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Foodies Guide to Exile Island 1

Am playing more than writing new game props sadly at moment

Work and flu slowed me down

Am slowly chugging through proof readers copy of my book

Foolishly ordered gamma world box set 2nd ed as im gonna pine over forever and still going up so most ive ever paid for game item. And a kids monster book that dropped in price. Has nice were animals and evil dogs including scary were elephant.

Food on Exile Island

Shadelport is located between several continents and has food and narcotics and spices from many lands you want find together anyone else. In prehuman times elder races bought animals and food plants and drugs to the Island also. Most empire people find food on Island too rich, flavorsome and spicy. Can use for farm crops or gardens too so included a non edible plant table too. Fur and feathers might be a side product of farms too.

d12 Common Meat
1 Chicken or bushfowl or quail
2 Beef or oxen
3 Pork or wild boar
4 Mutton or lamb
5 Duck or Goose
6 Pheasant or Turkey
7 Goat or venison
8 Fish of many types but mostly shark
9 Shellfish like oysters or muscles
10 Eel or lamprey
11 Horse or pony or ass
12 Rabbit or hare

d12 Things that poor people, mutants or orcs eat

1 Lobsters or crabs
2 Dogs
3 Frogs or newts
4 Giant bugs
5 Maggots or grubs
6 Acorns
7 Tiny birds like starlings or finches
8 Monkey or gremlin or troll flesh
9 Crows or any largish bird you can catch
10 Wetland birds like gulls, ibis, stork
11 Rodent from doormouse to rat
12 Reptile like turtle, lizard, snake or turtle

d12 Common Vegetables

1 Turnips
2 Carrots
3 Swedes
4 Potatoes
5 Cabbage
6 Brussels Sprouts
7 Cauliflower
8 Pumpkin
9 Capsicum
10 Tomato
11 Beans
12 Eggplants

d12 Other Staples
1 Wheat used for flour in bread, dumplings, pancakes or noodles
2 Rice, various types
3 Barley for malt for grog or bread
4 Corn or Quinoa
5 Buckwheat
6 Squash or Okra
7 Olives
8 Fungus
9 Taro or sweet potato
10 Lentils or peas
11 Oats or rye
12 Beetroot or Cucumbers

d12 Fruits1 Lemon or lime
2 Apples or Pairs
3 Almonds or other nuts
4 Oranges or grapefruit
5 Grapes or Currants
6 Sloe, rosehip or elderberry
7 Strawberries
8 Figs or dates
9 Plums or Rhubarb
10 Apricots or peaches
11 Cherry some sour type
12 Raspberries or Blackberries

d12 Other Ingredients, condiments and side dishes
1 Milk mostly goat, sheep, cow, ass or other
2 Cheese mostly goat, sheep, cow, ass or other
3 Yoghurt mostly goat, sheep, cow, ass or other
3 Blood from slaughterer yard
4 Fermented fish sauce
5 Fermented bean sauce
6 Nearly hatched cooked eggs
7 Beer, wine or spirits for flavour
8 Bread or dumplings
9 Chutney or spicy sauce
10 Chili and garlic sauce
11 Palm Sugar or honey
12 Eggs but most from seagulls

d12 Cooking Style
1 Oven or spit roast
2 Fried
3 Boiled
4 Pickled
5 Smoked
6 Steamed
7 Dried
9 Stewed or soup
10 Salted or candied
11 Sausages
12 Pie or pastry or dumpling

d12 Fancy cooking
1 Stuffed with bread and fruit and nuts
2 Stuffed with herbs and noodles
3 Stuffed with animals inside each other
4 Gold or silver foil sheets
5 Decorated to resemble creature or symbol
6 Brightly coloured with exotic herbs like safron
7 Conspicuous wealth array of spices
8 Exotic dungeon monster
9 Rare exotic animal parts
10 Genitalia of fierce animals or monsters
11 Deadly poisonous creature rendered edible by chef skill
12 Bizarre cruel meal like live monkey brains or octopus tentacles or baby eels

d12 Common Flavourings
1 Pickled with vinegar
2 Buttered
3 Salted or Pepper
4 Mint or dill
5 Hot Chilli
6 Onion or Garlic or leeks
7 Tea or Coffee
8 Horseradish
9 Mustard
10 Parsley or Coriander
11 Cress or fennel
12 Bay Leaves

d12 Exotic Flavours

1 Cloves
2 Ginger
3 Aniseed
4 Nutmeg
5 Cinnamon
6 Turmeric or sometimes Saffron
7 Vanilla
8 Poppies
9 Sesame
10 Coconut
11 Lemon grass
12 Asafeotida

d12 Other non exactly edible crops
1 Tobacco for weed killer, drugs and medicine
2 Opium for drugs and poppy seeds
3 Hemp for drugs and rope and paper
4 Lucerne superior food for animals
5 Hay common feed for animals
6 Hops to flavour beer
7 Palm Trees for oil and palm sugar and fibre
8 Hessian for sacks and rough fibre
9 Flowers for ornaments or drying or dye
10 Hallucinogenic or medicinal cacti or fungi
11 Gourds
12 Aromatic resin for incense like frankincense

d10 Quick version of streetfoods In Schadelport
1 Dodgy poor food
2 Orc food
3 Local specials
4 Common Snack Items
5 Baked Goods
6 Meat on the street
7 Exotic foreign stuff
8 Exotic Beverages
9 Empire elite treats
10 Desert Treats and Sweets

d100 Streetfoods In Schadelport
01 Rat on a stick with various sauces 2cp
02 Sewer jelly chunk on stick with vinegar 3cp
03 Grub dumpling in soup, black things are not sultanas but bugs 1cp
04 Dog feet grilled 4cp
05 Gruel from water to boil rice, beans or grain with dash of chilli oil and salt 1cp
06 Day old bun with gravy 1cp
07 Rat Pie 4cp
08 Cabbage stew 1cp
09 Roast turnip 1cp
10 Beans and rice 2cp
11 Grilled mushroom with butter and sometimes toast 3cp
12 Grilled grub bannana size on stick 3cp
13 Olives, mushrooms, chilli peppers and oil 2cp
14 Dumplings stuffed with grubs and bugs 3cp
15 Shroom Stew 2cp
16 Frog pie 3cp
17 Newt on a stick 2cp
18 Roast Fish eyes served in paper or pastry cone 4cp
19 Almost hatched boiled eggs 2cp
20 Acorn cakes (treated to remove toxins) 1cp
21 Tripe Stew 1cp
22 Roast cow or sheep heart with stuffing 5cp or 3cp for sheep
23 Jellied Lamprey 4cp
24 Grilled sheep head with eyes and sauce 4cp
25 Doormouse in clay pot 4cp
26 Blackbird Pie 3cp
27 Seagull Stew 1cp
28 Eel Stew with butter and chunk of bread 5cp
29 Bacon and egg roll 4cp
30 Rabbit pie 3cp
31 Grilled lamb with flat bread, parsley and garlic yoghurt sauce 4cp
32 Flat bread with cheese and specialty of the house baked on top 2cp a slice
33 Fried Potato Chips with salt, the latest fad from 1cp
34 Char grilled corn on cob with butter and herbs or chilli 1cp
35 Boiled seagull egg 1cp
36 Fish cakes 2cp
37 Grilled smoked fish 3cp
38 Roast Chestnuts 2cp
39 Roast Apple1cp
40 Lamb shank 5cp
41 Fresh dough Pretzel 1cp
42 Mystery meat pie 2cp
43 Dumplings with savoury and sweet fillings 2-3cp
44 Rat buns or mouse bun for kids accident turned popular 2cp or 1cp for mouse
45 Sweet biscuit 2cp
46 Sandwiches of various types 2cp
47 Mince patty on bun 3cp
48 Spiced mince beef or mutton pie 4cp
49 Hempseed buns 2cp
50 Pancake of bean flour sweet or savoury toppings 1cp
51 Pork chop with bun 4cp
52 Sauerkraut and pork sausage 3cp
53 Blood sausage 4cp
54 Meatloaf with gravy and bun 2cp
55 Fried drumstick 3cp
56 Sweetmeats in butter (glands or testicles) 2cp
57 Crumbed brains with rich sauce or bacon 4cp
58 Lamb Tails 1cp
59 Grilled Pig Ears 1cp for 2
60 Mixed tails fresh from abattoir fried with seasonings 2cp for 3
61 Garlic butter snails 1cp a cup
62 Smoked hog snouts 2cp
63 Fish-head soup 1cp
64 Baked potatoes with topping 1cp
65 Fermented whale blubber chunks 4cp
66 Pickled fish 2cp
67 Gelatinised pressed sheep head 3cp
68 Tripe in chilli or sesame oil 1cp
69 Deep fried squid or octopus tentacles often on a stick 1cp
70 Mystery meat stew that looks good and unbelievably cheap 2cp
71 Jar of milk, varieties from cow, dog, goat, rat, ass, donkey, sheep 1cp
72 Kvas a lightly fermented brewed drink per jug 1cp
73 Pot of tea 3cp
74 Cup of cofee 6cp
75 Cup of hot chilli cocoa 4cp
76 Cup of warm yak butter 1cp
77 Hot noodle soup 1cp
78 Beer 1cp
79 Wine 4cp to 1sp for better stuff
80 Distilled spirit drink 1sp
81 Gently strangled pine martin fried in own smoked fat 5gp
82 Bear paws 2gp each
83 Sealion steak with snow peas, chips and gravy 1gp
84 Wild boar Haunch or piglet 2g
85 Beaver tails with truffle oil 4gp
86 Sea Unicorn with sea lettuce 12gp
87 Roast Flamingo 4gp
88 Roast Swan 2gp
89 Ground meat cooked in broth from exotic monsters 5gp
90 Deep fried big bugs in sticks 2cp
91 Dried Figs in syrup or honey 3cp
92 Turkish delight 4cp
93 Custard pie 2cp
94 Whole coconut 2cp
95 Fruit pudding 3cp +1cp for custard +1cp for brandy
96 Boiled lollies 1cp a bag many different styles and names
97 Candied fruit 2cp a bag
98 Chocolate 4cp a piece or 2-4gp box set for sweethearts
99 Candy coated bugs 1cp
100 Fish and nut salty toffee 2cp
this lady takes historical larp eating blogs to new level


  1. That link doesn't work for me, I had to copy and paste the text.

    I love some of those unusual dishes. They seem strange but are probably quite realistic. I bought the Country Women's Assoc. cook book a couple of years ago and it had recipes for pigeons in it which freaked me out a bit!

    1. link fixed - it was being bad so ok now

      i grew up on a small farm and ate lots of things most never had. My best friend was dirt poor and would hunt in national park age 10 to feed family and avoid stepdad. He and brother drove him off with lethal traparoud the house. Pidgeon is ok remember there are breeds for eating domestic and wild size of smallchicken. Little birds can be cooked crispy so you eat bones and all.Quail ok for gourmet serves or perhaps two per plate. I still think of growing turkeys for hipsters and fattening outrageously for cash. Turkeys are super dumb and easy to clean and delicous. Romans ate starlings on a stick as a snack. As ive grown older city birds getting friendlier - even shy wood ducks will eat from hands now - my guess is there are no poor people eating them anymore. Me and my mate still drool if we see a large legally protected wood dove. Australian bush turkies fear humans not and there are native bush fowl near my dads place i never new existed but aboriginals used to eat

      Ive been meaning to eat chicken feet in china town with some eggs and tripe for a while - yum-cha the best way to taste stuff.

      I was raised to eat anything. Estonians eat blood sausage and pickled fish and black bread so most ppl i live with want touch what i eat.

      Pub snacks next time


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