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Terrible Campaign Ideas:Hotrods to the Hollow Earth

Planet Psychon Book has been a big success with lots of new readers, some good comments and offers of support to expand the project. Have learned that trying to edit my stuff just kills my urge to write and after 4 days editing i couldn't write for seven days. kinda kicking in now.

So this is a setting i could bolt on to a couple of my settings. Its a bit like carcosa wacky racers some guys ran a few years ago in G+/Blogland or at least as I saw it from titbits on threads.

Hotrods to the Hollow Earth

Players must race via secret hidden highways to the hollow earth. On the way they find lost cities, ruins, civilizations, races and other strangeness. First car to the hollow earth wins. Various teams struggle in the journey representing various factions. Possibly get to have car vs dino or car vs worm or car vs vehicles of various civilizations.

Roadwar or Kaiju Game or Pulp Cthulhu or Super Heroes
The highway is a multidimensional corridor system that accesses furious lost worlds, cities and ruins. The highway was built with alien space warping technology and employed by Atlanteans, Lemurians, Leng and other ancient civilizations and prehuman alien races. Toy cars and dinosaurs with minis are a bonus of this sort of game.

Planet Psychon

There is literally remains of global vacuum tube system which connects great shelters, ruined cities and citadels. There are many great refuges or arc bunkers or vults under the earth you can reach by the remains of  ancient highways and tube tunnels. There were teleporter tunnels that jumped people around the world but the status of these is uncertain. possibly better vehicles rules would help.

Sub Compact HD 4 Sedan HD 6 Station Waggon or SUV 8 HD

Tables to build the universe with

d10 Road Type
1 Rough cavern tunnel fits one car width
2 Rough cavern tunnel fits two cars widthRough cavern tunnel fits one car width
4 Old mine tunnel with fits one car width
 Old mine tunnel with fits two car width
6 Broken ruined ancient concrete tunnel one lane7 Broken ruined ancient concrete tunnel two lane8 Broken ruined ancient concrete tunnel four lane9 Broken huge sub train tube tunnel of former vac-tube train 4 lanes
10 Colossal concrete tunnel with a special feature

d10 Road Condition

1 Blockage every hour travel requires rubble to be moved
2 Blockage every day travel requires rubble to be moved
3 Rough and broken off road terrain -4/20% Drive
4 Rough and broken off road terrain  -2/10% Drive
5 Difficult condition drive roll every hour 
Difficult condition drive roll per day
7 Hazard blocks the passage
8 Road is rough but good condition -1/-5% Drive
9 Road is in good condition
10 Road is self repairing and in perfect condition +2/10% Drive

d10 Hazards

1 Hostile inhabitant camp
2 Monster lair
3 Chasm over flowing water
4 Chasm over flowing lava
5 Chasm over great pit
Tar pit with prehistoric corpses
7 Area frozen with ice
8 Area flooded
9 Ancient dead come to life to feed
10 Swarm of bats or pterodactyls or birds or bugs or rats

d10 Built Features
1 A great cistern with dam and huge turbines
2 A advanced technological utopian city
3 A bronze aged city
4 A great survival vault
5 Huge geothermal complex
6 Industrial complex
7 Complex for degenerate workers to live and labour
8 Sprawling ruins of a civilization
9 Ancient mine remains
10 Science complex

d10 Cavern Features

1 Burning lave of fire, sulpher
2 Ruins of some lost civilization possibly with degenerate survivors
3 Built structure or entry to some vault
4 Sleeping Kaiju or elder god waiting for the right time to awaken
5 Dim Cave with degenerate cave adapted mutants
6 Giant crystal zone with geysers, geothermal steam and mineral deposits
7 Fungus forrest rich with life
8 A great subterranean sea
9 Artificial lit cave with ice caves and Ice age mammals
10 Artificial lit cave with jungle and dinosaurs

d20 Peoples of the Hollow World

1 Ancient Egyptians
2 Ancient Hittites
3 Ancient Cretans
4 Ancient Akkadians
5 Ancient Elamites
6 Ancient Indians
7 Ancient Aztechs
8 Ancient Inuit
9 Ancient Mongolians
10 Ancient Tibetans
11 Atlanteans
12 Lemuians
13 Mutants
14 Batmen
15 Reptilians
16 Grey Aliens
17 Apemen
18 Lamprey men
19 Fish men
20 Ratmen

d10 Local Cult Powers

1 Psionics
2 Mutations
3 Elder gods
4 Patron god
5 Druids or nature cult
6 Ancestral cult
7 Beast cult
8 Elemental cult
9 Wizard sect
10 Super science

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