
66 Daddy Silverspat, long legged spider, plays trumpet and drums, snappy dresser
67 Sigmund Hurst, glow worm theatrical director, mostly stuffs face and critiques everyone
68 Keeble Rod in wayang, slater likes to collect scraps of food and grovels to anyone
69 Lazlo Corben, pine beetle drug dealer, offers free samples to kids
70 Belinga Cogman, millipede always losing her gloves or shoes
71 Rodney Belview, swollowtail priest of bug god, tries to keep everyone friendly

72 Gordo Cleeze, dung beetle sits and eats feces with delight, a connoisseur of exotic dung

73 Electra Vanderpump, butterfly and amatuer poet looking for true love and inspiration 
74 Harry Cam, rhino beetle likes to fight, lift heavy objects and to impress ladies
75 Twiggy, stick insect artists model, likes free drinks and musicians, likes to dance
76 Corbert Jansen, swollowtail butterfly painter, likes to models into painting nudes
77 Zola Kant, dignified rich hawkmoth, all the ladies love him, he collects old books
78 Larry Spot, tick who is kinda annoying, tells bad jokes and loves to befriend newcomers
79 Dick Venom, scorpion criminal, has a gang in woods who rob and eat travellers
80 Sol Marnell, inchworm who keeps talking about when he is a moth the places he will go
81 Ra Kingman, scarab band leader composer and deeply devoted to sun god
82 Polly Pringle, solifuge lute player, earnest and friendly but most bugs afraid of her
83 Greebly Tanner, mite who sells scraps, rags and bones from a pushcart
84 Mortimer Black, deathwatch beetle fascinated by all dead things and corpses
85 Bill Cadaver, cariion beetle, keen to follow adventurers and clean up corpses they leave
86 Marionetta Clever, wasp who is keen to make out with strangers and deposit eggs in them
87 Manny Lord, whip scorpion amateur detective, always imagining plots and conspiracies
88 Peter Scytheman, mantis poet, obsessed by meeting his one true love
89 Gabby Gloch, stag beetle chef, always working on dreaming up new recipes for her book
90 Griselda Lieber, crab spider lute player and weaver, ran away from classy family
91 Lars Hendersen, trapdoor spider, spy for dark elves and friendly to travellers
92 Steppenwolf the wolf spider, singer but also a horrible charismatic murderer

93 Gilbert Flange, grotesque huge greedy caterpillar who doesn't want to grow up
94 Percy Lune, water bug comes on land
 flopping about awkwardly for the music
95 Loris Cran, a huge grub wonders what kind of bug she will be when she pupates
96 Calvert Wren, sap sucker, hangs around bars sucking nectar drinks, likes gossip
97 Doris Stippleback, milkweed bug, likes to sing, wants to be discovered and find fame
98 Krang Thune, huge pink caterpiller smokes hookah and runs organised crime
99 Kieran Black, reflex beetle releases toxic chemicals when nervous which is often
100 Pheobe Lake, water spider sits in web selling water droplets, lives in local well


  1. An Interesting Bug to meet:
    Terrible Terrence

    An incredibly muscular hercules beetle, who wins ill-gotten fortunes from gamblers in an underground combat arena, housed in an abandoned burrow. He is boisterous enough to make people worry he'll spill the beans on the fighting setup.

  2. Hey, I hate to be a...bug, but there is no list of interesting bugs to meet. Is this a subtle criticism of the quotidian nature of bugs? Because that's not cool man, they're trying. You try having a lot of neat hobbies when you're responsible for the underlying eco-systems of nearly every natural habitat on the planet! The anti-bug defamation league will hear of this, and the buzz will be all over town in no time! Then you'll have a bee in your bonnet, cause those guys don't take shit from anyone.


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