Friday 12 September 2014

Carousing pt1 and some other stuff

As Im prepping for new club move im ditching my boxes of notes and booklets and making a folder up with my rules for me and players use. Ive put in about 11 pages of Vornheim. Maps from theives world box set from chaosium and runquest 3 cities book (basically recycling tables from thieves world and probably most inspirational dm book ive ever had - taught me to game sandbox cities from tables. Probably the glorantha hero wars box set for rq3 that showed me you could paint a setting by encounters better than windy paid per word fanboy text). Im going through my blogs and printing up stuff now.

Redbrick book progress (only 2 years behind - thank god i didn't kickstart it or Tenkar would be shaming me).  Will shortly put most important tables on some spreads together and do dungeon record forms. Will do redbrick key revision here too shortly. A few other things and will get proof team onto it.

I might start running roadwar game weekly and start making interlocking road sections from foamcore and folding buildings from card. Stencil on details. Will use for my tsr marvel game for con too. More tables and design rules coming soon. I might do this for the easter con and a kids version with cars vs dinosaurs using d6. Ive got more die cast cars, a harrier and getting some trucks.

Started playing Cthulhu as player and used 1st ed rules while rest using more generous recent rules. I want to live dangerously and be feeble vs horror not a gun wielding psycho who happens to meet monsters.

Im supposed to be writing two work art things and doing stuff for staff exhibit. 

So as for my DnD game which has some regulars again the thing i have most used was carousing and between adventure tables going about a few years back. So I'm gonna reinvent the wheel and do several d100 tables to cover in between adventures and players who are away. Also I have made for covering certain classes plus a wilderness one for hippies, druids, barbarians etc.

d100 Down and dirty good and bad times in the Red Light district - bachelors, criminals and urban poor
d100 Upper class capering and social climbing in the Nob Hill district - would be nobles and socialites
d100 Study, research and experimentation in the University district - for arcane magic students
d100 Charity, prayer and contemplation of the divine in the Holy district - for clergy and religious students
d100 Getting close to nature in the great outdoors - for druids, barbarians and rangers

Part 1
This one is for thieves, poor scum, beginning adventurers in the city or anyone slumming it for a thrill. May be mostly bad but will give you a good story. Should nominate how much cash you carry first.

d10 Down and dirty good and bad times in the Red Light district - quick version
1 Meeting - possible new friends among the down trodden
2 Invitation - interesting opportunity
3 Brawling - shamelessly fighting in public
4 Trashy affair - sexual encounters
5 Games of chance - a challenge of skill or luck
6 Crime - encounter with gangs and hoodlums
7 Vice - the road to ruination and bad habits
8 Law - trouble with authorities
9 Opportunity - some lucky find or deal
10 What a mess - terrible consequences

d100 Down and dirty good and bad times in the Red Light district - long version
1 Meeting - possible new friends among the down trodden
2 Meet a shifty man with a big coat offering dodgy goods
3 Tavern staff of a venue like you and you get a free drink every visit
5 You meet a cunning street urchin who can procure goods and services
6 You help a beggar and he and his peers in beggars guild keep an eye out for you
7 You meet a printers apprentice with many questionable pamphlets and maps
8 A old crippled drunk knows many stories of treasure and exotic places
9 You meet a adventurer from a rival party and get along famously
10 You befriend a terrible gossip who knows lots of local news
11 Invitation to wedding, meet attractive person and get horribly drunk
12 Invited to party of well to do townsmen
13 Invited to orgy with d4 1=mystical cult 2=blackmailed after 3=theatre celebrities 4=demons
14 Offered to join a gang or a job for a gang
15 Invited to a cult or sect or secret society
16 Invited to guild or fraternal order
17 Invited to a feast with petty nobility and rich
18 Invited to theatre for night of heaps classy entertainment
19 Invited to attend meeting of resistance
20 Invited by secret police to be informant and given official informant card if accept
21 A huge bar fight destroys a tavern, barred for life and local bouncers know you
22 A huge bar fight results in a gang hating you will attack anywhere they see you
23 A huge bar fight results in law suit for damage and injury 2d6x10 gp costs
24 A huge bar fight results in you being locked up with 3d6 gp bail
25 Someone mistakes you for enemy and attacks you
26 You end up in a underground pit fight prize of 3d6gp if you win
27 A gang of youths try and rob you when drunk
28 A gang of youths picks a fight with you
29 A stranger shanks you in an alley
30 A punk challenges you to a fight d4 1=knife 2=fists 3=wrestling 4=swords
31 Trashy affair leads to friendship with professional adventurer from rival party
32 A tavern worker has a tumble with you d4 1=stalker 2=diseased 3=thief 4=actually was pretty good
33 Wake up with ugly person after drinking d4 1=mutant 2=witch 3=now pregnant 4=demands payment
34 After brief encounter family pursue you for marriage or lawsuit
35 Actually a shape shifting monster who adopts true form then disappears
36 Person charmed you and fleeces you before you snap out
37 An angry pimp with gang chase you looking for payment
38 As you get to the bedroom with potential lover a gang await to rob you
39 Wake up naked in trash heap d4 1=diseased 2=bite marks 3=pig sleeping on you 4=body part missing
40 Lovers partner comes home d4 1=attacks you 2=demands cash 3=joins in 4=lawsuit
41 Bet you can taunt bailiff and escape a beating win 3d6gp
42 Bet on a race d4 1=offer to buy cheap beast 2=owe gang money 3=win 3d6sp 4=win 3d6gp
43 Drinking contest d4 1=win 3d6 silver 2=wake up covered in vomit 3=drugged 3=sick for d4 days
44 Target shooting contest to win 100gp d4 1=darts 2=dagger 3=bow 4=(reluctant) dwarf throwing
45 Bet who can kill monsters fastest, bring heads here in 24 hours, most heads wins 3d6x10gp
46 Bet who can kill most powerful monster, bring heads here in 24 hours, best head wins 1d4x500gp
47 Bet who can steal most gold in one hour, winner gets losers loot
48 Bet who can take most d4 1=punches 2=knife stabbings 3=chairs to the head 4=kicks from horse
49 Bet who can loot most from a dungeon in three days, winners gets losers loot
50 Bet who can taunt most wizards in three hours with witnesses, 3d6x10gp
51 Crime - encounter with gangs and hoodlums
52 Someone picks your pockets
53 Gang demand you pay protection money
54 Offend a gang, now they all hate you and your friends
55 Crooks follow you to your accommodation, plan to rob you
56 Help a gang member now they really really like you
57 Assassin order offer you a discount
58 Offered stolen goods d4 1=owner seeking return 2=secret police seeking 3=cursed 4=bargain
59 A gang trap you intending to give you a beating and rob you
60 A gang send a hired killer to assassinate you
61 Gain addiction to tea or coffee or some drinkable herb drink
62 Your alcoholism goes up a notch, you always carry some grog now
63 You take up smoking tobacco or hashish or opium
64 Wild hallucinations from blue lotus flowers, resist next illusion you meet during next month
65 Amazing visions of elder gods with black lotus dust gain terrifying insights
66 Blackmailed by gang who have a prostitutes encounter with you written as saucy pamphlet to publish
67 An artist has made a etching of your scandalous activities that is selling well, can bribe to stop
68 Gossip and slander about you openly horrible but curious people all secretly want to party with you
69 Take so many drugs most don't really affect you much anymore
70 Gain taste for unusual and exotic prostitutes
71 Wake up in prison for drunken disorderly 3d6gp fine to be let out
72 Caught in pub when raided for vice 3d6gp fine or prison
73 Caught in pub when raided for rebellion members 100gp bribe to escape
74 You help catch a criminal mostly by accident but local watch all think you are awesome
75 Out past curfew hour at midnight and chased till dawn through streets
76 Pick a fight with watch member unknowingly, one day you might be recognised by them
77 Secret police interrogate you with odd questions then release you, never explain why
78 Secret police tail you for 1d6 months, will accept bribe to leave you alone of 100gp
79 Thrown in drunk lock up but escaped, wary of being recognised by those watch men
80 Warrant and posters out for you d4 1=drunken vandalism 2=lewd conduct 3=sacrilege 4=mistake
81 Offered a baby monster in a sack for cheap price
82 Offered good price on a fancy well fitting suit from grave robbers
83 Offered a rusty old item which you recognise as magic or containing hidden information
84 Offered 1d6 cheap potions! d4 1=weak healing 2=fake 3=reduced duration 4=full strength
85 Offered quality weapon or armour at normal price by drunk
86 Offered cheap slave d4 1=orc 2=child 3=kobold 4=goblin
87 Offered a map d4 1=dungeon location 2=hidden treasure 3=bandit lair 4=lost magic item
88 Offered a map d4 1=sewer treasure 2=lost island 3=haunted house 4=smugglers secret tunnel
89 Offered a deed d4 1=old mine 2=dungeon looting rights 3=small land plot 4=tiny old house
90 Learn whereabouts of wanted criminal d4 1=traitor 2=murderer 3=bandit 4=arsonist
91 Turned into a pig by angry magician and chased by hungry poor but manage to find friends
92 Wake up covered in blood d4 1=it's yours 2=dead prostitute 3=dead animal 4=dog sized bedbug
93 As cock crows your lover awakes and flees d4 1=undead 2=demon 3=wererat 4=modron
94 As cock crows your lover awakes grinning for more d4 1=hobbit 2=dwarf 3=gnome 4=goblin
95 Wake up married, earnest new spouse looks eager, family sue if you try to escape
96 Wake up covered in vomit in strange bed in strange house
97 Wake up with new health problem d4 1=parasites 2=hideous boils 3=goblin pox 4=sweat & shakes
98 Wake up naked in d4 1=graveyard 2= park 3=prison 4=madhouse
99 Wake up locked in stocks with children pelting you with cabbages
100 roll three more times


  1. Hmmm should I be worried ? I've rolled over a dozen of those in real life.

    1. all based on real experiences

    2. I've time traveled while drunk, at least it looked that way to me. I'm standing talking to someone and I blink blink and I'm standing somewhere else talking to someone else with a different drink in my hand a half hour into the future.

    3. when i was young id drink a bottle of vodka and later hear about my adventures - occasionally had flashbacks


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