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D100 Golems

Golems - what's not to love?

Earliest golems are made from local materials and often animated by spirits to be used as servants and guardians. Some culture go crazy for them learning to automate everything with golems like well pumps, water wheels, carts but this usually invites displeasure from the gods. The gods keep the secrets of life for themselves and golem making is a imperfect copy of the means gods created life. Undead often use part of a spirit and remains of a former living body and are less unnatural.

Golems are resistant to many spells and resistant to weapons or non magical attacks

Some golems have limited spell like abilities with uses per day

Some golems become sentient and self aware. This usually turns to despair, anger, unrequited love, insanity, rage and violence. A few things here can make a golem sentient, mad or both.

Nano golems come in swarms usually from bacteria size to rodent size
Collosus golems are titan sized and can fight kaiju or destroy a city or fight a god

I wrote these ages ago then got hung up on statting them - just looked at and decided who cares

1d12 Alternate Attack or Defence
1 Breath Weapon such as gas or flame
2 Built in missile weapon like bow, cannon
3 Deadly blood is toxic, acid or molten metal

4 Entangling attack like net, web, lasso, mancatcher
5 Fast gets extra attack and +50% move
6 Resistant to damage,
minimum from fire, blunt attack, edged attack, lightning
7 Anti life field drains a energy level
8 Can turn undead as per priest of alignment or other cult power
9 Cloak of Fear HDx2" field of fear magic
10 Resistant to magic or spells of certain level or type
11 Reconfigure body into single shot super attack mode
12 Spawn smaller golems possibly on death

1d12 Liability
1 Text written on head or chest gem control matrix or levers on back can be messed with
2 Certain spell messes with matter and very harmful to it's system

3 Must eat material to self repair of own matter
4 Fueled by substance like coal, gemstones, souls
5 Unstable mind prone to fits of insanity, can be set off easily
6 Starting to question existence, tries to communicate, prone to tantrums
7 Decay in body reduces lifespan of unit, increases mental stability

8 Has strict rules on who may be harmed, can be tricked
9 Fears death, flawed unit has sense of fear and self preservation
10 Suffers boredom, likes to wander off, read, try to communicate
11 Certain attack or material harms unit more than normal person
12 Multiple personalities possibly for various missions of just crazy

1d12 Alternate Configuration
1 Humanoid with extra arms, one eye, horn, claws, heads
2 Herbivore like bull, rhino, goat with horns
3 Riding beast mostly horses, camels, but others
4 Great bird or bat that might even be able to fly (1in6)
5 Predator like a wolf, dog. lion, bear
6 Magical hybrid beast like griffon, centaur, dragon
7 Exoskeletal like insect, spider, crab, scorpion
8 Aquatic Creature like shark, octopus, tortoise, toad
9 Plant or fungus walks on roots
Amorphous; like a rock, mercury, amoeba
11 Shape changer with 1d4 transzmog modes roll d10 for each
12 Roll 2d10 and combine results

1d12 Missions
1 Wait in guard protect a thing
2 Patrol for Enemies and engage
3 House hold chores
4 Revenge against a enemy
5 Personal Servant or transport
6 Build some structure or item or mine
7 Used as motor for mill, gatehouse, mechanism, vehicle
8 Caretaker of garden, creatures, children, the sick
9 Seek item or person
Self aware with a soul
11 Multiple missions 1d4+1 rolls of d10
12 Insane on constant angry rampage for being created

1d12 Strange Features
1 Operated by pilot inside, possibly tiny like gremlin or imp or familiar
2 Has a fully functional soul, possibly implanted from living being
3 Covered in holy designs can act as sanctified shrine and holy symbol
4 Can see spirits on adjacent planes, souls and living things
5 Has a pet that it cares for or feeds dungeon denizens from food dispenser
6 Seeking it's one true love or mate, confused, vulnerable and prone to insane rage
7 Old wise data golem rich in lore prefer to talk than kill but will if must
8 Infected taint can make undead or cause disease or poisons area or leach vitality
9 Holds it's soul physically in ball of light, holy symbol, metal heart, scroll, gem or medallion
10 Golem meant to connect with other as a part in system, possible merge into colossus
11 Favored of a god who will save it from destruction
12 Hated by a god who will aid or reward heroes face it

d12 Whats Inside The Golem
1 Strange mist

2 Strange magical vapour with odd properties, mostly bad
3 Strange gross fluid
4 Dangerous fluid like hot metal, fire, poison, acid
5 Gem stones or precious metal or magic item used to power it
6 My god! It's full of stars! Awesome psychedelic light show goes for hours
7 Unconscious body inside in hibernation or angry creature like elemental or angel
8 High pressure or energy explodes 1d6/1" radius/HD
9 Human or other species remains fall out in horrible mess
10 Treasure chest with coins and other loot
(the pinata!)
11 Trash like shattered glass and fluid, candy, cogs, burning crap or dust
12 Tiny creatures like gremlins, bugs, nanogolems, worms or swarm come out

d12 Who built it?

1 Made to serve gods in dawn age
2 Served monster empire and the elder gods - cult secret guardian
3 Made by stone age magicians - as workers or guardians
4 Made by necromancer kings - as servants for transporting undead often

5 Made by Druid lords - for ritual or defence
6 Made by wizard school - various schools or individual masters
7 Made by priests - many religions
8 Made by evil cult - many to choose
9 Made by royal command - king or important personage of historical times
10 Made by monsters - other planar, sphyxes, dragons, demons, angels, modrons
11 Made by demihumans - dwarf or elf mostly but giants, gnome and half lings might
12 Made by Humanoids - kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears or orcs

d100 Golem Material

01 Scarecrow Golem - used to protect fiends from beasts
02 Straw Golem - made to protect and work on farms
03 Grass Golem - woven as simple farm guardian
04 Stick Golem - made to punish the naughty, her animals
05 Mud Golem - made to scare people, make a mess
06 Snow Golem - made to watch and guard locations
07 Corpse Golem - a alternate zombie creation process
08 Wax Golem - wax figurine made to resemble some one or disguise itself as human
09 Dung Golem - made to offend and cause a mess for revenge or punishment
10 Ochre Golem - made to aid in rituals
11 Flint Golem - made to cause mischief and harass enemies
12 Sand Golem - guard creatures move through ground
13 Salt Golem - hideous life draining horror or kitchen helper
14 Sheet Golem - assassination weapon or trap
15 Paper Golem - multi purpose origami paper dolls
16 Scrap Golem - made from piles of household discarded objects for unpleasant chores
17 Dough Golem - a fun friendly playmate that you usually cook and eat when finished
18 Plushie Golem - adorable toy stuffed creature plays with or assassinates kids
19 Doll Golem - cute or creepy defenders or killers or spies
20 Wood Golem - menial work golem but can defend
21 Rope Golem - a worker good for climbing walls, buildings or rigging
22 Armour Golem - guardian made from ancient ornamental suits of old heroes
23 Ice Golem - a freezing killer or food preserver
24 Glass Golem - a alchemical apparatus that is a mobile lab that makes potions
25 Amber Golem - a guardian species protects nobility and leaders
26 Bone Golem - a viscous fighting machine
27 Wicker Golem - a huge woven figure with animals inside to burn in a ritual 
28 Flower Golem - festive decoration from thousands of flowers, favoured by elves
29 Painting Golem - come to life works of 2d art from walls or canvas
30 Blood Golem - revolting almost black figurine of clotted blood
31 Knot Golem - comblex woven structure with rope knots and decorative motifs
32 Clockwork - most often brass servant or fighter model with cogs inside
33 Tar Golem - black stick mass traps intruders also called a tarbaby
34 Bitumen Golem - a coarse mix of gravel and tar easily formed into statues
35 Battle Golem - formed from masses of armour and weapons on a battlefield as a weapon of warfare and door smasher
36 Bread Golem -  delicious magical sweet bread made to entertain, feed or distract. Candy and pudding and tofee golems also.
37 Watch Golem - a guardian warrior, scout and watchman will identify hostiles and report rather than engage but will stalk and assassinate and ambush if ordered.
38 Meat Golem - a butcher feast of meat in a mockery of human form. Absorb meat from dead into itself and preserve it and make into prime cuts and sausages.
39 Leather Golem - leather mannequin quite agile good for craft and entertaining but prone to anger
40  Hive Golem contains living bee hives usually but other types have been seen. It protects and moves the hive and spreads colonies. Hive protects it.
41 Chain Golem - a mass of chains ti imprison man or beast
42 Chest Golem - a portable strong box that follows master and can ram attackers
43 Cart Golem - small 4 wheeled cart that moves goods by following master or moving on a route or rails
44 Carriage Golem - a carriage with no horses but some come with automaton ones like wood golems. Popular for aristocrats and wizards.
45 Chair Golem - a chair that will carry you and follow you 1in6 have wings 2in6 very comphy and can sleep in it
46 Bed Golem - protects and carries occupant or massages them.
47 Font Golum - fountain that follows most have water but some make wine or milk
48 Palanquin  - a comfortable platform with legs, some with box or umbrella to increase comfort
49 Barrel Golem - carries or presses materials inside helps make wine, jam, mystery mincemeat, prepare goods for refining or processing like oil
50 Mill Golem - has a huge grinder that turns stuff into flour like dust. Wheat, seeds, grain,
51 War Golem - forged from remains of siege weapons and armour, a battlefield balistia or catapault or ram that operates itself.
52 Sarcophagi Golem - wood, stone, gold or marble types protect a boddy inside, often decorated with likeness of buried person
53 Furnace Golem - a walking oven, heater, forge or blast furnace. Needs fuel to move 10lb per HD per day
54 Crypt Golem is a small walking stone building that kills grave robbers in graveyard or transports undead troops or just moves to protect inhabitants.
55 Turf Golem - cut turf from a hillside leaving magic symbol in hill. These as as guardians of sacred sites
56 Tomb Golem - is a large walking stone building that kills grave robbers in graveyard or transports undead troops or just moves to protect inhabitants. Small pyramids, hills or more monumental ones too.
57 Guard Golem - is a stout warrior defending a place or bodyguard of a great leader.
58 Throne Golem - is a mighty throne that levitates. Protects the rightful ruler.
59 Chariot Golem - war car with scythe wheels, driver, 1-8 beasts, a driver and a shield bearer
60 Vault Golem - a walking safe that keeps treasure safe
61 Distillery Golem - a apparatus that refines alcohol, mineral oil, nuclear fuel, blood or other substances with metal or glass tubes and chambers
62 Brewery Golem - walking brewery that runs whole process and some even do bottling and wash bottles.
63 Stone Golem - statue guardian
64 Gem Golem - a sparkling semiprecious glimmering statue
65 Peat Golem - made from black flammable clay like muck, some with preserved corpses inside from past. Fire shortens life but +1d6 damage
66 Earth Golem - formed from earth for rituals and moving megaliths
67 Coal Golem - used for mining but terrible short lived battlefield weapon. After is just an ash golem or carbon golem
68 Obsidian Golem - shiny black glass with deadly razor sharp spikes and projectiles used for ritual evicerations, decapitations or skinning alive.
69 Coral Golem - made from sea coral
70 Opal Golem - glittering blue stone with sharp claws for a beautiful guardian
71 Diamond Golem - very hard vs most weapons but shatters from blunt, made from fused masses that shatter to glitter when destroyed
72 Porcelain Golem - delicate beautiful companion or guardian, very charming and wear clothes, might know magic
73 Marble Golem - beautiful statue in the ancient style companion and warrior hero, possibly based on god, tend to be very stable even if sentient
74 Clay Golem - made from finest clay and excellent worker, fighter or guard but prone to instability
75 Basalt Golem - statues or walking monoliths of the elder races, dark eidelons of evil power able to use magic and crave blood
76 Siege Golem - made from siege weapons and towers int a mobile building with rams and towers and trebuchet
77 Brick Golem is a large crude statue or small building able to throw bricks
78 Jade Golem - holy magical golems with priest powers that aid rituals and serve the faith
79 Crystal Golem - spiky transparent or coloured in various forms  
80 Granite Golem - crude but powerful and strong giants for war or work
81 Copper Golem - craftsmen and guardians, can be very cunning
82 Tin Golem - worker or fighter fast and agile
83 Lead Golem - worker or fighter, strong but slow and heavy
84 Brass Golem - warrior hopilites or workers
85 Bronze Golem - strong warriors with flaming blood
86 Iron Golem - powerful giants with poison breath
87 Cobalt Golem - poisonous golem with deadly dust and burning touch
88 Quicksilver Golem - poison, maddening, able to change form, shoot bolts and very fast and cunning. Good assassins or guards.
89 Silver Golem - good for fighting certain creatures, looks magnificent
90 Gold Golem - brilliant light giving and spectacular form
91 Steel Golem - ultimate artificial fighting man, strong and skillful war maker
92 Mithril Golem - faerie metal of the bright ones. Superior, strong, beautiful, supernatural charged metal mix of meteoric cold iron and silver
93 Adamant Golem - deadly engine of destruction and extermination, can harm gods
94 Phosphorous Golem - burning metal killer lays in oil or oxygen free environment to not burn
95 Titanium Golem - powerful invulnerable guardian
96 Galvorn Golem - jet metal evil soul sucking fey magic golem
97 Uranium Golem - glowing golem radiates death field and gets super hot if struck hard or heated
98 Platinum Golem - invulnerable and stunningly beautiful strong guardian
99 El Golem - elder metal of the old ones, harms on multiple planes at once, slays spirits, phantoms, beings on other planesor out of phaze
100 Ornichalcum Golem - gold and bronze

Nutronium golems are kept in stasis in hyperspace and made from a collapsed universe. They travel to enemy universe destroy it then work on quatum variations and divergent realities and parallel worlds in the multiverse. Creators killed long ago and no nuetronium golem exists now right?

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