Saturday 12 July 2014


Working lots and my imagination drained drawing cat princesses and tiny wars for my tiny masters for school holidays. More and more girls demanding dinosaurs fighting robots. One boy told me if he was a girl he would want to be a shemale and I suggested he not tell too many bout this brilliant original idea for a while till world more ready and he was older.

Had to watch How to tame a dragon 2 and relieved to see a hero who wants to find his mother. A relief from daddy obsessed hero boys who dont give a shit about mom in typical freud/hollywood/cambell formula. Great song where dad offers manly services which mom sings that's not what she wants she has other needs.

Also saw Disney on Ice which after 10 minutes i wanted to eat my arm off as the mickey sequences were straight out of 70s black and white minstrel shows every channel had and every state had a dinner theater restaurant over. Sadly every princess had distinctive under garments. Later part better and the kids had that princess afterglow so they loved every second of it so It's hard to argue with target audience. Harder to see what boys got out of it and I thought peter pan a scary kidnapper since I was small.

So mostly over and im catching up on blogs, shopping, new clothes, a unicorn mask and BRP hardcover (2 magic books coming in for me this week and now considering heroquest books).

Sword fighting with households cache of LARP weapons has been good to get me moving despite pain and I think I have a new hobby. Amazed at different styles of everyone and how is mentally stimulating and good cardio. I gonna buy some. I need a new bowler and suit to.

Will get back to my book draft and new ideas this week. Lots of Ideas for my DRP Roadwar game but unsure if any readers here really interested in. Club has accumulated pile of hotwheels and matchbox cars. I'm gonna get character sheets for cars and road sections started this week not my hours back to part time. Might try doing a photo comic based blog in future now mini collection looking good with comic life software.

Am teaching street art to adults again too which is good starting monday.

I wrote for 3 days a piece responding to flame wars but my hits double during them so i cant really whinge and i will get someone to read before I publish. Last few pain fueled rants i did i regretted.


  1. Life is to be enjoyed ... have fun with your new hobby.
    State your positions, but do not waste a lot of time trying to convince others of the errors of their ways.
    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and
    fanatics are so certain of themselves, but wiser
    people are full of doubts.”
    Bertrand Russell


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