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What’s in that Container? part 3 Magical Substances

These are mostly in potion form but sometimes powdered. Pretty much this can be used as potion treasure tables but has some unpleasant ones also. I prefer most potions being a few ounces but some might be a quart or even a gallon.

d10 Potion Forms 
1 Small medicine bottles with only a few ounces or liquid, one round to use
2 Glass or clay bottle or sealed jar with a quart of liquid, one round to use
3 Powder can be eaten, one round to use
4 Powder or vapour can be inhaled, one round to use
5 Medicine bottle of vapour to inhale, one round to use
6 Pill, usually large and foul tasting, one round to use
7 Candy or cake, one round to use
8 Eyedrops, one round to use
9 Ointment can be rubbed over the body, one round to use, d3 if clothed
10 Liquid requires a syringe, d3 round to use but 1 once your hooked

Sometimes potions are made with mistakes or the alchemist or whoever can make inbuilt weaknesses for various reasons. Making batches increases risks of side effects. Sometimes they arise from substitutions in recipes or poor aging 
(that powder was a liquid potion). A potion pusher might cut the potion with some other ingredient like opium. Such potions might be slightly cheaper. A potion maker can take longer to make a pure potion and use better ingredients and can be an extra 200gp. Some side effects are an improvement. A fireball potion that only harms chaotic evil people might be handy. Potion users often carry a identical healing potion and injected poison potion tegether to stop enemies using them. Some users might resist the negative effects eventualy or have a antidote. If your addicted to a potion you can substitute alcohol or other substance to abuse instead.

d12 Potion Side Effects
1 Only works for one alignment (stops enemies using your loot)
2 Save each use or your addicted (makes users slaves)
3 Mild Poisoning save or -2 all dice for a hour after (stops people being greedy)
4 Mild Poisoning save or lose 10% HP (stops people being greedy)
5 Numb -d4 Dex for a hour after (second potion makes you save or go to sleep)
6 Weakened -d4 STR for a hour after (helps see who nicked you potion)
7 Slowed -d4 MOV for a hour after, speech slurs (its funny)
8 Melancholia becomes morbid, depressed and fearless for a hour (makes more uses wary)
9 Can only use once ever from that formula (1in6 any similar potion you find)
10 Save or tainted with a petty minor mutation of some type (its an experiment)
11 Potion is bigger and longer to apply or drink d3 rounds, is at least two pints
12 Tastes revolting CON save to keep the potion down without vomiting a d3 rounds

d100 Magical Dungeon Potions
01 Sleep Potion tastes pleasant, save or sleep for d4 hours, mixes in food 100gp
02 Poison Potion can be disguised in food, save or die 100gp
03 Plague Potion can be disguised in food, save or helpless and fever for a week then save to recover or die, 300gp
04 Contact Poison Potion, coat square foot, burns and poisons on touch 100gp
05 Lycanthrope Ointment, infects drinker with lycanthropy, 400gp 
06 Madness Potion, save or inflicted with permanent madness 200gp
07 Blindness Potion , save or permanently blind 200gp
08 Deafness Potion, save or permanently deaf 200gp
09 Mute Potion, save or permanently unable to speak 200gp
10 Hair Restoration Potion, applied by touch, if drink grow hair all over 100gp
11 Speed Potion, lasts ten minutes 300gp
12 Polymorph Potion, adopt form of species chosen by maker for one hour 400gp
13 Oil of Slickness Potion, 1" area slippery pool lasts ten minutes after oil puddle first contacted with victim, 100gp
14 Undeath Potion, become a zombie on death or sometimes some other type 100gp
15 Fog Cloud Potion, obscuring mist fills 3" area with fog for 10 minutes if not windy  100gp
16 Feign death Potion, enter a sleep for up to 12 hours with all symptoms of death 100gp
17 Grenaide, light fuse and throw at target 2d4 damage over 1" area 50gp
18 Incendiary Bomb, light fuse and throw at target 2d4 damage save or lose d4 HP per round for d4 rounds 50gp
19 Smoke Potion, fills 2" area with choking smoke for 10 minutes if not windy 200gp
20 Night Vision Potion one hour 100gp 
21 Vial of Holy Water, 2d4 damage to unholy beings or splash several for d4 30gp
22 Minor Healing Potion, cures d4 lost HP 50gp
23 Healing Potioncures 2d4 lost HP 100gp
24 Extra Healing Potioncures 4d4 lost HP  250gp
25 Protection from evil Potion, +2AC vs a particular alignments, lasts ten minutes 100gp26 Invisibility Potion, lasts ten minutes 200gp
27 Stone to Flesh Potion, to cure people turned to stone 400gp
28 Antidote Potion, cures any poison 300gp
29 Panacea Potion, cures any disease 300gp
30 Sweet Water Potion, purifies 60 gallons of bad or impure water to make drinkable 100gp
31 Climbing Potion, climb like a spider for ten minutes 100gp
32 Water Breathing Potion, lasts hour minutes 300gp
33 Free Action Potion, cant be webbed, paralyses or slowed by terrain, lasts ten minutes 100gp
34 Gaseous Form Potion, drinker becomes vapour that can move by floating 3", +4AC cannot attack or cast in form, lasts ten minutes 200gp
35 Levitate Potion, move 3" or 1" across by floating, lasts ten minutes 200gp
36 Fly Potion, move at normal speed in the air, lasts ten minutes 300gp
37 Shrink Potion, Shrink to 10% size x1/2 Mov, -4 to be hit by bigger creatures, lasts ten minutes 100gp
38 Growth Potion, Grows over 10%, most 1 foot taller +1 HP per HD, +1 STR, +1 Mov, -1AC , lasts ten minutes 100gp
39 Heroism Potion, lasts ten minutes +1 Lv for ten minutes 100gp
40 Super Heroism Potion, lasts ten minutes +d3 Lv for ten minutes 300gp
41 Fire Resistance Potion, x1/2 damage from fire or heat lasts ten minutes 100gp
42 Acid Resistance Potion, x1/2 damage from any acid lasts ten minutes
43 Lightning Resistance Potion, x1/2 damage from any poison lasts ten minutes 100gp
44 Cold Resistance Potionx1/2 damage from any cold or ice lasts ten minutes 100gp
45 Poison Resistance Potion, lasts ten minutes 200gp
46 Strength Potion+d4 , lasts ten minutes 200gp
47 Dexterity Potion+d4 , lasts ten minutes 200gp
48 Constitution Potion+d4 , lasts ten minutes 200gp
49 Wisdom Potion+d4 , lasts ten minutes 200gp
50 Potion of Charisma +d4 Potion, lasts ten minutes 200gp
51 Oil of Durability +10 HP for ten minutes
52 Beserker Potion can fight in negative HP but lose HP/round blood loss, +2 hiit and damage ferocity, once fighting cant stop killing anyone till expires in ten minutes or dead 200gp
53 Ointment of Healing cures disease, poison or heals 4d4+4 lost HP 500gp
54 Regeneration Potion regenerate d3HP/round for ten minutes 400gp
55 Stinking Cloud Potion, throw as as spell for ten minutes 2"area 200gp
56 Mutation Potion, save or develop a petty mutation, mostly cosmetic 100gp
57 Poison Gas fills 1" area with poison for 10 minutes if not windy 300gp
58 Plague Miasma  fills 1" area with disease effect for 10 minutes if not windy 300gp
59 Acid Vapor fills 1" area with d4 damage acid fog for 10 minutes if not windy 300gp
60 Acid Potion 2d4 if hurled, save or take a d4 damage for a d4 rounds 100gp
61 Detect Silver 
Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
62 Detect Gold Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
63 Detect Traps Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
64 Detect Treasure Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 300gp
65 Detect Enemy Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
66 Detect Water Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
67 ESP Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
68 Detect Invisible Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
69 Clairvoyance 
Potion1" Range per Lv, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
70 Contact Other Plane Potion, and ask a question of a spirit during hour trance 500gp
71 Charm Person Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
72 Charm Beast Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 100gp
73 Charm Monster Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
74 Charm Plant Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
75 Charm Vermin Swarm Potion,1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
76 Charm Giant Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
77 Charm Dragon Potion1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 500gp
78 Charm Undead Potion1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
79 Charm Devil Potion1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
80 Charm Demon Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
81 Telekinesis Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes, 30lb/Lv 400gp
82 Remove Curse Potion, 400gp
83 True Sight Potion, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 400gp
84 Detect Secret Doors and Panels, 1" Range per Lv, lasts ten minutes 200gp
85 Teleport Potion, one person can go anywhere on plane they have been before 500gp
86 Contact Dead Potion, enter hour trance and speak to corpse spirit for 3 questions 200gp
87 Fireball Potion 6d6 damage save halves over 2" radius area, explodes when breaks, 300gp

88 Doubler Potion, mix in another potion and get a extra dose of that potion 400gp
89 Neutralizer Potion, dispels effects of a magic or potion 500gp
90 Extender 
Potion , ten minute potion lasts hour, hour potion lasts two hours 400gp
91 Invulnerability Potion, +4AC for ten minutes 400gp
92 Etherealness Oil, travel through ethereal plane ten minutes 400gp
93 Astral Form 
Oil, travel to astral plane on trance for one hour 500gp
94 Love Potion,1" Range per Lv, as per charm person spell but lasts a year 300gp
95 Sleep of the Ages Potion, save or sleep for 100 years 300gp
96 Restoration Potion, restores a lost energy level or stat point 400gp
97 Total Healing Potion, heals all but a d4 damage 500gp
98 Longevity Potion, reduces age d4 500gp
99 Ambrosia, divine beverage of the gods, forbidden to mortals, glow and +d4 CHA for an hour, 1d6 years younger per drink 1000gp
100 Plane Shift Oil, most have a pre determined plane or can throw at someone to banish them to a specific plane, most not labelled 1000gp

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