Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Redbrick Dungeon is Mad at you now!

Dungeon spirits exist to torment, breed evil and lure in victims. Adventurers can be entertaining but their comes a time the genius loci has had enough and act out. Adventurers who cheat by running away when they get low on spells or holing p in a room for a rest or make the dungeon look too easy really annoy the dungeon. Resting in a locked room or trying to leave before resources depleted also annoy the dungeon. Basicly when the party try to have a easy time. Possibly making sacrifices to the dungeon might appease it. Feel free to adjust power level to suit your party.

d10 Signs the Dungeon is Displeased and possibly alive
1 Outraged cries and curses in distance when monsters killed
2 Writing appears on walls (blood or fire) cursing and threatening adventurers
3 Magic mouth appears to taunt party
4 Monsters keep praising the dungeons name and acting in name of the dungeon
5 Corpse sits up and threatens party
6 Flaming eyes appear and glare creepily
7 Shadowy form appears glares and disipates
8 Blood flows from corpses into a malevolent form then splatters everywhere
9 Eerie glowing violent phantom passes through party screaming angrily
10 Chanting and drums proclaiming dungeon spirits displeased

d100 Things dungeon might do if annoyed 1 Bait and trap item with long lost childhood toy or family memento
2 Dungeon bosses on same level informed of your location
3 A new boss arrives to round up resistance against party
5 A dangerous large or magical foe is sent to hunt the party
6 A kobold trap crew rush in to work behind party
7 A Boss monster is awarded an evil weapon with magic powers to aid him
8 Corpses left about the dungeon floor or geomorph tile animate as zombies
9 An Imp is sent to spy on the party for dark powers
10 Voice of a personal associate from surface calls explorer to trap
11 Illusion of a personal associate from surface needing help
12 Doppelganger pretending to be ally or loved one
13 Actual personal associate from surface has been kidnapped by dungeon mooks
14 A dead boss monster returns as a reverent if corpse not destroyed
15 Monster assassins shape changed or illusioned into holy paladins
16 A great hunter, probably inhuman sent to slay heroes
17 Automaton sent to kill party like a golem or statue
18 Party rations are corrupted or poisoned
19 Next container or foodstuff touched turns into a monster like a mimic
20 A non magical weapon is animated and attacks owners
21 Gremlin sent to poison food and drink with drugs
22 Cloud of sleep gas pours into section of dungeon
23 Dungeon spirit manifests as evil wizard to rally some monsters for attack
24 Doors to surface are sealed under rubble
25 Slow acting poison gas save or lose a HP per hour or turn (set to suit level)
26 Occasionally a shadow of someone becomes a undead monster
27 Talking animal follows and taunts and offers terrible advice (goat, cat or rat)
28 A local thieves or assassins guild are hired to kill and torment the heroes
29 Awesome looking cursed magic berserker weapon left in path
30 A vampire long destroyed is reanimated from dust in the depths
31 Some follower is infected with lycanthropy and changes at some moment
32 Insect swarms pour from cracks to eat adventurers food, lamp oil or something
33 Insulting hateful whispers threaten intruders and their loved ones
34 Invisible stalker follows party and attacks next rest break before effective
35 Some object near party turns into a killer mimic
36 A crypt thing appears to teleport them into the deep depths
37 A demon, devil or elemental appears to hunt the party
38 Rust monster is teleported amongst party
39 A dead foe or boss is resurrected
40 Party carry gold out only to be turned into fools gold
41 Plague miasma floods area tainting intruders with exposure to disease
42 Corridors out of dungeon filled with webs and giant spiders
43 Portcullis gate seals off tunnel out of dungeon
44 Passage behind party disappears
45 Mist mutates monsters into strange enhanced creatures
46 Mist mutates monsters into larger creatures with extra HD
47 Mist mutates monsters making them regenerate
48 Mist mutates monsters, if killed they arise as undead
49 Mist mutates monsters, if killed arise as two smaller monsters
50 Mist mutates monsters, if killed burst into flames 2d4 damage over 1"
51 Gremlins crawl from cracks and harass and torment intruders for days
52 Cursed wish item appears, delivers opposite or worst outcome or with awful catch
53 Imp is sent to tempt adventurers loved ones into selling souls
54 Angry non corporeal undead arises from a killed foe
55 Snakes drip from the ceiling
56 Green slime boiled up from a crack in the ground
57 Ground shakes and dungeon map changes
58 Traps reset and moved about
59 Several doors become secret doors
60 Giant roaring lizard appears from nowhere hungrily following scent trail
61 Every monster on the level hears an alarm and knows intruder location
62 All guard beast start making noises putting dungeon on full alert
63 Gong sounds resonating through the dungeon making all monsters ready
64 All normal lights in area go out, if magic lights then area magically darkened
65 Monster reinforcements arrive and watch the entrance
66 Monster assassins follow party home and cause havoc around community
67 Intruders struck with cursed boils and sores making them look like plague carriers
68 Monsters spread wanted bounty posters of party members over the region
69 Spirit whispers to the dungeon boss the party strengths and weakness
70 Several rust monsters appear nearby
71 Portraits of the party appear in monsters common area or court
72 One or more mummies are formed from dust guard next exit or entrance
73 Ceiling collapses making way out only a tight crawlspace
74 Bugbears hitmen with garrotes await in niches or atop stairs or ladders
75 Treasure increases in mass by tenfold if dungeon left for 48 hours
76 Illusion of monster or old friend tries to lure intruder into a trap
77 Captured treasure turns to rust, maggots, spiders, blood or something horrible
78 Objects and rubbish on floor bursts into flame
79 Choking smoke floods area
80 Terrible stinking cloud erupts from corpse
81 Next encounter regenerates 1hp/round
82 Next encounter invisible until they attack
83 Next encounter bleeds acid, damaging them with edged weapon takes d3
84 Next encounter killed turns to stone trapping edged weapon in corpse
85 Next encounter explodes on death 1" 2d6 damage
86 Next encounter bursts into kobolds on death 2 per HD
87 Next encounter arise as zombies when killed
88 Next encounter monsters souls visible leaving corpses moaning
89 Next encounter corpse bursts into stirges in death 2 per HD
90 Next encounter arise as spectral minions seeking revenge
91 Monsters reincarnated in new bodies 48 hours later and return to dungeon
92 Anyone dies in dungeon reincarnated as dungeon monster
93 Spirits of everyone adventurers have ever killed taunt them as misty phantoms
94 People adventurers knew but died appear as reincarnated monsters
95 Doorway gate opens to distant dungeon allowing new monsters to invade
96 Door opens to another world releasing planar creatures
97 Evil mirror gate releases evil version of party to hunt them down
98 Dungeon spirit moves to door to some far away place
99 Dungeon seals ints entrance and expands to a infinite dungeon dimension
100 Dungeon unfolds and shakes and moves to hell or a demonic plane

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