Saturday 20 September 2014

Upcoming and outgoing stuff from me...

Shortly might be last exile log post for a bit my ailing DnD game for a bit . Lost a regular and its been a struggle keeping game afloat. I will try a different night perhaps and new club location might help (thou i have not been and ive axed 2 of my games now leaving me with sunday). Ive had people say i shouldn't consolidate to just 2 games on sunday as ppl claim they would like to play more games but i have not seen signs of these mythical gamers wanting to play other times. Club under my floor of building was great while i was sick to keep up social life but i think my games are not mainstream or popular sells like big name lines of product. My BRP stuff doing fine. My friends i game with in december when i return to Adelaide for xmas wanna play my dnd setting which is nice.

As my health improved to normal im really enjoying being able to work and would like to get back to my 70 hours a week of mixed casual work and my art business and projects including writing. Offered by a professional comic who kindly asks to borrow my personal anecdotes for his routine to train me back up. As im feeling well id like to perform again. Jot a dj job for caberet too. Sold $750 worth of art this week. Feeling well enough to date again but need some new social activities for opportunities. Having 2-5 drinks a week again.

I have two weeks of full time+ work and 3 con games to prep so sunday gaming fine for me for a bit. Then have SYD con and will have a go at getting games up after that. Something to alternate with my deathrace game sundays might be good other than that will wait and see. Shame as i enjoy dnd game and like writing for it. Have more road sections and some folding buildings and tokens for marvel game at con to ready. Need to stencil up stuff on roads too. Have glorantha books and 5 boxes of armies coming by post. Will order BRP Rome and Metamorphosis alpha hardbacks shortly.

Reading new DnD book is good in many ways but i find too many choices and complexities also. I just find myself a bit overwhelmed by mechanical options. Hideous halflings creep me out - i can barley look at them. I have no problems with real ppl under 4 foot 4 or other depictions of them. The design is best ever. The art pretty good and best colour version of the game. Too many terms with no explanation for new gamers is a big flaw. Early 80s basic set still needed.

Id still like to run a sf game sometime but something with committed players. Roadwar and marvel worked fine for drop ins. Rome and Rus will be next years historic brp/cthulhu/rq games.

Started on folder with my fave tables for sandboxing for new club to stop me carrying stuff and relying on net so had a big look back on old posts. While digging through my past blogs found i had done 2 tables on rival parties in dungeon tables so that was a hoot. Treasure and pice section of 1st ed adnd will be used too. Found my corruption fx for several tables broken. No no3 on about three tables.

Next few posts here:

More carousing tables
decided this older table for shore leave will be included in series as no6
d100 Living in a dungeon table no7
d100 Exploring the under land will be no 8
will do extra tables for 4 core classes too as d100 tables will repeat faster than you think if used every session. I might knock out a freebie of my city life tables on next blog milestone.

revised redbrick key tables with a d10 for every one of basic room types

dungeon forms - dungeon design, level design and room design - to facilitate random table use

some new encounters for mid and high level and higher level treasures

summaries on most important tables for dungeon stuff on a few sheets for inside my dm screen

Another attempt on mutation tables which i might do by level to fit into spells for several of my games.

Requests are always fun and welcome...

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  1. Good luck with the re-balancing now your health is on the up.


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