Wednesday 30 July 2014

1d100 Things to happen in the Pub

Recently trendy coffee shops popping up all over town in Shadelport. Some are brothels or used for hookups on the side. Tea houses are more respectable and genteel. Pubs unchanged.

d100 Things to happen in the Pub
01 Interesting goods up for grabs in gambling or gaming contest
02 A offer of stolen goods for sale off the back of a cart
03 An offer of illegal goods or vice
04 Pubfight breaks out among other patrons grows into free for all
05 Angry men with pregnant girl come in looking for father
06 A bard puts on a especially good show singing about a local dungeon
07 A bard sings a scathing lampoon of parties adventures and abilities
08 Bandit informant informs on party wealth to gang who will stalk or infiltrate
09 A bard wants to follow party for song ideas for a while
10 A gremlin sneaks into party baggage or pockets
11 A witch comes to party will tell them of a doom she dreamed of them for money
12 A pregnant girl looking for party friend or follower
13 Invited to private party of jolly revelers
14 Invited to party of elegant rich for dinner and theater
15 Invited to cult ritual orgy of demonic cult
16 Invited to gangster party in lowlife area get to witness crime and vice
17 Invited to go on spree with rich gang for violence and sexual escapades
18 Invited to a secret fight, locals hold honour at steak
19 Duel announced, party asked to be seconds
20 Man comes running from toilet with stinging giant centipede hanging of him
21 Exotic race playing strange possibly magical game
22 Old man tells grisly story of local ruins or haunted house or tower
23 Story of some amazing hoard or thing found in a dungeon or city sewers
24 Person tells tale of local undead or scary creature, and how was chased once
25 Man wants help with talking to a girl, will pay for help
26 Shifty man offers cash for bodies or parts of bodies no questions asked
27 Tax collectors looking for shifty homeless adventurers without papers
28 Shifty guy gives away dungeon map with some story about
29 Thieves guild seeks muscle for dealing with guards or a gang fight
30 Attractive country girl seeks work with respectable looking people, creepy pimps eye her off
31 Boy desperately wants to be adventurer wants to start as pole bearer or lantern bearer
32 Man offers to sell old pet that might hold secret of past owners treasure
33 Man selling old treasure map from his grand pappy who died with secret of the map
34 Someone sure party member is opposite gender in disguise, initiates creepy whispering
35 Bar breaks into singing and dancing, great chance to meet attractive strangers
36 Patron falls over dead d4 1=knifed 2=poisoned 3=own problem 4=horrible parasite crawls out
37 Pimp offers discount on best time ever back at his coffee house
38 Men discussing best whore houses in district and about various secret establishments
39 Pimp talks to party members to recruit into a life of comfort, ease and pleasure in the trade
40 Women discussing 1=best shops 2=best value food 3=cutest boys 4=boasting about children
41 Women plotting 1=to have a rake beaten 2=infidelities 3=getting cash 4=plotting to murder husband
42 Person trying to sell weapon at a good price as they need cash fast to avert a tragedy
43 Broken man selling rock carving or engraving on weapon or armour with map
44 Someone mentions a local coffee house or theater is full of pretty and classy people
45 Cultists offer you strange powers, invulnerability and sex if you join
46 Kid offers to sell strange pollywog caught in creek now in a jar
47 A scuffle breaks out and someone becomes a berserk warrior
48 During a bar fight someone becomes a were beast killer
49 Someone tells scandalous tale of rich family
50 Angry mob attacks bar for being full of degenerates
51 Soldiers turn up and start doubting heroes stories very rudely
52 Members of cult come for a after black mass drink and discover interesting adventurers
53 Stinking men talk of highly paid dangerous work in city sewers
54 Priests or commoners argue which is greatest god then ask heroes
55 Adventurers discuss tax collector on their tail
56 Pub swarmed by street prostitutes competing for attention
57 Priest comes in to sermonize and want donations to leave
58 Man distraught that dog nappers stole his pups
59 Person collecting charity for poorhouse very persistent and sermonizes those who are cheap
60 Man selling quality dog fur coats, charity collector tins, sheep gut condoms and pornography
61 Distraught travelers forlorn and lost seek heroes to save village
62 Man has a selection of frogs, toads and newts to lick one silver a lick
63 Some women have a fight crowd goes wild
64 Patrons want to organize a bare knuckle fight with party member in side lane
65 Darts tournament or other contest like slings, daggers, axes, rocks, hammers
66 Cult master gathers a crown offering free beers to those who promise see the cult lord in the temple
67 Sinister stranger comes into bar, orders exotic drink and watches locals, all tense
68 Person has been left at other table abandoned and left with bill, desperately in trouble
69 Bullies try to boss money or seats or some crap off party
70 Some one starts a loud boasting contest
71 Crier enters tavern announcing bounty on certain person and pus up a poster sometimes too
72 Criminal escapade in area authorities searching for wanted person
73 Horrible person mistreats pet or servant or lover
74 Someone announces a bargain, sale or needed goods arrived, patrons scramble
75 Generous local buys beers, requires witnesses or cheers support for local faction
76 Merchant bemoans local bandits who have ruined him and dare not go home
77 Farmers talking about strange birth or creature or portent of doom
78 Something or someone been coming from well or sewer at night to kill and murder folk
79 Guy offers you something that will change your life forever
80 Guy willing to sell cheap islander gold artworks and fish men idols cheap
81 Traveling tattoo artist at work in pub has an eager line up
82 Mourning family saddened by vanishing corpse
83 Journalist seeks to interview real murder hobos about their magic murder maze exploits
84 Young wizards wanna swap spells or items
85 Prankster aristocrat releases sacks of rats or gremlins or kobolds. Chaos ensues
86 Lonely guy keeps asking if if anyone else has same embarrassing symptoms
87 Secret policeman in disguise trying to exhort others to make anti ruler statements
88 Smuggler looking for dupes to carry package to "grandma" for cash as law onto him
89 Man complains that house he was squatting is haunted by horrible beast
90 Degenerate wicked clergy men out to party, buy pornography and chase innocent unwilling lovers
91 Some guys on business from dungeon make friends with party perhaps bond together in fight
92 Escaped convicts seek somewhere to hide or illicit work away from law
93 Jester starts routine slandering party, anyone hurting him has jester's lord to answer too
94 Local village idiots meet here for discussion of idiot affairs, assume party are members
95 Urchin looking for food scraps and job, sure parents were adventurers so follows party
96 Meet lone adventure seeks a new party over alignment disputes
97 Non human visitor to area willing to join party of adventurers if they are not idiots
98 Drug addict or alcoholic willing to do anything for cash
99 Person tells tale of dungeon captivity and daring escape by little known exit
100 Person tells tale of being stranded in strange island or far off land with odd customs


  1. Nice list, man. This will come in handy for improvising adventures!

  2. Though I immediately cut and pasted this into my rpg stuff folder yesterday, I came back to say this is excellent and my favourite list so far.


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