Saturday, 4 August 2018

Robot Kings Expanded

Usually when I make a public release I do some expansion content and reskins. The point of these zines is mostly to be quick and easy to run and rerun. I post the zines a few months before on my patreon and do reskins and expansions here, but will start putting extra content there first too. Will do a compilation of all these one day.

Tomb of the Robot KingsThis dungeon is pretty linear one with a spiral corridor, various tombs. Mostly I do reskins but not alot to reskin here but...

Nanobots in the tomb might repair everything possibly inconsistently which is common on my planet Psychon Setting.

Tomb complex is more active with robot pilgrims adding to artworks, leaving offerings and worship. Which would make looting it much harder. Possibly one tomb is the goal for a more of a heist scenario with lots of robot npcs to distract

Civilized explorers have camped with scholars and imperial officials and dandy nobles. The hope to open the tombs for loot but android cultists have infiltrated intending to sabotage the expedition. Things from tomb being awoken might be cursed or arise and murder expedition members.

Extra Tables
d12 Door Security
Most doors are sealed by stone slabs requiring tools, ropes and 100 points of strength to move and some time. It is pretty noisy too so a few randoms might cause a problem. A expert can identify these traps and disarm the mechanical or suggest a spell caster if needed.
1 Curse of the Robot Kings (see below)

2 Holographic guardians step from relief art on door
3 Door is a stone golem or living statue and quite grumpy
4 Poison gas save or die if near the door
5 Rust gas metallic goods save or crumble into rust if near the door
6 Arcs of electricity 4d6 or half if save
7 Automated defence gun 3d6 damage, 2 shots a round AC 16 HP 30
8 Pit trap dumps coridoor inhabitants into cyborg crocodile pit
9 Pit trap dumps coridoor inhabitants into cyborg crocodile pit
10 Pit trap dumps coridoor inhabitants into pit with a mummy
11 Pit trap dumps coridoor inhabitants into robot snake pit
12 Spikes pop out ow walls and floor, d6 each, then save to escape walls closing in then corridor reset

d12 Robot Curses

1 Every time your battery recharges it loses 10% capacity
2 Rust and corrosion weakens your metal and tech (items break, -d3 AC)
3 Reboot with software bugs cause alignment shifts and personality change
4 Electrical feedback loop causes stuttered speech and possibly ruining spells
5 Appearance is corroded, weathered and looks shoddy
6 An app or component has a catastrophic failure and needs replacement
7 Detectable by scanners and sensors more easily
8 Gold carried turns to lead
9 Intelligent machines are repulsed by the cursed

10 Firearms and mechanical or energy weapons misfire and jam on 1in4
11 Constantly get static shocks at least every ten minutes or when touching anyone
12 Loop in software, adopt annoying uncool repetitive catchphrases and slogans

d12 Guards Inside A Crypt

1 Robed android cult fanatics
2 Cyborg royal guards
3 Cyber-sphynxes
4 Four security bots with lethal weapons
5 Bronze golem or some other type in royal body guard robes
6 Cyborg minotaurs with big guns
7 Holographic guardians step from wall art
7 Combat robot in miniature tank configuration
8 Mobile self aware landmines
9 Android concubine assasins
10 Living statues depicting buried kings kin
11 Psionic shedu from other plane appears
12 Cyborg Chimera

d20 Inside a Sarcophagi
1 Royal robot can transform into small tank or plane or car

2 Burned out robot coffin covered in gold leaf and gems
Undead robot mummy wrapped  in foil bandages
4 Doppelganger android will seduce rescuers to get out of tomb 
5 Insane killer warborg wants to conquer world but needs new tracks and ammo
6 Golden robot wizard requires fuel cell or recharge, keen to rule again
7 Radioactive robot wreck with melted atomic fuel cell in lead coffin
8 Robot royal head intact on wrecked body desires new body
9 Twin royal robot siblings embracing in coffin, demand privacy
10 Formerly gold and bejeweled robot now stripped bare of valuables
11 Undead robot wight whose gold skin has turned to lead
12 Gilded robot child in sleep mode, unhappy kingdom stolen if rebooted
13 Robot noble virused to hate humans will attack instantly
14 Robot knight sworn to protect robot civilization or will find new cause if gone
15 Vampire robot longs to drain lubrication fluids and power cells from other robots
16 Robot astrologer keen to make hopless readings based on robot astrology
17 Robot child with rocket boots, machineguns, lasers and a heart of gold
18 Crotchety old robot king barley working with blinking lights, obsolete operating system
19 Gilded war criminal noble, currently offline, wants to conquer and cannibalize robots
20 Golden hedonistic robot in sleep mode, keen to start debauching and sample depravity

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