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d100 Monster Missions and Deals in Redbrick Dungeons

Monsters especially evil and chaotics work poorly together and many monsters and dungeon dwellers will outsource odd jobs. Most dont have lots of cash but if you want a faction feud and grateful monsters in service to you such jobs can work out. If you find a dungeon tavern or shop some of these might be in form of posters. Some of these are just extra sub plots some could help party beat the dungeon. Might be good offers if party struggling or need help.

d12 Terrible Monster Employers
1 Cultist
2 Goblinoid
3 Orc
4 Beastman
5 Wizard
6 Bandit
7 Ogre
8 Ghoul
9 Spirit
10 Imp

d12 Monster Payments
1 Baby monster or egg
2 Service in return
3 Information
4 Palty coins and goods
5 Shiny treasure of silver or gold
Semi precious stones, ivory, shells or 
7 Exotic monster body parts
8 Fake treasure, paste gems or fake gold
9 Something stolen from boss
10 Key or secret 
11 Magic item
 Cursed or poisoned or trapped item

Monster Missions and Deals in Redbrick Dungeons
01 Mumma orc has lost her babies, find them and she will serve you
02 Monster guard wants you to kill several other guards 2gp each, not ones with armbands
03 Goblin shaman needs monster body parts for making potions
04 Goblin needs brewing supplies like barley malt 
05 Ogre cook needs new pots as old ones have holes after a fight
06 Monsters have lost stray rust monster and have some magic item to who returns it
07 Monster wants a love letter delivered to creature has admired
08 Creature wants intruders to kill their cruel parent who killed their siblings
09 Monster wants a priest killed of a different faith who is influencing dungeon
10 Monster looking for parts of a relic offers a reward 
11 Monster wants to recover a lost idol of a cult destroyed by the current one
12 Creature wants some monster eggs as favorite treet
13 Orcs need a wild boar alive for a ritual and will be greatful
14 Wizard requires several spells for his book will betray dungeon and flee if helped
15 Dungeon spirit adopts a monster form to hire intruders to kill an ungrateful boss monster
16 Tribe warrior plans a coup and wants help to take control of a faction
17 Monster wants someone to take pet away somewhere to release as boss sez no pets
18 Monster has found some eggs and wants them taken somewhere safe
19 Monster wants their children taken somewhere safe away from dungeon
20 Monster wants a message taken to another dungeon to family member
21 Monster offers you chance to compete in secret dungeon pit fight with cash prizes
22 Monster offers to show you dungeon tavern and store in return for cash
23 Monster wants bag of ancestors bones buried in a location
24 Goblin offers illegal drugs and magic mushrooms for cheap prices
25 Kobold offers to sell out own kind as slaves on condition party don't kill them all
26 Monster on behalf of boss offers party money to leave dungeon
27 Monster on behalf of a faction offers alliance to destroy a different faction
28 Monster offers cursed items at low low prices pretends doesn't know they are magic
29 Monster offers to sell poison and dungeon well locations for gold
30 Monster offers to sneak you into barracks to murder their kin for gold
31 Monster selling dire wolf puppy 
32 Old hag offers to tell future, treat injuries or identify items for a fee
33 Lady monster offers to sell out faction if women, children and elderly spared 
34 Monster wants friend freed from prison before execution
35 Monster offers secret boss escape route plans for gold and chance to escape
36 Monster offers location of healing potions hidden in healers lair
37 Monster offers to pretend to escort party as prisoners 
38 Monster offers to be translator for a fee
39 Serpantman wants help finding secret sub level af ancient reptile cult
40 Monsters want a bear skull for ritual and will pay
41 Monster has a sweet tooth and wants honey or candy or cake
42 Monster sick of inferior grog and wants to buy some of the good human stuff
43 Cultist wants robes of rival sect so they can infiltrate and destroy from within
44 Monster offers to sell names and details of the level boss monsters
45 Monster offers to draw map of the level for a price
46 Monster will trade trinkets for desirable goods hidden in their large coat
47 Monster gambling addict offers to play games with cards or dice
48 Monster offers bounty for rival faction d4 1=scalps 2=ears 3=hands 4=noses
49 Monster pimp offers lovely humanoid lovers at low low prices
50 Monster offers to sell repellent powder or liquid vs one dungeon monster 50% is real
51 Monster offers antidote for most common poison type in dungeon for low price

52 Monster offers fancy good from monsters treasure on the sly
53 Monster offers cheap potions mostly d4 healing ones, 50% are real
54 Monster offers to disarm traps oor alarms in faction area
55 Monster offers help to guide to rival factions lair and expose weaknesses
56 Monster offers to take a dive in a fight for a gp, just give them a petty injury to avoid suspicion
57 Monster hag looking for creature parts for a recipe and needs your help 
58 Monster offers fishing tips for local waterways or cave springs
59 Monster offers to show next level down enterance
60 Monster offers silver arrows and daggers at high prices because of lycanthropes or devils
61 Monster says boss stole soul contract to hell and wants the document back
62 Monster wants confiscated goods taken by a sub boss back in own hands
63 Monster wants sweetheart freed from boss household staff so they can run away together
64 Monster wants family heirloom back taken by bigger bully monster
65 Monster wants another monster to be badly beaten but not killed
66 Monster has directions to hidden shrine and it wants offering left on it's behalf
67 Monster wants party to locate a hidden lever and pull it
68 Monster wants someone to throw strange eggs into privy or sewerage system
69 Imp offers to cause distraction among a faction making them easier to destroy
70 Monster wants to look heroic in front of love interest with a fake battle
71 Monster needs some fancy items as bribe for the boss

72 Monster needs some fancy food and drinks for a boss birthday or diplomatic mission
73 Monster wants you to scare disobedient children so they behave better
74 Monster offers to buy any intact corpses no questions asked
75 Monster wants some fancy trinket for sweetheart and has directions to find it
76 Monster offers some bait to lure a monster into the dungeon for a fee
77 Monster believes another creature robbed and killed their lover and wants someone to go through their footlocker looking for stolen goods to confirm the killers identity
78 Monster wants a love potion to use on another creature they desire
79 Monster wants a hair restoration potion badly
80 Monster needs a rotten tooth pulled out
81 Monster has septic wound wants a surgeon to amputate
82 Half human teen monster wants to join invaders "cos nobody understands me"
83 Monster's brother killed by boss so it wants to work with party to kill the boss
84 Elderly monster and former leader wants boss killed, promises to lead tribe in peace
85 Bugbear with eye patch and garrotte offers to go on murder spree for low low price
86 Monster child had toy taken by older kids, has 1gp for anyone who kills them all
87 Monster has found a lever which was attached somewhere in dungeon will sell it
88 Kobold selling drugs for that extra kick when on your murder spress
89 Goblin has map where a nymph or dryad lives that you can spy on only 5gp
90 Goblin selling messenger bats and cages only a gp each
91 Goblin selling foul goop claims will repel a certain dungeon monster if rubbed on face
92 Kobold selling book of blasphemous lore banned in human kingdoms

93 Kobold selling depraved parchments torn from a evil book
94 Old goblin offers to tell all the dungeon gossip for a few coins or some beer
95 Goblin working for boss offers to guide to secret door to kill boss but really a trap

96 Monsters want party to hunt and kill something eating them
97 Monster offers to teach you about worshiping the dark lord
98 Monster wants to be whipped by a human will pay a copper per lash
99 Monster wants arm broken so they can be put on light duty and seem tough
100 Monster wants to be stabbed so they can say they were injured fighting humans


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