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Cool of Cthulhu: International Order of Esoteric Gentlemen

So after six months of this game and for one player 4 deaths, the oldest characters have semi retired while new recruits take the field. Some exposure to lesser books and some museum evidence then some shotgun lessons and recruits are ready to go. Two new players on team a catholic priest from a poor background and ex convince pus a alienist to replace the party semi retiring one whos player now has a boxer employed by Enzo to watch his Mamma. She is back from her rest but already regretting it after seeing monsters.

Arrive Hollywood and saw Fatty Arbuckle!
Recruit crazed actor to join them
Party in Devils Canyon
Exploring abandoned movie set
Nonna killed a celebrity gossip columnist (Why you gotta kill people Mamma?!)
Almost killed crazed movie star in ruined cliff pueblo
Stalked by invisible things on ruined film set
Broke two lenses that allowed you to see them
Car tyres slashed
To be continued....

This is what the international  International Order of Esoteric Gentlemen have so far....

Made lists for players to use resources better and to hothouse new characters and use allies better. Six months is a lot of mayhem in cthulhu to keep track of. I should list spells in each book. Note I found various versions of books from various editions of the game and some vary from book to book. 

Neophyte Field Agents
Veteran Field AgentsAdmin, coordinate organisation, agents and the board
Researchers, mind library and collection
Procurement, obtain goods, money and materials
Assassination, terminate cultists
Demolitions, destroy locations

-Serpent Man Head In Jar (0/1 SAN)
-Snakeman Skeleton 2000 years old  (0/1 SAN)
-Brood of Eihort in a jar  (0/1 SAN)
-Slime from a burrower beneath or cthonian in jar
-Shoggoth plasm and eye in jar  (0/1 SAN)
-13 sets of cult robes
-Photo of rat thing (0/1 SAN)
-Photo of Shoggoth  (0/1 SAN)
-Photo of Eihort  (0/1 SAN)
-Photo of Burrower Beneath  (0/1 SAN)
-Photos of rat thing and serpent man bones next to human for comparison
-Magical Brass Head that can talk, possibly dishonest and untrustworthy
-Strange Cube with chilling effect from deep one cave in safe in basement

-Serpent Man Death rays 2 with 2 shots one with 6 shots
-Gold Disk of Relyeh
-Enchanted Broadsword d8+2
-Elder Sign
-Thompson Submachine gun two drums two stick mags violin case
-30 sticks of dynamite and fuses and plunger
-.45 Colt Pistol x4
-2000 rounds .45 ammo
-12 Gauge double barreled shotguns
-200 shells
-AK47 x4 8magazines +1000 rounds ammo
-Cultist daggers d6 x3
-Trench Knife d4+2 x4 with knuckle duster

Store Room

-Tents and camping gear
-Wet weather and winter and tropical clothes
-Cameras and dark room in a trunk
-Surgeons bag
-First aid kits
-Dozen Torches 50 batteries
-Helmets with lamps
-Climbing gear

Standard Library

Knights of the Silver Gate Manual of Silver Twilight KOTSG (+3% -d4 x1)
The Zanthu Tablets (+3% d6 x2)
Revelations of Glaaki Vol IV Eihort and his Brood (+3% -d6 x3)
People of the Monolith (+3% d3 x1)
Prodigies in the New England Canaan (+4% d6 x0)
Cultist Notes on sea creatures from Brockford House (1% -1) and (+d3% d8 x1)

Secret Collection

Revelations of Glaaki Vol XI - Ygolnac (+3% -d6 x3)
Knights of the Outer Void  Manual of Silver Twilight KOTOV (+5% -d6 x2)
True Magic (+6% d8 x3)
Cthulhu in the Necronomicon (+6% -d6 x3)
Liber Tenebrea The Book of Darkness in German (+8% d8 x3)
Nameless Cults (+9% 2d8 x3)
Cult of the Ghoul (+10% d10 x3)
The Necronomicon in Greek (+17% 2d10 x3)
Sons of Yog Sothoth  Manual of Silver Twilight KOSG one copy (unread)
Photo of Resurrection spell (x3 no recipe to create essential salts)
Making Gate Boxes by Carl Stanford  (x5)

Spells Who and What

-Black binding
-Call/Dismiss Nyagthoa
-Call/Dismiss ShubNiggurath
-Call/Dismiss Azathoth

-Voorish Sign
-Contact Cthulhu
-Contact Deep One
-Space Mead
-Call/Dismiss Star Vampire
-Call/Dismiss Byakee
-Call/Dismiss Servitor of the Outer Gods
-Contact Ygolnac
-Contact Eihort
-Balk Brood
-Exile Eihort
-Enchant Gate Box
-Contact Ghoul
-Enchant Brazier
-Conjure Glass of Mortlan

Creatures Encountered
-Rat Thing d4 SAN horrible huge rat like things once human
-Ghoul d6 SAN horrible corpse eaters live in sewers
-Byakee d6 SAN space demoms can carry wizards to stars-Serpent men d6 SAN advanced wizard snake creatures
-Cthonian d20 SAN huge burrowing squid horrors with telepathy hard to hurt
-Shoggoth d20 SAN huge tentacled gibbering horror hard to hurt

Hypothetical Creatures
-Deep One fish men implied in books in Maine
-Space Vampire invisible horrors possible to summon but nobody has
-Servitor of the Outer Gods
 possible to summon but nobody has

Gods Encountered


The Warren 1920
Silver Twilight Lodge 1920 1922
Look To the Future 1920
The Pale Gad 1921
Mauretainia 1921
The Coven at Canich 1921 1922
Mystery of Loch Feinn 1921
The Auction 1922
Devils Canyon 1922
Brockford House 1933

Other Shonkiness

-Using Eihorts maze to gate booze and guns across world
-Byakee used to bomb cultist lairs
-Been buying cult items at auctions
-Secret collection and museum and lab are behind a door with a elder sign they stole from the Silver Twilight summoning room Before setting fire to the whole lodge
-Using Frigid cosmic cube in cellar safe as freezer for meat in basement


-White Russian Mob contacts, know two counts
-Boston Italian Mob contacts-Austrian Occult Auction House
-History Professor Alvin Morley Paterson from Harvard 
(Mythos 39%)
-History Proffessor Felix Fuda from Miscatonic University (Mythos 52%) paranoid
-Hargrove Thorpe Felix's student 
(Mythos 52%) scholarly
-Richard Block
 Felix's student (Mythos 5%) athletic and large
-Dr Edward Call rescued from cult and very rich and grateful and vindictive
-Wentworth household butler (Mytgos 5%)
-Zebedee Silver Occultist and Hypnotist ally (Mythos 26%)
-Nelson "Happy" Caprossi with Boston Italian mob, provider of guns

New Recruits "Pawns"

-Dr Sergei Oszustwo - Parapsychologist (5%) 
-Butch Codidy 
- Fighter for boxing events and occasional crime
-Father Eliot Miller - Priest to poor Boston suburb (3%)
-Frank Worchester - rich doctor amateur opera recording artist idle rich (3%)
-Professor Alexander Botlerov, Chemist
-Wayne Ditcher - mechanic

Agents "Knights"
-Enzo Albero - Gangster (9%)

-John OShea - Hobo (7%)

Senior Board "Crowns"
-Angella Albero - Gangsters Mom (9%)


-Doctor Bertie McMillan (9%)
-Joseph Freeman - Brush Salesman (6%)

These names i need to update as i didnt have access to some documents
I will update this page posibly


  1. "Hobo (7%)" just conjures all kinds of questions. Awesome post, I find it very evocative because it's so bare bones - sets my mind racing with ideas. Might have to rethink my own endless purple prose session logs. Thanks!

    1. % is cthulhu mythos
      Several Players actually got richer and more sane fighting the Mythos...


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