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d100 Dirty Dungeon Missions

So you take side jobs and missions right? While your murdering the humanoids in the caves down there could you do us a favour? You kids want some easy money being adventurers? Typical rewards are d6x100gp per level the mission is on.

d10 Mission Sources1 From a pub or inn
2 Noticeboard
3 Town hall
4 Market place
5 Town Crier
6 Mercenaries guild
7 Sheriffs office
8 Local store
9 Thieves guild
10 Local spell caster

d100 Dirty Dungeon Missions
01 Local monster hole has taken a local hostage
02 Local monsters have kidnapped a child
03 Local creatures living in  underground complex have been stealing farm animals
04 Important persons pet has been taken by dungeon creatures
05 Monsters raided a caravan and merchants offer a reward to recover prisoners
06 Several villagers have been kidnapped by local creatures
07 Cults have been kidnapping travelers to sacrifice which is bad for business
08 Bandits are selling hostages to the monsters in a dungeon
09 Monsters have been kidnapping slaves to work in their lairs
10 A monster leader requires a mate for one of their offspring and kidnapped one
11 Kobold heads bounty of 1gp each offered by local miners guilds and dwarfs and gnomes
12 Orc ears earn a gp a pair as bounty from the state as part of rogue tribe extermination
13 Goblin heads 1gp a head or skull but 4gp for a shrunken head, popular new folk craft
14 Ogre heads 10gp a head from local lords house
15 Wanted poster for a evil aprentice
16 Wanted poster for evil wizard
17 Wanted poster for a evil high priest or priestess
18 Wanted poster for a fugitive human criminal
19 Wanted poster for a traitor to the kingdom
20 Wanted poster for a dungeon boss
21 A long lost item was said to be in the dungeon that people need
22 Monsters stole a valued item much wanted by somebody
23 A relic went missing and some think it could be in the dungeon
24 A hero disappeared with a magic item in the dungeon
25 A creature is required by some nobles and offer a reward
26 A scrap dealer offers money for doors, furniture, any old house hold scrap
27 Someone shifty offers to buy corpses and take them away
28 Fellow offers to buy captures slave humanoids
29 Merchant wants goods recovered stolen by the dungeon
30 Creepy person offers to buy exotic monster organs ans corpses and dung
31 Monster crime is up and that is where the monsters live
32 Monsters recently went on a murder spree
33 The plans of a monster boss have alarmed the public
34 The crown is aware of a boss monsters plot and seeks to recruit troubleshooters
35 Boss monster killed a hero and now everyone is up in arms
36 Magician wanted to make a monster and some say they are in the dungeon
37 Alchemist is working on a formula has gone to a dungeon that supplies his ingredients
38 Alchemist drug pusher fled yet another city, now hidden in a dungeon 
39 Evil priest has been hiring self out to dungeon bosses by creating undead and preaching
40 A evil hero has gone to the dungeon to take control and is just a few steps ahead
41 A seedy sorcerer has fled from the city after corrupting youth and peddling vice
42 Sorceress concubine of a noble has escaped to a dungeon and seems to be taking over
43 Someone is making a inter dungeon pact and nobles want to check every known dungeon in the land looking for evidence
44 A noble wants damn monsters off that land and will reward exterminators
45 Villagers don't like durn monsters stealin and scarin people so offer to reward any killers
46 A disappointed heir has become an outlaw and joined a bunch of darned monsters
47 Evil priest from another kingdom is attempting to preach foreign interests to monsters
48 Necromancer has been stealing corpses and has hidden in a dungeon
49 An undead horror from a dungeon has been ransacking area by night
50 A were beast that has killed many has gone to ground in a dungeon to avoid the mob
51 Someone summoned a evil being and it has now fled and hidden in the dungeon

52 A cursed creature from long ago is imprisoned in the dungeon
53 Monsters have awakened some elder ancient evil in the depths
54 A terrible evil relic has been uncovered in the dungeon and it is affecting monsters
55 A black pit into a realm of darkness was uncovered by monsters
56 Entrance to a great chasm complex of ruined prehuman civilization
57 Seals of some ancient imprisoned horror have been disturbed according to dread signs
58 A great evil presence has hollowed out a hidden complex for breeding monsters
59 A petty god has been poking about the dungeon which has experts intrigued
60 A long forgotten name of evil has been heard again of late linked to the dungeon
61 A crazed prophet started a cult and they fled to the dungeon
62 A mad artist who painted awful things is wanted for heresy and is hiding in a dungeon
63 A funeral director was really a necromancer and has fled into the dungeon
64 A local witch was hunted by the mob and went into a dungeon swearing revenge
65 Someone convinced local youths to join the dungeon gang and families are alarmed
66 A local cult has been having dealings with the dungeon and are up to no good
67 Someone in the village is working with the dungeon and helping monsters steal things
68 An evil hermit wanted for wicked deeds has gone to the dungeon to avoid the law
69 Someone in town is trading with a non human race from the underlands
70 A rural wizard found an evil tome and now a madman who has gone into a dungeon
 Someone has been trading weapons with the monsters and they must be stopped
72 Local bandits have been taking shelter and trading with monsters
73 Local thieves guild has made a secret deal with the dungeon
74 Escaped convicts have gone into the dungeon
75 A local mad killer was chased by law into the dungeon
76 A war band of insane berserker thugs have entered the dungeon to stir up trouble
77 A grounded pirate crew stole rum and hid in the dungeon escaping the law
78 A backwoods cannibal clan was exposed and joined the dungeon
79 A notorious robber knight has been using the dungeon as a base
80 A famous mutant ogre thing has moved into the dungeon
81 The dungeon leads to the secret entrance of a sleeping dragons lair
82 The dungeon current exact location has been lost since old one was destroyed
83 The dungeon covers a older temple complex requiring destruction
84 The dungeon has artwork depicting the location of some terrible secret
85 The dungeon is above a cavern with a wondrous sleeping thing from the dawn age
86 Scholars say the dungeon had library of valuable lost wizard books
87 A visiting evil priest has been reviving ancient dead monsters from the old dungeon
88 The dungeon is connected to a lost mine some say
89 The dungeon is connected to a magical fungus cavern
90 A wizard has the theory some dungeons are alive and wants tests conducted on the dungeon
91 Smugglers have been using dungeon to avoid tariffs and guards
92 Dungeon monsters are refining drugs for a cartel of crime lords to supply kingdom

93 A rust monster attack plot on city armoury came from this dungeon
94 Doppelgangers from this dungeon infiltrated the royal court
95 Dungeon is rumoured to be expanding with more monsters and locals want to know
96 Some monster from the dungeon is trying to take over local crime
97 Dungeon running a kidnapping racket and nobles are fed up with lawlessness
98 Local flamboyant highway robber rests in the dungeon and is respected by monsters
99 Eccentric noble was letting monsters breed for sport, go and kill them now
100 Long cleared out dungeon was rediscovered by children and is fully operational

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  1. Someone's got to do it anyway, so this doubles as a table of motivation for that party of adventurers that pops up in the random encounter table.

    96 is in need of a break.


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