Friday 3 August 2018

Last Rites: Reviewing Cthulhu Classics

As Im playing and buying lots of Cthulhu stuff before price creeps. So Im going to start some reviews of these older products. I have found lots of Cthulhu Now books. I myself focused on 20s gear but I found gaslight gear was slightly harder to find and Cthulhu now was easy to find often sitting in shops for 10-20 years. My Cthulhu now collection and Laundry pile has grown. Some stuff could be converted to other eras. If I run Cthulhu now will be more like Brian Lumley + Laundry + Superworld and Zenith elements + the supposed non fiction Book Morning of the Magicians. I did run the At Your Door campagn book as a Marvel scenario twice. I might try video versions.

Last Rites by Ian Winterton
64 Page Book Chaosium 1999

This is a pretty under rated book. It has 4 simple 1-2 session short adventures easy to pad out a bigger campaign. They could be adapted to other time periods and locations without lots of trouble or put in Arkham or New England region. It was easy to read and each adventure is a good length.

Last Rites
Investigators visit a funeral of a scholar and find evidence of a cult and murder and the walking dead. Has good red herrings. Good into scenario.

Lethal Legacy

Someone summons a dimensional shambler, regrets it and makes a magical weapon to stop it but dies in a car accident. Enter the adventurers. One main monster you need to fight so a good intro to intermediate scenario.

The House on McKinley BLVD

Explore this haunted house occupied by mentally damaged squatters. Entities linked to Tsathogua seek freedom and a chance to cause malice. Has more NPCs to interact with and a more complex threat which is probably more intermediate due to amount of magiic.

The Priestess 
A poetry compilation mocking the contributors offends a cultist. In progress of his revenge a ancient priestess tries to return to life. P
robably more intermediate due to amount of magic. 

A much more accessible bunch of scenarios rather than some of the big campaigns, all of the scenarios simple to familiarize with, easy to modify and most have some interesting spells and abilities. It is short but good. Will be on my list to run or good for one offs. I tended to avoid smaller books in favour of fat ones but this book has proved that approach flawed. Well laid out with some good art of creatures and good maps and spot art.

Rating 3.5 out of 4 stars
Some good art and adequate layouts

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