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d100 FTL Navigation and Warp Accidents

More stuff to mess up space peoples lives

d100 FTL Navigation and Warp Accidents

01 Missjump d100 Astronomical Units
02 Missjump d100 Light Years
03 Missjump d100 Parsecs
04 Missjump d100 hours lost
05 Missjump d100 days lost 
06 Missjump d100 weeks lost
07 Missjump d100 months lost
08 Missjump  d100 years lost
09 Missjump d100 centuries lost 
10 Missjump to other galactic spiral arm
11 Drive misfire core burns out d100 of planned distance
12 Drive melts on return trip arival
13 Drive melts instead of activates
14 Drive explodes entering hyperspace
15 Drive explodes returning to space
16 Drive cracked making x1/2 chance to operate until replaced
17 Drive fails in hyperspace need to repair to get back to real space and lost
18 Drive explodes sending wreck through time and space
19 Drive explodes sending wreck into another dimension
20 Drive explodes wreck is burning trapped in hyperspace
21 Collision with debris in hyperspace of some kind 
22 Hit object and damaged in hyperspace
23 See something else moving in the warp field
24 Something in the warp on collision course requiring crew to manually avoid
25 Bumped something in warp and need to correct course or lost
26 Something in the warp following ship but that should not be possible
27 Some organic slime residue on ship hull
28 Some small slimy remains of an organism from beyond
29 Collision leaving some alien wreckage inside
30 Collision leaving an organic hostile wounded horror from beyond
31 See blurry ghostly figures running and yelling on the ship in panic
32 Visions of accident from ships construction in shipyards
33 See some figure on ship but it disappears if cornered
34 Calls for help heard around ship
35 People hear whispering activity
36 Petty poltergeist phenomena, tapping, doors closing
37 Petty electrical faults cause failure such as lights or doors
38 Petty computer errors and system reboots and blackouts
39 Strange signals, calls monitor static
40 Tapping and other regular sounds where shouldn't be
41 Crew see strange auroras
42 Crew have nightmares
43 Crew member hears voices from beyond tormenting them
44 Crew prone to nose bleeds as if under high preassure
45 Feels like something or someone moving around ship
46 Feel like being watched
47 Have weird collective dream
48 Crew sanity assaulted, some require therapy or restraint
49 Crew member goes on serial killing cannibalism spree
50 Crew overhear each others thoughts
51 Crew members head explodes

52 Ectoplasm found bubbling around 
53 Hull marked by overspace biologicals
54 Hull scarred by something grasping at ship in the void
55 Otherworldly spirit stalks ship with petty poltergeist activity forever
56 Otherworldly spirit seeks a weak or dead host to occupy temporarily
57 A vampire alien entity takes a crew members body and changes it for a murder spree
58 A demonic alien spirit takes control of a body making it perform hostile or violent acts
59 Crew members having panic attacks and halucinations
60 Crew dream of long dead people they know or killed
61 Slimy small creature crawling on ship
62 Multiple small vermin crawling on ship
63 Ectoplasmic foam and bubles bloom flooding area
64 Ectoplasmic slime slobbering everywhere
65 Mood reactive ectoplasm pools
66 Creatures form from ectoplasm pools, melt when return to normal space
67 Ectoplasmic tentacled horror goes on a rampage
68 Demonic entity forms a body from ectoplasm and goes on a rampage
69 Phantom in form of someone who died menacing crew
70 Succubi/Incubus entity uses a crewmember as a host to invade normal space
71 Crew extreme rapid aging effects, normal when return to space

72 Crew grows increasingly youthful then into children, normal when return to space
73 Dreams that beings in white searched the ship and you were helpless
74 Crew member devolves into gibbering primitive beast person
75 Crew members possibly receives petty mutations 
76 Ship boarded by advanced civilization dwelling in overspace
77 Protoplasmic slimy ecoplasm spawns hostile slime humanoids
78 Single advanced intruder enters and goes on killing spree
79 Single alien entity enters and goes on killing spree
80 Alien race grows from slime spoors with biological weapons
81 Saucer beings from hyperspace board ship to kidnap crew
82 Tentacled blob starts to grow into a spawn behemoth consuming ship if not killed
83 Alien mind parasites from beyond infect a d6 passengers
84 Witness huge moving things in the void
85 Witness several huge moving things interacting in the void
86 Ship collides with another ship both fall into real space lost damaged
87 Ship collides with alien vessel and both need separation to escape
88 Ship collides with ancient advanced object in stasis that opens after impact
89 Pulled into a huge vortex and travel vast distance and time
90 Collide with habitat of advance race living in overspace
91 Crew member touched by otherworldly spore mutates into mass of plasm that inturn spawns more creatures and it needs food or being to fuse with
92 Ship drawn into pocket dimensional maw and stomach of cosmic entity 

93 Collide with a fused raft of ships accrued over eons, mutant life forms inside waging war
94 Ship drawn to and crashes on biological planet size being that devours the ship
95 Titanic overspace entity snared the ship compressing it into a infinitely small point

96 Mental presence intrudes on minds of crew will try get some to call it a physical form
97 Entity invades ship computer system to invade normal space
98 Advanced hyperspacemarine in advanced suit enters ship to hijack for a civilization in ancient void hab
99 Advanced civilization make contact and want to take your ship on board theirs
100 Sucked into a great maelstrom storm eye of some great cosmic entity

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