Sunday, 3 August 2014

Shopping Again and Babylon Prep

Well I have BRP mania again and have got these interesting items

DC  Comics: The Great Disaster featuring the Atomic Knights - crazy comic compilation of post apoc war stories written in 70s post a war in the 80s with mutants, ray guns and return to feudalism - lotsa good weird stuff. Saw a few others mention this on blogger.

Cthulhu Invictus - after missing the BRP rome book i realized id better gobble up all the stuff like this i can for rome game next year so i napped it up. I didn't like the roman gods as presented in the old monograph version this seems more usable to me or i have not found anything i dislike on first glimpse.

Magic World - more i read more i like. Will steal some ideas o make my bronze age game more heroic fighting. Advanced Sorcery - lots here and a good value book. Will adapt elements of both into my current game. Enlightened Magic not so much as ive gone off golden dawn and syncretism in my old age. Someone please stop brit comic writers over using this stuff.

Will be trying to get all BRP Rome gear in book form
Iron Crown and Gurps Rome worth a glance

My Babylon game i did crazy research and history book buying in the past while i was meant to study classics.

Who's Who in ancient near east  by Gwendolin liek is good
Gods, Demons  and Symbols of ancient Mesopotamia by black and green
Cities and Planning in ancient near east
Atlas of ancient near east
Armies of the ancient near east 3000bc-539bc stillman and tallis
Banister Fletcher Architecture a must for all history gaming really
University of South Australia has a copy of ancient near east encyclopedia which is awesome multi volume work worth $400+ a book with essays on every conceivable subject
History books and web are awesome sources and libraries
Some good National geographic issues - a vintage one on marsh arabs in about 1938 very good
War gaming websites and books

When i was a poor student in relationship i would buy 20c national geographic mags and photocopy useful stuff from libraries, especially kids books. Have about 6 inch pile of images.  Actually Ive stolen RQ2 and RQ3 content to use for adventures too.

Made characters and sent on money tree into adventure in RQ3 book as we had some time

A couple of typos and need to replace ride skill with drive but serviceable for first session.

8 players - will introduce properly next session.

Players horrified by low weapon damages and weak armour.

Most playing barbarians keen to settle in cities hired as skirmishers by civilized characters father. He has summoned his kids to serve him during the mourning of king Humarabi of Babylon.

Rich kids complained barbarians so well armed and armoured. Also with animals and war booty while they have measuring rods and daggers. Then rich kids return to nice room in family palace with servants, baths, slaves, and good food and beer and record feelings on tablets. Barbarians living off barley porridge with wild herbs and the odd rabbit or bird. Back to flea ridden barracks after to boas of past battles.

Scenario had march into hidden area of wasteland past various obstacles, met a duck bandit, a bear (bear clan Gutian chased it away easily) and a troll to find money tree. Stripped all leaves and magic fruit dad wanted and scribe with rune spell made tree produce a second fruit which impressed dad. A giant eagle flew of with party donkey with food and tied up duck. They found him days later and captured him and uncle sold him to scholars in the hanging gardens. Told kids to kids supernatural and weird stuff.

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