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Planet Psychon's Wierd Wild Weather

Continuation to last post about my new weird science fantasy setting im working on.

Like the worlds of Moorcock, the weather and landscape of Psychon reflects the inhabitants. Weather isnt just pretty emotive scenery it is a possible hazard and is connected directly to the inhabitants and gods. Use colour and sky conditions to suggest the mood of the moment. Weather can change a land drastically and alters moods in a way far more profound than the ancients who called the world Earth could ever understand.

Anyway a gonzo dnd world, gamma world or a freak weather for some other world could use this.

Strange landscapes, weird weather and psychedelic colour pour emotive mood on everything in this world of wizardry and wild romance.

A Druid of Pschon would wax lyrically about moods and passions of natural forces while a wizard would offer psuedoscientific explanations. Priests read the sky for the will of the gods. Common folk just go with the flow and accept it. Most villagers have shelters from weird weather. All men watch the gods in the sky and remark on their movements.

Base Colour - d12
roll for sky, cloud, lightning and aurara colour
Also good for vegetation or creature skin or magic colours
1 Red
2 Magenta
3 Cyan
4 Aqua
5 Yellow
6 Tangerine
7 Emerald
8 Light Green
9 Violet
10 Turquoise
11 Roll 1d10 twice
12 Roll 1d10 1d4+1 times

Cloud Activity d20
Fog and rain indicate contact with cloud
1-4 Clear and still
5 Clear with mild wind
6 Clear with strong wind
7 Light cloud and no movement
8 Large clouds and no movement
9 Heavy cloud and no movement
10 Light cloud and slight movement
11 Large clouds and slight movement
12 Heavy cloud and slight movement
13 Light cloud and rapid movement
14 Large clouds and rapid movement
15 Heavy cloud and rapid movement
16 Large clouds and rain or snow or hail 1d10 minutes
17 Heavy cloud and rain or snow or hail 1d100 hours
18-20 Fog covers the land

What is the cloud composed of? d100

Strange clouds are common about a third of the time
1-5 Water cloud but coloured and flavoured
6-10 Dust, may leave desert behind or bury area in ash or silica or other particles
11-15 Ice cloud may snow or hail
16-20 Mild hallucinogenic gas cloud, enhances landscape mood
21-25 Mild mood alteration cloud, use colour to suggest mild mood shift
26-29 Mild chem cloud save or take 1pt damage, may damage appearance of metal or hair
30-35 Mild bioplague cloud save or 24 hr flu -1 all d20 rolls feel sneezy or nausea
36-39 Mild rad cloud save or 24 hr -1 STR, CON and HP lose some hair
40 Mild psion cloud save or 24 hr -1 INT WIS CHA feel dopey
41-44 Mild Irritant cloud save or 6 hr -4 sensory rolls and morale roll for followers
45-46 Biological cloud of bugs or spores or seeds or spiders with parachutes
47 Liquid crystal cloud with image of a gods eye, holy symbol or other divine phenomena
48-50 Chronic hallucinogenic gas cloud, surreal landscape, shimmering stars, melting land forms
51-55 Chronic mood alteration cloud, Save or strongly effected by emotion
56-57 Chronic poison chem cloud save or take 1pt damage, new save every 10 minutes
58-60 Chronic chem cloud induces vomiting and morale checks for followers
61 Chronic chem cloud corrodes one material flesh, metal, plastic, rock or other (1hp/round)
62-64 Chronic bioplague save or turn to zombie on death
65 Chronic bioplague save or turn to ghoul on death
66 Chronic bioplague save or die in rotten heap of flesh over an hour
67 Chronic bioplague save or blinded, mostly treatable with good care
68 Chronic rad cloud save or 24 hr -1/2 STR, CON and HP lose d100% hair
69 Chronic psion cloud save or 24 hr -1/2 INT WIS CHA memory loss
70-71 Chronic psion cloud save or telepathic link to others while exposed, possibly need WIS save
72-75 Mind Hack nanoid cloud changes all in area to feel single strong feeling like hate or lust
76 Mind Hack nanoid cloud changes history and language memories if fail save
77-79 Mind Hack nanoid cloud infects with beserker virus, sometimes with a trigger species
80-81 Body Hack nanoid makes cosmetic modification if fail save
82-84 Body Hack nanoid gives all a new species symbioses or cell organelle (+1 on one kind of save)
85-88 Body Hack nanoid gives all a new mutation with failed save
89 Body Hack nanoid cloud converts to living dead over 24 hours with failed save
90-92 Machine virus cloud turns machines and artificial relics of the ancients non functional
93-95 Machine virus cloud turns machines and artificial relics of the ancients hostile
96-97 Imprisoning cloud uses web, crystal or biomass to imprison or block passage
98-99 Chronic poison cloud save +2 or die from foam corrupted lungs in CON rounds
00 Terraforming cloud changing the land and changing the population and flora and fauna

EM Activity d20

Electromagical feilds in the arcanosphere keep everyone on their toes
Lightning may strike and destroy metallic or water filled things (like people) left exposed
Auraras provide light and may interfere with tech, magic and psionics
1-5 Nothing
6-8 Light Auroras bathe the sky but barley visible in day
9-11 Occasional and distant lightning with thunder rumbles per hour
12-14 Medium Auroras bathe the sky, some artifacts and magic crackles
15-18 Frequent and closer lightning with thunder rumbles per ten minutes
19 Huge Auroras bathe the sky, artifacts and magic may produce unprecedented effects
20 Constant lightning surrounds explorers with thunder rumbles every minutes

Auroras Effects 1d6
50-50 good bad results, usually a +1/-1 level bonus
memories alter languages, history, local knowledge
gods thoughts add a layer of mood over the land
1 Affects tech
2 Affects wizard spells
3 Affects priest spells
4 Affects psion spells
5 Affects memories
6 Hear a gods thoughts

Typical Strange Things In The Sky d100
1-10 Flock of colourful birds
11-20 Swarm of jeweled insects
21-25 A single small bird follows party a bit
26-30 A bird of prey circles party in case they stir up game
31-40 Scavenger birds circling party for a while
41-45 Dangerous flying monster
46 Tiny flying sentient monster spy
47-50 Jelly fish or balloon plants or floating living beings drift past
51-55 A floating eyeball spying on party
56-57 Sphere of water with own gravity field
58-59 Floating rubble with own gravity field
60-61 Floating ball of ice with own gravity field
62 Tiny floating Island with single beast or castaway
63-65 Floating cluster of trees with some animals
66-67 Winged humanoid species patrol
68-70 Balloon of moderately advanced civilization
71-72 Sky Ship of advanced civilization leaves trail in distance
73-74 Someone riding a flying monster
75-76 Someone flying unaided
77-78 Someone riding a strange artifact
79-82 Ornithopter of advanced civilization shaped as winged beast
83 People riding a cloud citadel look down
84-85 Air Car of the ancients leaves high altitude trail
86 Chariot of the space gods, a glowing orb or saucer
87-90 Star Stone streaks through sky
91 Gargantuan creature in distance, possible with whale size beast in mouth or claws or tentacles
92 Gargantuan creature in distance, possible with person in mouth or claws or tentacles
93-95 Something crashes from sky a few leagues away (roll to see what)
96 A god forms an image in the sky
97 A god strikes someone down with fire in the distance
98-99 A god glinting in the sky directly above
00 Gods glinting in the great silver sky band seem to be meeting or fighting

Odd Sounds d50

1 Buzzing insects
2 Strange otherworldly pipes
3 Chattering buzzing noise
4 Strange lonely distant chimes
5 Distant electric guitar rifts
6 Static fuzz, buzzes and clicks
7 Ululations of some distant being
8 Chanting monks
9 Organ music carried by the wind
10 Strange rumblings from just underground
11 Electrical crackling
12 Random explosion or bangs
13 Distant klaxon or alarm
14 Cheering crowd approval
15 Sounds of battle
16 Pulsating electronic sound
17 Distant sonic boom and whooosh!
18 Earth shakes from minor quake
19 Ethereal singing from otherworld choir
20 Beeping noises seem to be communicating
21 Muttering voices
22 Cicadas chirping
23 Flapping wings
24 Water flowing and gurgling
25 Droning buzzing sound
26 Sub audible moan puts all on edge, teeth grating, hair stands up
27 Birds cheeping in unison, louder and louder till someone dies
28 Creatures communicating around party
29 Crazed ecstatic cry in distance
30 Screaming innocents pleas for help
31 Evil sniggers hidden everywhere
32 Strange sub base brown note, save or foul pants
33 Gibbering madmen from nightmare assylum cry out
34 Throbbing sound, reverberates through skeleton
35 Industrial machinery at work
36 Organic squelches and farty sounds
37 Cries of ecstasy from pleasure pits of sky wizards
38 Moans of suffering from the underworld
39 Ticking clocks, with hourly chimes
40 Roars of great beasts like dinosaurs, deafening volume
41 Saws cutting wood
42 Low droning didgeridoo music
43 Simple 8bit micro music
44 Primitive electronic and synthesizer noises (forbidden planet or old dr who)
45 Sounds of the end times when ancients fell, screams of madness and explosions
46 Elevator muzak
47 Classical music (keeps away teen skaters)
48 Dripping, spattering, slopping
49 Sonic attack! mind control or nausea attack
50 Sonic attack! damaging or stunning attack

Extraordinarily Strange Things In The Sky d100
1 Moon adopts the visage of a giant skull
2 Giant distant mushroom clouds linger for days
3 Floating city drifts by
4 A shower of star stones rain from the great silver sky belt
5 A mountain opens a colossal eye then shuts it
6 A floating aircraft of some kind drifts helplessly in the sky
7 A great crystal citadel flies by
8 A giant stone head lands and savage riders demand tribute to it
9 A forest of hundreds of drifting trees and creatures flies by
10 Thousands spheres of water like a sky ocean fly by
11 Herd of sky whales fly by
12 Herd of dragons fly by
13 Floating Temple lands before you
14 Divine beings battle in the sky
15 A sky chariot battle with huge explosions
16 A sky chariot explodes a mountain
17 A air car battle overhead, one crashes near by
18 Giant invisible ball of sky leeches, victims sucked into air and drained dry
19 A rope ladder drops down from some invisible structure in the sky
20 A squad of rocket men fly past
21 An ornithopter with a fire lace battling some sky monster
22 Horrible monsters locked in distant battle
23 Skyship pirate battles another ship or beast like skykraken or airwahale
24 Winged humanoids with prisoners head for mountains
25 Glowing neon intangible beings frolic in the sky
26 Winged beast like dogs or apes look for food or entertainment
27 Huge floating hive with giant insects drifts by, wasps or bees
28 Huge floating monolith or pyramid or ziggurat
29 Bridge of light from heavens temporary gate to overworlds
30 Swarm of monsters migrating fills sky
31 Gateway opens and swarm of sky chariots zoom out
32 Giant hovering cloud has an eye and follows party
33 Strange comet in sky, an ill omen for something
34 Waters pour from heavenly gate flooding area
35 Minions of earthbound god in sky raft looking for followers to press gag
36 Witches flying on pets or artifacts drom down to torment party
37 Citadel of winged humanoids swoop down to mock and harass land bound
38 Crystalline formations drift in sky, some crystalline life forms
39 Rubble drifts over head, tiny earth elemental folk
40 Spacejunk falls from sky over area
41 Dangerous pod container module falls from sky
42 Water spheres drift over head, tiny water elemental folk
43 Fireballs fly through sky inhabited by tiny fire elementals
44 Tiny air elementals invisibly playing in sky
45 Hunters riding flying beasts decide to investigate party
46 Pteradactyl folk psions investigate party looking for slaves, food or love
47 Gargantuan sky squid attacks ground dwellers, civilization survives in its body
48 Gatgantua in sky battling effect local weather patterns
49 Psiclonic storm temporarily swaps bodies of travellers
50 Two gods projection filling the sky, making bet on party fate
51 Mechanoid flying in area on some mission scans party
52 Gate opens in sky and swarm of modrons or slaad or demons come through
53 Ghosts swarm in sky moaning and screaming
54 Skyfall, parts of old skydome rain over area
55 Huge floating tree city flies by
56 Insectoid or other Gargantua with city on back
57 Swarms of saucers seen in sky, some in distance land
58 Saucer tries to grab party or member with tractor beam
59 Saucer lands and little grey smace men try kidnap party with stunners
60 Eruption of aether from sky, strange ancient crap forms and rains down
61 Sun flares, all tech artifacts fail for day
62 Utility fog changes parties clothes or armour
63 Utility fog changes parties weapons
64 Utility fog changes parties skin and hair colour if fail save
65 Utility fog changes parties gender if fail save
66 Grey ooze cloud reducing area to sludge till a god stops
67 Terraform clouds at work, see a realm rebuilt before eyes
68 Temporal anomaly, accidental time travelers crash 
69 Temporal anomaly, crap from other era falls from sky
70 Temporal anomaly, accidentally time travel portal, lasts 24 hrs
71 Dimensional rift to other gameworld
72 Gods see party and teleport them where needed
73 Blizzard of coloured snow sweeps area, with ice elementals or tundra beast following it
74 Biological cloud forms new species of flora or fauna in area
75 Family of huge cloud beast herd covers sky
76 Great floating giant, possibly a god with inhabitants
77 High velocity air car takes potshot at party for practice
78 Rocket men land and question party intently about recent weather or local beings
79 Great image of food appears in sky, everyone struck with hunger and thirst
80 Ancient symbol of product or a god on moon like hourglass or creature or ancient signs
81 Huge magical letters form in sky incomprehensible to most, message of ancients
82 Floating mountain range settles on horison
83 Sudden weather change and sky colour, new fora and fauna erupt from earth
84 Flying huge sky crystal worms swarm hungrily eating so they can form cocoons
85 Small creatures rain from the sky like rippy-fish, uni-cats or winged purple weasels
86 Stones, minerals or earth rain from the sky changing terrain
87 Jewels rain from sky, might actually render value worthless in area
88 Fiery sparks and ash rain over area starting fires if flammable like most parties camps
89 Black sticky tar like ooze covers everything for miles
90 Fireballs rain to surface exploding, many over a large area
91 Ray of light from heavens heals life forms
92 Mana cloud of super nutrient feeds everything perfectly, rejuvenates land
93 Migrating birds of many breeds fill sky nipping anyone tasty in open
94 Strange parallax in sky shows image of other strange lands, might be possible to use to travel
95 Space galleon with magical helm stops for food, fuel and locals, offers trip to Moonland
96 Crashed balloon with civilized dandies from a distant realm on a lark
97 Corpse falls from sky in front of party
98 Corpse rain from sky around party, 1d100
99 Green pods rain from sky growing into grass and bushes on every surface
100 Eggs rain from sky of various sizes,begin to hatch with new life forms

Well that was fun

Mapping this world possibly not very important - local maps for limited duration
Ill do some random terrain tables next time.

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