Tuesday 15 July 2014

d100 Crap Found in Goblin Mine

This is a quickie in works for a while - a few dungeon fillers for your goblin mine. Could be used for redbrick building sites too. Will include my dwarfy decor tables under goblin mine too and do a dark elf table. I'm writing last few things for redbrick. Will put all on my tablet to work on more and on go. Encounter tables need expanding and some mid and high level stuff. Also from playing as a dungeon monster in Herbie's Fighting fantasy I have more interest in bad guys perspective.

d100 Mundane Stuff in the Goblin Mine

1 Live bat 1d6
2 Live rat 1d6
3 Live bird in cage
4 Rat in a trap 1in4 alive
5 Dead bird in cage
6 Dead dog
7 Dead bat
8 Dead rat
9 Loose wooden beam or sleeper
10 Stub of a candle
11 Helmet with candle
12 Tiny clay oil lamp
13 Small tin lamp
14 Good shuttered lantern
15 Lamp on pole
16 Hammer
17 Rope in a coil
18 Nails d100
19 lamp oil in bottle
20 Torches in bundle 1d6
21 Black powder in small bag or horn
22 Black powder grenade with fuse 1in4 dud fuse
23 Black powder small keg charge with fuse
24 Mine car
25 Map on dirty scrap of paper
26 Map painted on sign
27 Danger sign
28 Direction sign
29 Chalk lumps
30 Charcoal sticks
31 human bones 1d4 1=crushed 2=chewed 3=scattered 4=mostly buried
32 skull
33 Broken ten foot pole
35 Handles of burned out torches 1d6
36 Live bugs 1d6
37 Camp site
38 Kettle 1d4 1=hole 2=warm and full 3=dried herbs or fungi 4=good pewter
39 Remains of pit pony, mule or other local medium+ animal
40 Pile of excrement 1in4 fresh
41 Chisel 1in4 broken
42 Iron spikes 1d4
43 Teeth 1d10
44 Bale of hay 1d6
45 Sack of animal feed 1d4 1=ratty 2=mouldy 3=bugs 4=fine
46 Buckets
47 Wheelbarrow
48 Tinder box
49 Iron rations 1d4 1=one meal 2=days food 3=week food 4=crate for a months food
50 Tobacco pouch plus additional 1d4 1=pipe 2=hard drugs 3=d6 coppers 4=stoker/pipe cleaning tool
51 Broken glass or ceramic bottle
52 Coal d4 1=d6 chunks 2=bucket 3=metal bin half full 4=sack
53 Nail clippings
54 Old bandages
55 Soapy mess shaving scum and hair clippings
56 Broken wheel 1in6 metal
57 Broken pulley 1in6 metal
58 Broken cog 1in6 metal
59 Bellows 1in4 working
60 Candle with time markings 1in6 lit
61 Mallet
63 Beer bottles or clay jars 1d6 in number 1in6 full
64 Broken stick
65 Whip 1in4 serviceable
66 Loincloth
67 Worn out boot
68 Pair of boots
69 Backpack
70 Pointy hat
71 Broken belt or belt buckle
72 Cloak
73 Cloak pin
75 Tiny clay or wood figurine of d4 1=ancestor 2=animal 3=god 4=humanoid critter
76 Dessicated miners corpse
78 Length of chain, possibly wooden 1d10 foot long
79 Knife
80 Spoon 1in4 not bent or broken 1in4 is tin most wood or clay
81 Clever
82 Arrows 1d6 short bow type
83 Broken bow
84 Scabbard 1in4 works, d4 1=dagger 2=shortsword 3=sword 4=knife
85 Broken hand weapon d4 1=hatchet 2=spear 3=javelin 4=club
86 Broken shield 1in4 with identifiable markings
87 Remains of tortured adventurer or snooping villager
88 Pornographic scroll
89 Mining record form 1in4 blank
90 Dried fish skeleton
91 Water skin with bad water
92 Rat poison with bait
93 Rat hole
94 Huge dead bug 1in4 munched on by huge rat
95 Bucket of tar
96 Sheet of oil skin
97 Sack of clay
98 Sack f lime
99 Measuring tools 1=cord 2=surveyors stakes 3=crude spirit level 4=alchemist test strips
100 Roll 1d4+1 more times or drop to below table

1d10 Quick Interesting goblin mine crap

1 Living thing
2 Horrible scene or dead thing
3 Protective garb
4 Tools
5 Trunks of stuff
6 Adventurer remains
7 Treasure
8 Petty magic items
9 Disposable Magic
10 Magic

d100 Interesting goblin mine crap
1 Glowing fungus
2 Edible fungus
3 Wrapped mineral sample with form attached
4 Baby gremlins screaming
5 Goblin kid in nappy
6 Eggs possible edible
7 Live pit pony midget horse or mule 1d4 load of 1=supplies 2=minerals 3=corpse 4=empty
8 Huge edible grubs taste like eggs can be cooked
9 Kobold orphan child curious and hungry and looking for new family
10 Huge scorpion and spider having a fight
11 Phantom of long lost miner appears
12 Moaning phantom of long past cries out in area
13 Remains of group of lost persons resorted to cannibalism died
14 Scene of grisly stomache churning murder
15 Remains of executions
16 Horrible idols and fetishes litter area with a blood strewn altar
17 Crude graffiti depicting horrible scene
18 Ghostly hands grasp at explorers with chilling touch
19 Haunted object rolls about on own, keeps turning up ahead of party
20 See grisly gore or monster spectacle for a moment in periphery of vision that vanishes
21 Miners clothes and boots
23 Ornamental arm band
24 Thick Leather apron
25 Heavy filthy gloves
26 Quality helmet with excellent steel lamp
27 Goggles
28 Filter mask
29 Air mask
30 Climbing harness
31 Lock Picks
32 Bundle of keys
33 Collection of d4 locks wrapped in cloth
34 Anvil or whetstone
35 Tiny iron camp stove
36 Inflatable air skin raft
37 Bars of soap 1d6
38 Tiny Cauldron of rendered fat
39 Cooking pots and pans 1d12
40 Large Cauldron
41 Trunk of torture equipment and manacles 1in4 in usable condition
42 Trunk of pretty ladies dresses or fancy adventurers outfits
43 Trunk with dead tied body
44 Trunk with unconscious body inside 1in4 awakes and calls help
45 Trunk with creature that has jewel studded into skull
46 Trunk full of scribe tools, papers and mine records
48 Trunk with field kitchen and months preserved food
49 Trunk of seedy books and pamphlets on dodgy subjects
50 Trunk with crude alchemical test equipment to identify mineral samples
51 Adventurers cache with food, arrows, lamp oil, d100 gold coins, spare weapons
52 Adventurers journal with maps of this dungeon and others
53 Adventurers documents like passports, will, bank account, deeds, tiles
54 Adventurer corpse with d1000 poker chips from city casino
55 Adventurer corpse with d10 tokens for city brothels and 1d4 pornographic prints
56 Adventurers sack with 1d10 wanted notices for creatures and 1d6 exotic monster body parts
57 Ancient tome detailing history of the dungeon or inhabitants
58 Satchel of letters from family to long dead explorer
59 Collection of bounty posters for bandits and monster leaders offering cash
60 Collection of manacles and chain for slave gang with 1in4 intact and with key
61 Bag of d1000 copper coins
62 Bag of d100 silver coins
63 Bag of d10 gold coins
64 Gold dust or nuggets worth d100 in bag
65 Uncut gemstone d100 gold value, x10 if cut
66 Strange fossil worth d100 gold coins
67 Broken chunk of fine stone or ivory statue worth d100 gold coins
68 Fragment of dead god cultists seek to resurrect their lord in some form
69 Signet ring from noble family they will be happy to see or 1in4 want to cover up
70 Remains of famous heroes last stand, possibly become famous relics
71 Magical pick, less breakable and stays sharp
72 Magic lamp made by use of light spell
73 Magical explosive trap
74 Magical curse trap
75 Interesting tiny fetish actually gives dice mods d4 1=+1 2=+1d4 one use 3=-1 4=-1d4 on hi
76 Magical hand mill makes a meal a day
77 Magical wine skin or bottle provides 12 drinks a day
78 Magical water skin or bottle provides 12 drinks a day
79 Magical instrument plays 10 minutes a day d4 1=bone flute 2-drum 3=bagpipes 4=horn
80 Meta detecting wand d100 charges 10 yards range
81 Potion bottle 1in4 full with a d4 uses
82 Magic scroll
83 Holy water 2d6 bottles
84 Magic 1d20 rounds of ammo d4 1=arrow 2=quarrel 3=dart 4=musket balls one use each shot
85 Bag of 1d6 magic mushrooms d4 1=see magic 2=see spirits 3=talk to dead 4=visions
86 Wand with 1d4 charges left
87 Amulet saves you once from draining touch of the dead then shatters
88 Bottle of acid can eat though foot of rock or a metal lock 1d4 doses
89 Magical biscuit that provides all food for a day in box of d20
90 Magic saint medallion will stop you bleeding to death once then rusts away
91 Magical rope d4 1=d10 foot stretches x10 2=cut proof vs non magic 3=moves to flute music 4=attacks intruder like constrictor snake
92 Battered fragments of spell book 1=locked 2=cursed 3=magic trap 4=haunted
93 Quality weapon d4 1=silver 2=+1 to hit not magic  3=can hit magic 4=secret crafted feature
94 Magic item d4 1=hunted by cult 2=cursed 3=intelligent and may posses wielder 4=tainted
95 Magic shield +1
96 Magical weapon +1 damage
97 Magical instrument d4 1=+d3 skill 2=call a creature once a day 3=self playing 4=amplify volume
98 Magical stat boosting food or item only one use from same type ever +1
99 Chaos mutation or lawful feature adding food item one use from same type ever
100 A relic item with powers and bonuses but tainted by necromancy, elder gods, element, etc


  1. 5/6 on the d100 chart need an edit unless my brain is playing tricks again. Excellent work as always.


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