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Redbrick Water Features

Don't roll all of these just a few fine or till gaps filled
Every level has one possibly more

Redbrick Water Features
Fancy magic potions cannot be kept for than one hour
fancy fluids only work once per person per day 

d12 Crude Water Feature
1 Dirty hole in ground collects water

2 Large clay urn and wooden cup
3 Bucket with wooden ladel
4 Sinkhole with flowing water
5 Sewer grate
6 Open filthy drain
7 Chamber pot and bowl of filthy water
8 Dripping ceiling with clay pot collecting
9 Water trickles down a wall and into a crack
10 Clay pipe broken open with flowing water
11 Creek worn through floor several foot
12 Water pours from crack filling a filthy pond

d12 Fancy Water Feature
1 Toilet pit drops into sewer
2 Wooden toilet hut with
3 Well with bucket and rope
4 Well with bucket and chain under cover
5 Well in locked shack with pump and trough
6 Water flowing through a stone trough
7 Raised pond in stone basin fed by trickle from room
8 Ornamental or Statuesque fountain
9 Grotto with burbling warm water, fog, mineral deposits and crystals
10 Waterfall 
11 Holy fountain with a shrine
12 Magical potion fountain

d12 Defences 

1 Wandering monsters here for a break
2 Guards from a faction
3 Spell caster or servants here
4 Mechanical trap
5 Snare or net trap
6 Deadfall trap
7 Giant animal guard
8 Lesser spirit rises up like a spectral minion
9 Threatening signs
10 Alarm of some kind
11 Animated weapons or armour or undead
 Cherubim or Imp or brownie or pixie guardian

d12 Common Fluids
1 Sewerage
2 Filthy
3 Vinegar

4 Brine
5 Cool spring water
6 Hot mineral water
7 Blood often mixed with flammable alcohol

 Beer or cider
9 Wine or spirits
10 Tea or herbal brew
 Honey or mead or malt or syrup

d12 Fancy Fluids

Unholy water
2 Holy water
3 Holy potion of 
protection from evil for 1T
4 Holy potion of bless +1 for 1T
5 Heal d4 once per person per day
 Heal 2d4 once per person per day
7 Night Vision potion 1T
8 Minor mutation potion d100 on a mutation table
9 Detect magic potion for 1T
10 Temporary mutation for 1T
 d100 on a mutation table
11 Elemental or water weird or liquid creature
12 Spirit of the water makes contact or apears

d12 Potion Flavor
1 Rotten puke and excrement

2 swampy choking mucous
3 Vinegar
4 Mineral
5 Sour
6 Herbal
8 Spicy
9 Fragrant

10 Wine or beer or mead
11 Distilled spirits or liqueur or cordial
12 Delicious ambrosia or honey or nectar

d12 Potion Properties

1 Thick and viscous mucous
2 Slimy and ropey
3 Water or spirit like transperant
4 Oily or greasy or waxy
5 Turns to vapour once opened
6 Colour tinted transparent fluid
7 Opaque coloured fluid
8 Effervescent with bubbles
Sparkling liquid
10 Shimmering 
11 Luminous fluid
12 Mercury like fluid

d12 Potion Colour
1 Red
2 Magenta
3 Cyan
4 Aqua
5 Yellow
6 Tangerine
7 Emerald

8 Light Green
9 Violet 

10 Turquoise
11 Ivory
12 Jet 

d100 Magic potion fluids
01 Unholy water
02 Holy water
03 Holy potion of 
protection from evil for one hour
04 Holy potion of bless +1 for one hour
05 Heal d4 once per person per day
 Heal 2d4 once per person per day
07 Night Vision for one hour
08 Minor mutation potion d100 on a mutation table
09 Detect magic potion
 for one hour  
10 Temporary mutation for one hour d100 on a mutation table
 Can speak a new language and only that for one hour (Goblin is common)
12 Spell in brain, next time speak the spell escapes and is cast when mouth opens
13 Vision on some vague threat in the future of the dungeon
14 Dream that night of past incarnation
15 Age reduces d4 may only use once may only take away one batch
16 Have a battle in dreamland that night during sleep
17 Spirit in the fluid tries to possess drinker and makes them exhibit some awful bad trait
18 Spirit in the fluid tries to possess drinker and tries to use them to achieve some mission
19 Euphoric spirit in fluid will possess drinker and keeps them relaxed and happy
20 Melancholic spirit in fluid will possess drinker and keeps them depressed and tearful
21 Water elemental possibly just makes clean water and non hostile mostly
22 Water weird living horror in putrid unholy tainted water
23 Spirit of the water seeks to make contact
24 Ochre Jelly transparent hiding in fluid
25 Grey or crystal ooze living in the water
26 Algoid or shambling mound erupt from slimy water
27 Mushroom men or spore goblins erupt from moldy water
28 Kappa (1in6 a vampire kappa) dominates area
29 Giant guardian snake (1in6 intelligent and d4 levels as a spell caster)
30 Monster living in water 1=giant cave lobster 2=rats 3=giant fish 4=giant frog
31 Poison tainted water
32 Acid 1hp damage with touch or splash 2d4 if fall in or dose thrown
33 Diseased water carried by diseased filth
34 Narcotic for d4 hours, hallucinate if fail save
35 Narcotic for d4 hours, planar visions ask one divine being a question
36 Narcotic for d4 hours, save or cannot tell a lie will blurt out truth instead
37 Narcotic feels phobic and uncertain +1 to surprise for one hour if fail save 
38 Narcotic visions of the ancient past for a d4 hours if fail save
39 Narcotic visions of the dawn of creation for a d4 hours if fail save
40 Narcotic vision of horrors and torments for a d4 hours if fail save
41 Can smell gold within 1" for one hour
42 Can smell silver within 1" for one hour
43 Can smell silver within 1" for one hour
44 Can sense secret doors within 1" for one hour
45 Can sense traps within 1" for one hour
46 Can sense corpses within 1" for one hour
47 Can sense invisible within 1" for one hour
48 Can breathe water for one hour
49 Invisible for one hour
50 Spider climb for one hour
 Size change enlarged for one hour
52 Size change shrink for one hour
53 Turn into a goblin for one hour
54 Levitate for one hour Move 3"up or 1" across
55 Turn into a beastman abhuman for one hour 1in6 save or permanent
56 Turn into elemental or plant or fungi abhuman 1in6 save or permanent
57 Turn into a specific species of animal for one hour
58 Turn into a non material vapour for one hour can move 6"
59 Save or go to sleep for one week if they wish to resist
60 Can fly for ten minutes at normal movement rate
61 Glow for 3" for a d6 hours
62 Wounds that bleed seal in one round for d12 hours
63 Increase level for one hour temporarily
64 Attribute is increased by d4 for one hour chosen at random
65 Attribute is decreased by d4 for one hour chosen at random
66 Increases HP by d4+1 per level for one hour
67 Faster increase Mov by d6" for one hour
68 Slower decrease Mov by d6" for one hour
69 Resistant to d41=fire 2=cold 3=acid 4=lightning for one hour
70 Age at half speed from now on if make CON save
71 ESP spell effect for one turn

72 Pass though matter 1" thick for one turn
73 Turn into ogre or troll or other monster if fail save
74 Explode on death if reduced to zero HP, d6/Lv 2" radius if fail save
75 Diarrhea and vomiting -4 everything for d6 days if fail save 
76 Visions of alignment spirits debating who gets your soul d4 hours if fail save
77 Visions of something they want deep in the dungeon for d4 hours if fail save
78 Drinker possesses a vermin critter for one hour and can spy through it for one hour
79 Shape changes into vermin if fail save
80 When character dies they arise as a d4 1=zombie 2=shadow 3=wight 4=spectral minion
81 Cursed as per spell
82 Lycanthropy if fail save
83 Blind if fail save
84 Deaf if fail save
85 Level drained if fail save
86 False vision sent by a evil spirit of deception or enemy
87 Evil duplicate steps from surface of the water and attacks
88 Guardian being from another dimension appears to guards the well
89 Vision of personal death fight a invisible stalker
90 Death spell save or spirit driven from body
91 Heal all wounds
92 Restore drained energy levels

93 Cure poison
94 Cure blindness/deafness
95 Exorcism drives out hostile spirits from a victim if they fail a save

96 Revives corpse as a wild zombie if fed direct from fountain by hand
97 Revives dead person but tainted as d4 1=lycanthropy 2=vampire 3=spectre 4=shoggoth
98 Reincarnation works once and only if body fed direct from fountain in a copper cup
99 Raise dead works once and only if body fed direct from fountain in a silver cup

100 Plane shift over d6 rounds fading away, possibly to dreamland or hell

Monsters will use these and you might get attacked by some buffed up creatures or monsters might have prepped before a fight. Monsters often guard such features.

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