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Proficiency System for my EMO DnD part 2: Warrior

Warriors get NWP for campaigning, exploration and travel. Even kings still like to hunt. Many warriors retire as nobility or as expert craftsmen of weapons. Other just get into bigger fights and lead armies. A few rogue tricks or some more scholarly wizard or priest lores can expand a warriors abilities. WP are a warriors specialty really.


Common WP
Weapon, armour, mounted combat style sets
Unarmed and fighting style sets

Common Craft NWP Set
Common Lore NWP Set
Warrior Set - today's episode
Wizard Set
Priest Set
Rogue Set
Magic Craft NWP Set
Magic Lore NWP Set

I will finish part one with Common Craft and Lore Skills
# = every group should consider having one person with this
% = most frequently everyday useful for adventurers


Alertness INT %
If not fatigued is always ready, always have AC bonus from Dex and sheild. +2 Spot and Listen

Animal Mimic Cha
Can make animal sounds to trick game, scare pest critters, signal allies or other trickery

Armorer Dex

Can make any culturally available armour types as well as make repairs or customize fits for best effect, includes sheilds

Battle Lore Int
Know legends and lore of battles and theory and history of warfare and tactics to win a battle

Battle Signals Int
Signals used by organized military to communicate long distance or in battle with flags, smoke, lights or noise.  This can also be learned as a language.

Black Powder Int
Can make gunpowder and also make demolition charges, flash powder, rolling kegs, fuses, mines, fireworks and hand grenades

Bowyer/Fletcher Dex
Make bows and arrows

Bravery Wis #
+2 vs fear or morale saves

Call horde Cha %
Can rally clansmen and others to rally to a cause 1d4 /lv once per month or 1d10/ lv once per year or d100xlv once

Camouflage Wis

Can conceal items such as shelters or goods or even troops to be less visible from a distance +4 hide but cant move, +2 if hiding and moving, also used with crafts to make concealed panels orto hide traps.

Carry Load Str %
Half enc penalties for hauling loads of loot

Demoralizing Shout Cha %
CHA based attack to foe in 10/lv range, morale test
, once per battle

Diplomacy Cha
A capable diplomat, negotiator and peace maker for dealing with persons of all types

Drinking Con %
Can consume double normal beverages without being sick, a common contest or make self sick to drink more, can take fill faster than most, if used with fortifying drink NWP get HP without hours rest

Drive Chariot Dex
Can operate a chariot team as well as work with a team of horses and crew for battle or races

Eating Con %
Can consume double normal food serves without being sick, a common contest, or make self sick to eat more, can take fill faster than most, if used with fortifying feast NWP get HP without hours rest

Endurance Con
Can work twice as long without fatigue, +2 for swimming, running distances, resisting torture or other contests including some STR saves

Executioner Wis

Able to use axes. swords, nooses, whips, stocks, manacles to dispense justice with showmanship and ritual flair, can cleanly remove head of prone target in one blow with roll

Exhortation Cha
+1 damage for next blow or d20 to hit or NWP or roll made, within 1round per Level after stirring speech on followers and party. Exhortation maker chooses which bonus recipients get

Find Shelter Wis
Can find best shelter or improvise one with basic materials if any in area, even digging or other tricks.

Find Water Wis
Can find best supply of drinkable water if any in area, even digging or other tricks.

Fire Making Wis

Can with even poorest tinder and basic implements make and keep a fire or hot coals for travel

Forage Wis %
Find food, wood, useful scraps or other material supplies in wilderness or maiden heaps, glean food from waste

Fortifying Feast %
Heal 1 hp after a hearty meal and an hours rest

Fortifying Drink %
Water, milk, beer, wine heal 1 hp after a draft from a bucket and an hours rest

Gaming WIS
Familiar with common board and card games based on strategy rather than luck favored by kings and nobles, some games or tactics or cheating use other stats like INT or CHA or even DEX

Guard Wis %
Can remain alert when fatigued as well as detect suspicious persons, goods and other trouble as a beat cop or law man would on their turf. Can guard a particular thing or have priorities and consider reasonable and unreasonable risks.

Gunnery Dex %
Can load, care for and maintain firearms including cannon, muskets and handguns but not trained to shoot, or build or make powder

Gunsmith Dex

Make and mend guns and ammo, custom, onsite or many standard models, require gunnery proficiency first

Heraldry Int %
Know the common flags, shield designs, banners and the families, nations and tribes that use them, also available as a language

Hold Breathe Con

Most have con/3 in rounds but with this skill it is con/2 in rounds, Can use to conserve air if needed.

Hunting Wis %
Find the best game in a given area as well as various techniques for hunting different species

Ignore Terrain Wis

-50% off terrain movement penalties

Improvise Weapons Wis
Can make basic clubs, spears, axes, darts, blowpipes, bows from foraged materials

Incendiaries Int
Can make torches, smoke bombs, flammable explosives, napalm and knows of using fire in war and for destruction

Intimidate Str %
Bully and terrify enemies or just anyone you need to make back down or obey attack victims morale to dominate them

Judgment Wis
Make wiser decisions resolving disputes, making matches and solving problems of your underlings

Jumping (Landing) Dex
Can accurately leap and land on ledges and other feats. -1d6 less fall damage.

Leadership Cha
Can lead bodies of troops and others, maintain their loyalty and favour, +2 Morale

Leaping (range) Str %
Can make great distance leaps height in feet across. Normal person base jump = height across standing jump, x1/2 up, x2 with runnup. NWP gives +1ft/lv to base jump

Listen Int #
Hear attempts to sneak, hear through doors, detect odd sounds, ear to the ground to hear enemies, etc

Loot Wis
Quickly find the most valuable stuff to snatch and grab and carry off and share equitably, noisy and destructive usually, can strip a corpse in a round

Map Lore Int %
Familiar with reading writing maps as well as general geographical information

Mountaineering Str

Proficient in climbing with ropes, pitons and other tools for crossing natural obstacles. Safety procedure can include WIS in persons, making it very hard to lose an individual +4 climb +2 Rope

Muscle Str %
+4 Bonus to smash. Break, bend, lift an can use pulleys, levers and tools to help open locks, doors, bars, STR saves etc

Quartermaster Wis
Experienced at packing and planning and obtaining campaign supplies, keeping foodstuffs and equipping men. Any load you pack can include up to 10 one lb items as if they had no weight

Rally Cry Cha

Inspire loyalty from subordinates and restore morale in times of crisis or panic inside CHA x 10 radius. Can make skill roll to give demoralized men chance to make new a morale check.

Recognize Ability
Determine a targets HD, Str, AC, Mv and skill with a roll after study for 3 rounds

Recognize Style Int

Spot cultural style, weapon skills and school of combat and even name all the moves  (makes spot weakness work in one round of study not three)

Resist Death Con
+2 vs death and system shock saves

Resist Disease Con %
+2 vs disease saves

Resist Poison Con %

+2 vs poison saves

Ride Horse Dex #

Basics of horsemanship for those privileged and rich enough

Ride Quick Mount Dex
Can instantly spring into horses saddle – your own horse will respond instantly to your commands

Run Away Con %
+30 movement for up to ½ con in rounds if used to flee danger with a roll

Run Faster Con %
+10ft movement – can purchase this up to 3 times, use for up to ½ con in rounds with a roll

Run Longer Con %
Can run up to 40 miles in a day then severely exhausted or 30 miles and fight a battle

Scout Wis %
Peruse an area quietly while looking for advantageous terrain for armies or travelers in unknown wilderness, explore hexes at travel rather than search speed.

Search WIS %
Study a location, event or person for one search turn of 10m (+4 if take 1hr) and assess patterns, qualities or spot hidden secrets like secret doors.

Sense Altitude Int
Can sense height compared to sea level above or below ground

Sense Ambush Wis %
+1 Sense ambush in fight, +5 Sense ambush, +10 Sense back stab, +15 Sense ambush in sleep

Sense Direction Int %
Detect direction

Sense Distance Int
Estimate distances, lengths and heights and time needed to travel them

Sense time Int

Always know the time, can estimate any time within 10 minutes, can wake at preset time

Sense Weather Wis %
Predict Weather changes

Siege Lore Int
Know legends and lore of sieges and theory and history of such warfare and tactics to seize a city

Spot Int #

Detect hidden things, clues with brief scan, observation proficiency is for longer searchers

Steward Wis
Can manage day to day affairs of a household, estate or even a kingdom

Survival Wis

Can find minimal shelter, food and water in most environments to survive. Many lore proficiencies may help like forest lore if in a forest, foraging, find water, hunting can together make you live as home in many environments

Taunt Cha

Provoke enemies into homicidal attacks with a morale test with humiliation and scorn. If they fail test they break ranks and make irregular attacks without concern for discipline or cover. Used to tease out enemies or provoke fights

Track Int
Can track creatures presence, estimate numbers, condition and other information

Trap Lore Int

Know legends and lore of war and theory and history of traps, how to make and disarm them

Weaponsmith Dex

Can make any culturally available weapon types as well as make repairs or customize fits for best effect

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