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The Dungeon Infiltrates the Outside World

So this is for things in the dungeon inexplicably leaking into the real world in my modern vs dungeon dimension game. Missions like this start increasing and ppl begin to ask who is invading who. Possibly all that treasure and magic brought from the dungeon is changing the universe (adding to mass of the universe?).

In the Maralinga nuclear test site base gate has a huge area of no go irradiated wasteland far from anything acts as a barrier. The Lucas Heights reactor is in suburban sydney. Of course some of the other gates around the world are operated more questionably and things from their might be leaking out more (or worse the dungeon might be in control of gate or even politicians).

So these are missions where dungeon kill teams are sent on search and destroy quests against dungeon inhabitants visiting earth. Keeping civilians and non Experimental Operations Command personnel in the dark is key. Also some mission might require plain clothes to hide military presence. Veteran dungeon monster killers are the most successful. Carrying out these missions might prove you can be trusted enough to be allowed out of the dungeon on leave. All personnel are strictly monitored for spending and contamination. Any personnel who have become non human will unlikely be allowed out but disguise might work for some missions. Too many missions like this mean the dungeon dimension invasion is underway. Many captured creatures will be kept in a facility within the gate to minimise dimensional contamination.

Keep public in the dark is one of the main challenges
Clean ups and cover ups are part of the picture
Cleaners remove traces of other dimensional threats
Media officers create plausible press releases
Some entities are being researched and studied for use in labs
Experiments with a captured memory eater are in place

Typical Cover Ups
1 Accident like gas leak, factory fire, explosion
2 Disease outbreak
3 Terrorism
4 New movie test filming
5 Mass hysteria
6 Criminals in masks
7 Dangerous animal escape
8 Madman
9 Drug lab
10 Cordoned off crime scene or fugitive search

d10 How Intruders got Outside Dungeon
1 Came via foreign gate controlled by tainted government
Came via foreign gate controlled by organised crime
3 Someone smuggled item out of dungeon allowing it to transport monsters
4 Dimensional membranes stretched allowing egress outside standard gate
5 Ex dungeon personnel tainted and transformed or acted as gate point
6 Civilians outside used magic to gate in monsters influenced by dreams
7 Private research contractors experiment with magic gone wrong
 Private research contractors dungeon test subjects escaped
9 A creature infiltrated dungeon gate personnel and escaped
10 A creature used invisibility or illusions or magic to escape through the gate

d100  Missions vs Dungeon Invaders Outside
01 Orc gang robbing  jewelry stores living in city sewer
02 Wizard and gang in siege in a "joke and magic shop" mistaking shop function
03 Capture live rust monsters living in old gas works or train yard
04 Dragon living in a train tunnel, eliminate quickly, don't let it escape
05 Paintball field has gang of orcs move in and they captured corporate executives
06 Contract corp lab has had monster break out and in lockdown
07 Cult compound has exhibited spells and is under siege by federal police
08 Stray hellhound menacing a suburb, eliminate before anyone films it breathing fire
09 Sewerage workers in plant report something in effluent tanks
10 City graveyard has had several odd assaults and grave robberies
11 Outback town haunted by bad spirit, indigenous population fled
12 A possible doppelganger has infiltrated a conference on gate security forces
13 Something has killed and eviscerated minister threatening to cut gate budget 
14 Vampire has infiltrated dark wave music scene preying on east dupes
15 Devil infiltrated command hq office offering wishes for dungeon favorable policies
16 Stirges have intruded in suburban drains, search and destroy 
17 Strange inexplicable logger deaths by crushing in a old growth forests
18 Trolls grew from a tissue sample in a lab and the facility is in lockdown
19 Purple worm in quarry shut down the site, kill it, check for eggs
20 Carrion crawler in dump has seized several workers, destroy all eggs
21 Shape shifting extra planar being inciting crowds to strangeness at a music festival
22 Peryton nest on tall building, mostly hunting by night, left several heartless corpses
23 BDSM spank club has been taken over by a drider influencing politicians
24 Park statue reported by drunks to move about and kill homeless by night
25 Biker gang in compound have been exhibiting lycanthrope symptoms
26 Bullette in construction site caused building to collapse
27 Dead eyeball creature found in city subway and damaged train, search for more
28 Zombies seen on subway by night, ppl think just drug adicts
29 Satyr in trenchcoat busking has been molesting victims
30 Succubus infiltrated government department, search and destroy
31 Goblins infested drains but command want you to bribe them into defecting
32 Vegepygmies are living in botanical gardens, possibly in green houses
33 A devil swine has infiltrated the sock exchange and charming corp CEOs for secrets
34 Giant spiders have taken over an abandoned church for some reason
35 Water elemental has appeared in public swimming pool
36 Fishmen menacing seaside town summoning sharks and attacking boats
37 Goatmen in national park attacking tourists and killing native animals and trees 
38 Minotaur in parking garage, destroying cars and eating people
39 Yellow musk creepers have been popping up in city parks, zombies in worst cases
40 Ochre jelly in city drains attacking victims near drain entrances on the street
41 Gelatinous cubes menacing office block have inhabitants trapped
42 Algoids in storm water catchments, drains and creeks 
43 Ankheg giant insectoid menacing a golf course
44 Giant ticks menacing a school complex currently closed for fumifation
45 Defence research establishment has had phantoms menacing grounds by night
46 Strange crop circles in fields a possible gate location requires observation
47 Ghostly carriage seen on country highway causing accidents
48 Urban gang has developed half orc features and needs to be captured for study
49 Strange insect swarms and hives have been appearing requiring extermination
50 A high energy radar research lab has had mysterious orbs of light seen on base by night
51 Several fishermen on the river have disappeared of late and are getting media attention 

52 Salamanders have invaded a smelting facility in a rural steel town
53 A xorn has invaded a diamond mine and is eating millions in stones
54 Ice toads have invaded a supermarket cold store
55 Wild horses in a national park are being led by a unicorn, catch it
56 Several zoo koalas escaped, broke into lab to eat magic items being studied (zorbo)
57 Hospital has face burn victim grow tentacles and eat another patients brain
58 Frog men have been seen in local swamp kidnapping victims
59 Several people have begun growing to gigantic size, capture them
60 Skeletons have arisen in university medical school anatomical museum
61 A yeti has taken over an ice skating arena
62 Owlbears eating garbage and scaring tourists in national park
63 A stately home reports haunting and walking suits of armour
64 A behir has been found lairing in a power station
65 Museum dinosaur fossils on display have begun to grow flesh, public evacuated
66 A grey ooze has been filmed eating homeless by street cameras
67 Shambling compost heaps eaten a gardener in public park
68 Centaurs savagely attacked farm machinery
69 Halflings have been infiltrating schools to rob canteens and tuck shops
70 Goblins have invaded a gold mine and driven out miners
71 Giant snapping turtle in city river menacing boats and eating people

72 Sea serpent seen eating dolphins in river mouth
73 Dragon turtle seen near chipping
74 Giant scorpions seen in irradiated nuclear test site75 Gremlins interfering in defence technology research establishment
76 Mermaids on rocks luring dock workers to their deaths
77 Giant beetles in sand quarry eaten several workers
78 Sphynx on university campus questioning and eating people
79 Zoo panther sprouted tentacles and escaped zoo
80 Orc and goblin graffiti in storm drains and rail yards
81 Construction workers have fled a building restoration site
82 Museum mummy has been walking around by night
83 A chimera has inhabited a old mine and has been seen hunting wild goats
84 Elves in a national park need to be contacted and coerced back to the dungeon
85 Dark elf worshiping cults have tried kidnapping off duty dungeon exploration forces
86 A wizard has established a cult aimed at opening gates to the dungeon dimension
87 A evil priest has been calling demons which in turn can gate in more demons
88 Cursed behavior influencing items have been appearing in antique stores
89 A recent meth lab bust found a wizard making heroism potions for a biker gang
90 Madman with cursed sword gone on a public rampage and bullets wont stop them
91 Some criminal gangs wearing vest patches and tattoos with dungeon themes
92 Wizard caught buying land with abandoned mine tunnels for some reason

93 Band feature dungeon symbols in album and poster art
94 Orphanage for orphan monsters on military base was raided by flying monsters
95 Zoo gorilla escaped, grown larger and ate several keepers

96 Horned rabbits have been seen running around airport landing strips
97 Customs in airport seized gate scrolls with foreigner with fake papers
98 High quality fake legal documents used by dungeon agents to infiltrate government
99 Bugbear gang in vans have been ram raiding liqueur shops
100 Dark stalkers have been robbing and murdering joggers by river bridge

Will do some deep dungeon missions soon


  1. This is fantastic! It is truly remarkable how much you write; and the ideas are all very refreshing.

  2. This would keep a Shadowrun group busy for a while.


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