Friday 12 September 2014

Carousing pt2 How the Rich Party

So this is for the wealth adventurers or at least the social climbing ones. A bit nicer than part one. Married adventurers tend to be more respectable and partners may encourage status climbing. A bit like Pendragon only more nasty.

d10 Upper class capering and social climbing in the Nob Hill district - quick version
1 Meeting - new contacts among gentry
2 Invitation - interesting opportunity
3 Dueling  - making enemies and rivalry
4 Romantic encounter - a moment of sweet love
5 Quest - a challenge of skill or luck
6 Intrigue among elites - devious schemes enfold you
7 Hunting - a relaxing stay at a hut lodge to kill animals
8 Witness - see some amazing spectacle or historic event
9 Feasting - roaring and gorging with the elite
10 Too much fun - terrible consequences of over indulgence

d100 Upper class capering and social climbing in the Nob Hill district
01 Meet a noble who tells family story hinting at a dungeon and treasure location
02 Meet a noble or wealthy patron who seeks to sponsor you for their own glory
03 Meet a patron who fancies adventurers and expects favours
04 Meet a patron who seeks live exotic monsters to d4 1=eat 2=paint 3=keep in zoo 4=taxidermy
05 Meet a patron who needs body guards when meeting bandit chief to negotiate release of hostages
06 Meet a patron who has a useless child, seeks adventurers to train child as adventurers
07 Meet a patron needs adventurers to cleanse d4 1=ruined castle 2=haunted house 3=crypt 4=cellar
08 Meet a patron who wants to pay adventurers to come along, bossy, cowardly, prone to screaming
09 Meet influential patron who will help in legal situation in future
10 Meet patron needs a dungeon emptied as revenge for monsters killing his kin
11 Invitation to upper crust orgy with d4  1=mystical cult 2=nobility after 3=theatre celebrities 4=demons
12 Invitation to join a club, order or fraternal society for influential elites
13 Invitation to party in noble manour house costume ball with lots of flirting and spectacles
14 Invitation a fight d4 1=man vs monster 2=women 3=bear vs dogs 4=demihumans vs humanoids
15 Invitation to see a live dissection d4 1=criminal 2=monster 3=demihuman 4=mutant
16 Invitation to see a wizard demonstrate magical principles and high level spells
17 Invitation to see a gory live execution with front row seats d4 1=traitor 2=thief 3=heretic 4=bandit
18 Invitation to sporting events including jousting and grand melee followed by feasting
19 Invitation to help burn down a farm and terrorise tenants for not paying rent for sport
20 Invitation to wedding where you get to meet rich and attractive flirts seeking partners
21 Challenged to a duel d4 1=hate your type 2=offended their lover 3=sadist 4=you insulted them
22 Asked to fight duel on others behalf as champion
23 Invited to a contest with 300gp prize d4 1=joust 2=swordfight 3=horse race 4=archery
24 While at party person decides you are worst upstart scum and dedicates self to making your life hard
25 At a feast a magic pie from a mad wizard arrives, host dares you to eat it
26 Challenged to a cockfight, must find a fighting cock fast (1in10 rival brings out of control cockatrice)
27 Host at party declares who has sex with most servants wins a prize 1d6x100gp
28 Rival insults your weapon quality contest to inflict biggest wound on condemned prisoners
29 Noble at party announces hunting contest, d6x100gp prize, releases peasants dressed as game birds
30 At a party contest to resist power of a curse, winner gets a magic item, draw must fight for it
31 Meet your dream lover d4 1=betrothed to another 2=dont like you 3=married 4=above your station
32 Meet your dream lover d4 1=cursed 2=monster in disguise 3=slave 4=they have vow of celibacy
33 Person you fancy kidnapped by d4 1=monster 2=robber knight 3=bandits 4=sorcerer
34 Person you fancy cursed by d4 1=cult 2=undead or demon 3=priest 4=magic item
35 Horrible person of status demands you love them d4 1=priest 2=magician 3=sadist 4=mad
36 Noble offers you loan of their pleasure golem for a week while they are away on business
37 Attractive person betrothed or in bad marriage seeks your help to escape
38 Meet love of your life, actually using a magic disguise d4 1=frog person 2=elf 3=kobold 4=fish person
39 Stay at noble manour get seduced by d4 1=host 2=host's spouse 3=their offspring 4=hosts parent
40 Magician will give you magic item if you marry them d4 1=hot 2=creepy 3=old 4=non human
41 Given quest to find Missing person reward d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
42 Given quest to stop evil custom or practice d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
43 Given quest to kill evil spell caster d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
44 Given quest to kill monster d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
45 Given quest to stop a curse d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=healing credit 3=magic item 4=cleric follower46 Given quest to find something in a shipwreck d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
47 Given quest to cleanse a dungeon d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
48 Given quest to find holy relic d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=healing credit 3=magic item 4=cleric follower
49 Given quest to punish heretic d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=healing credit 3=magic item 4=cleric follower
50 Given quest to explore and map area d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
51 Asked to spy on someone by 1=rich patron 2=family 3=secret police 4=church leader
52 Asked to deliver letter to someone and not to open at any cost or let fall into wrong hands
53 Asked to deliver message to lover from someone barred from being near person they adore
54 Come across documents that question heir of family, many parties seek these
55 Find a secret door at a party d4 1=secret torture room 2=evil altar 3=secret library 4=spy hidey hole
56 Assassinated person hands you a letter d4 1=love note 2=military secrets 3=sex scandal 4=treason
57 Someone asks you to help avenge self against powerful city patron who did something horrible
58 Discover a servant is actually a important heir hidden in dynasty conflict as a baby
59 Young lovers need help escaping vindictive patron who wants both to die horribly
60 Evil step parent trying to murder children and spouse to get loot
61 Hunting trip invitation to catch d4 1=game birds 2=wild boar 3=wolves 4=deer
62 Hunting trip invitation to kill d4 1=escaped slaves 2=goblins 3=gypsies 4=elves
63 While hunting druids turn part of group into game animals for cruel justice
64 Hunting trip but attacked by d4 1=lion 2=ogre 3=bandits 4=giant
65 Fishing trip catching d4 1=tuna 3=swordfish 3=shark 4=merfolk
66 While on hunting trip pursue the legendary questing beast, get lost in dangerous country 1d4 days
67 On a hunting trip and nature strikes back with d4 1=unicorn 2=druids 3=giant treemen 4=elves
68 On a hunting trip discover lost d4 1=cave 2=creature lair 3=dungeon 4=bandit hideout
69 Hunting trip where you accidentally kill your horse or a loaned one (probably owe money)
70 Stay at hunting lodge mostly drinking and eating all night, then drunkenly chasing game by day
71 Evil wizard appears at party to curse offsping of host then vanish in puff of smoke
72 Important dignitary fornicating publicly at party while spouse away
73 A person at a party drops out of sight, transforms into inhuman being and creeps or flies away
74 When guest at hosts home, see servant practice witchcraft or black arts
75 See a respected person meet black robed d4 1=assassin cult 2=cultist 3=foreign agent 4=criminals
76 Spell caster summons powerful being at noble event amazing everybody
77 A prophet at a courtly function declares the hosts family cursed and doomed
78 A important official demonstrating symptoms of insanity and endangering the kingdom
79 A important person is seen talking to otherworldly being via a mirror or other device
80 An important heir having an affair the family would never approve of
81 A huge jolly feast all will remember with best bards, novelty foods and exotic ingredients
82 A huge feast but everyone vomits from poisoning after 1d6 courses, host has cook grilled on spit
83 At jolly feast, stranger comes and offers a wish to any who can kill him or must perforn one task
84 Host at feast announces surprise entertainment where animals eat bad servants alive
85 At a feast when witness an assassination attempt on host
86 At feast morbid dish served as surprise roast d4 1=merfolk 2=dwarf 3=unicorn 4=lizard man
87 At feast a jester uses  a scroll to animate all the roast animals for a laugh, host beats him to death
88 At a feast magic elixir served reduces age by d4 years, someone gives to a dog it disappears
89 At feast corpulent guest explodes with strange parasites sending other guests screaming
90 Host decides guests joust with bread sticks riding servants for a lark and more silly horrible games
91 After roaring and gorging struck with horrible illness for 1d4 days vomiting and diarrhea
92 Develop unpleasant facial sores for 1d6 months or until cured
93 Next morning after feast cough up a large live frog
94 Gremlins followed you home and establish a nest in your residence making it a nightmare
95 Assassins come to kill you in case you witnessed something last nights party
96 A letter arrives night after party as reminder you promised to perform some herculean task
97 You have a tattoo d4 1=cult initiate symbol 2=someones name 3=heretical image 4=warning note
98 Angry mob around your house heard of your heretical deeds you dont remember
99 Priests come to prey for you having heard of you appalling deeds while drunk
100 Roll three more times

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