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Proficiency System for my EMO DnD part 3: Rogue

Common Craft NWP Set - part 1
Common Lore NWP Set - part 1
Warrior Set - part 2
Wizard Set -part 4 next
Priest Set 
Rogue Set - today's episode
Magic Craft NWP Set
Magic Lore NWP Set

# = every group should consider having one person with this
% = most frequently everyday useful for adventurers


Acrobatics DEX %
Aerial flips and somersaults, can swing like an ape in branches and some dense urban settings withot feet touching ground, pass obstacles with a roll, +1 DEX save, +2AC while performing evasion, +2 jump, dodge, tumble, (cumulative with  tumbling)

Acting CHA
Can convincingly pretend to be person of other culture, social class or profession or just to entertain

Alertness INT %
If not fatigued is always ready, always have AC bonus from Dex and sheild. +2 Spot and Listen

Appraising WIS #
Can assess quality and value of goods

Assimilate CHA
Can infiltrate a group by mimicking group accents, behavior and customs quickly and appear as member, rapidly know protocols and gain promotion

Balance DEX %
Can walk on balancing wire or thin ledges, +4 if using a pole or staff to balance

Begging CHA
Can beg a living on the streets or get mercy or for free or cheap services or to not be killed by attackers

Blind Fighting WIS %
-2 to fight blind instead of -4, -1 if night vision also

Bluff CHA %
Double talk way out of problems quickly, deal false change, minor scams, trick suspects, but victim may get Int check if a few minutes go by.

Bribe CHA
Know the polite way and appropriate value to gain favour from others with gifts

Climb STR #
Can climb like an ape up trees and typical rough hewn walls, without tools but they help, +4 with climbing tools, rope or dagger walking up a wall

Disguise CHA %
Can make make up and props to disguise yourself as another person, -4 to be a specific person, bonus of +2 with high quality kit, +4 with whole stage make up case

Double Jointed DEX
Squeeze through confined places, +3 escape or squeeze through gaps or through bars

Escape DEX %
Can escape ropes, chains, manacles, cells. Difficult cases may need lock lore also or may cause 1d4 dam to self

Espionage INT
Understand gathering intelligence and information by deception as well as dealing with spies and counterspy security

Forgery INT %
Forge money or documents, copy penmanship styles, clip coins, age fake relics or detect these deceptions

Feign Death
Fake being dead and use ½ air for 1T/Lv 

Fence %
An expert in selling stolen and forbidden or famous goods on black market, also can cut up or modify item to make several less valuable gems or paintings which might be more easily sold or just to divide loot. Also can use to find stolen goods

Fire Breather DEX
Familiar with entertaining tricks with fire, compliments juggling and Spit WP

Fortune Telling CHA
Make convincing prophecies and readings with faux occult mummery, cold read victims, total fraud, some believe they really have powers which evades lie detection

Gambling INT
Know how to play odds in games of chance like dice and how to win games of skill like cards

Gang Lore INT
Know legends and lore of famous criminals, gangs and syndicates with special detail in your resident town

Gossip CHA %
Can tap into local gossip circles for information or slander

Hide DEX #
Can hide best possible with cover or at least shadows and walls.

Interrogate STR
Gather information by questioning including psychological trickery and pressure can use with torture, make morale roll or crack

Jester CHA
Can tell jokes, act the fool or idiot, entertain a crowd and convince others you are a jolly source of fun, also may humiliate slander or lampoon people damaging their reputation

Jeweler INT
Can value, cut, set and disguise gems, know the magical properties of gems

Juggling DEX
Entertain others with feats of juggling items, with a roll can have extra hand held missile att, up to hand axe size generally

Jumping (Landing) DEX #
Land accurately on small areas without falling like a tree branch, top of a pole, a monsters back, etc

Leaping (range) STR #
Most jump height across, x1/2 up, x2 with a run up, this gives +1 foot per lv on your effective base height

Lightning reflexes DEX %
+1 Save vs traps, breath weapons, explosions

Light Sleeper INT
Awake instantly ready for battle, can detect enemies even in sleep as if awake by sound, smell, movement

Lip Reading INT #
Read persons lips and comprehend without sound, great for spys, gossips, the deaf or sneaky teamwork

Listen INT #
Hear attempts to sneak, hear through doors, detect odd sounds, ear to the ground to hear enemies, etc

Lock Lore INT #
Know legends and lore of traps and theory and history, how to make and disarm them,+2 to find hidden locks with spot or search

Loot INT
Quickly find the most valuable stuff to snatch and grab and carry off and share equitably, noisy and destructive usually, can strip a corpse in a round 

Night Vision INT
½ penalties for darkness to -2, -1 with blind fighting

Packrat DEX
10 items under 1lb or 1ft cost no enc penalty, distribute goods over body and easy

Pick pockets DEX #
Pick pockets, cut purses, plant false evidence or dangerous items on a victim

Poison Lore INT #
Can make, handle, identify and treat poison – one new recipe per lv, can help a poison victim get a second save or can keep stable till reach better treatment from a healer, +2 to healing vs poison

Pole Vaulting DEX
Add pole length to jumping base height with a run up

Quack Healer CHA
Make fake potions, medicine, bizarre occult treatments that make victim temporarily feel better

Resist Poison CON
+2 save resist poison from exposure, strengthened resistance

Resist Traps DEX
+2 save resist traps that have been set off (doesnt help you see them)

Run Away CON %
+30 movement for up to ½ con in rounds if used to flee danger with a feat roll

Scout INT %
Peruse an area quietly while looking for advantageous terrain for armies or travelers in unknown wilderness

Seduce CHA %
Attract others of appropriate gender interest to like or lust over you, making them easy marks

Shadow INT %
Follow and pursue persons in cities without getting attention, keeping tabs on them and monitoring their activity

Search WIS #
Study a location, event or person for one search turn of 10m (+4 if take 1hr) and assess patterns, qualities or spot hidden secrets like secret doors.

Sleight of Hand DEX #
Can perform entertaining magic tricks to entertain, cheat by pulling off dodgy swaps of cards or small items

Slow Fall DEX
If fall within 10ft of wall or branches can slow fall (and may try to grab something on way down) reduce damage by 1point per dice up to level in total points reduced for one fall. 9th level character could take off 9 points damage from a 100 foot fall. At 10th level you can take this again for cumulative effect of 2 points per dice per level

Sneak DEX #

Capable of moving quietly or silently if only in light armour 

Spot INT #
Detect hidden traps, secrets, loot, clues with brief scan, observation proficiency is for longer searchers

Streetwise INT %
Can obtain illicit goods and information from underworld contacts

Taste Poison INT %
Can detect impuities and poison in food or drink. Success by taste, roll +5 can detect by smell alone

Taunt Cha
Provoke enemies into homicidal attacks with a morale test with humiliation and scorn. If they fail morale test they break ranks and make irregular attacks without concern for discipline or cover. Used to tease out enemies or provoke fights

Torture INT
Know how to inflict pain to scar, mutilate, make confess to anything, punish wicked, make spirits leave body, +4 interrogation

Trap Lore INT #
Know legends and lore of traps and theory and history, how to make and disarm them, +2 to find hidden traps with spot or search

Treasure Lore INT %
Know legends and lore of lost loot and theory and history of treasure hunting and famous items

Tumbling DEX %
Can make spectacular flips and tumbles. Back out of combat without extra enemy attacks, evasive move half speed tumble for +4 Ac vs misiles, can use to avoid hurdles or other obstacles on battlefield, reduce fall damage by 20ft, +1 Dex saving throws, +2 jump, dodge, acrobats, (cumulative with acrobatics)

Ventriloquism CHA
Can throw voice 1ft/lv, make appear a person or object is the speaker

Voice Mimic CHA 
Mimic a voice or make distracting noises to enhance disguise, taunts, acting or with ventriloquism

Wall runner DEX %
Can run own height up a wall +1ft/lv, great for acrobats, tunnels, martial arts action and fast start for a climb or leap

Whistling CHA
Can whistle tunes, signal with loud whistle or use to estimate cavern sizes by echos

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