Thursday 14 August 2014

Giant class for my EMO DnD game

I've been promising this for a long time to my players so to celebrate 200 000 hits here it is. A bit of Rabelais inspired this.

Gargantuan humanoid folk

HD: 1d12
Prime Stat: STR
WP: 2 (+1/2nd Lv)
NWP: 2 (+1/2nd Lv)
Non-WP mod: -2
Languages: 1d3 (+1/3rd Lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: None
NWP: Warrior
Shield: Any
Armour: Light or Medeum
Weapon: Any melee or missile excluding bows, crossbows or guns
Fight as: Warrior
Save as: Warrior

Bonus Skills
Weapon Proficiencies: Brawling and Critical Hits
Non Weapon Proficiencies: Muscle, Endurance
Languages: Common S, one extras S of giant or elemental type or alignment

Giants are a primordial pre human race who battled the gods in the dawn age and lost. They also battled dragons, reptilians and many other elder races. They have menaced elves and dwarves and halflings and humans since those races existed. Most giants are degenerate cursed monsters. Some are still refined as humans but most of the more magical ones were exterminated aeons ago. Giants are infamous for their voracious appetites. Many giants are terrible parents and allow their young to roam wild. Some children manage to dwell among humans briefly until they grow inhumanly tall and develop monstrous features. Larger giants have trouble fitting in houses or dungeons. Also will tend to have bad reactions with common folk who think you want to eat them.

+1d12 inches per level with starting height of 6 feet tall
+1 point of STR every second level
+1" Move every 4th lv
+1 Attack at 8th level and +2 at 16th level
Bump damage dice to next up as a warrior vs large creatures at 6th and vs all at 12th (based on size not skill)
Every 5th level may take a advantage and a disadvantage or may take neither for more posh giants
At 6th lv and every level after giants get a follower on the follower table
Giants may recruit followers normally considered monsters

STR Chart
13-15 +1 damage
16-17 +2 damage
18-19 +3 damage
20-21 +4 damage
22-23 +5 damage
24-25 +6 damage
26-27 +7 damage
28-29 +8 damage
30-31 +9 damage

Fire Breath 2DAM/lv 1"/lv range save for half one use per level per day
Dimension Door once per week
Shape Change to a single species (human, bird, dwarf, fox) 1 Turn (10m) per level
Fear gaze one per level per day 1"/lv range
Eat any organic stuff even if rotten and inedible to most races including bones and wood and sewerage
+2 AC Hardened skin
Horns +1 Attack with unarmed attack
Dark vision works in total darkness
Smell magic within 1" with INT roll
Eat inorganic items like rocks or metal
Cast arcane spell as sorcerer first level once per day
Cast divine spell as priest first level once per day
Stinking cloud which giant immune to and at centre, once per day
+2 Save vs fire and take half damage
+2 Save vs cold and take half damage
+2 Save vs electricity and take half damage

Cyclops with one eye
Extra head roll separate INT and WIS but cannot exceed
Tail gets a bit awkward and embarrassing
Extra Hideous -1d3 CHA
Extra Stupid -1d3 INT
Extra Foolish -1d3 WIS
Slow -1d4 Move
Vain always wears tasteless cheap gaudy clothes and jeweler y
Eat body weight daily in food
Huge overbite fangs make speech difficult
Noisy always flatulent, grunting, spluttering, snoring 1/2 sneaking chances
Stink of armpits, old boots, rotten eggs, piss and vomit, easy to track by smell
Constantly dribble phlegm and spittle, horrible stains on clothes and leaves a trail
Alcoholic prone to binges and drunken stupidity and rages, craves booze constantly

d12 Followers
1 Ogre
2 Bugbear
3 1d8 Orcs
4 1d6 Hobgoblins
5 1d10 Goblins
6 3d4 Kobolds
7 2d4 Bandits
8 1d6 Wild dogs
9 1d3 Wolves
10 Black Bear (brown at 10th)
11 Dire Wolf
12 3d4 Giant Rats

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