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Proficiency System for my EMO DnD part 4 + Familiars

Common Craft NWP Set - part 1
Common Lore NWP Set - part 1
Warrior Set - part 2
Wizard Set -part 4 now
Priest Set part 5 next
Rogue Set - part 3
Magic Craft NWP Set
Magic Lore NWP Set

# = every group should consider having one person with this
% = most frequently everyday useful for adventurers


Alchemy Lore INT #
Can test potions, brew acid, neutralizer, flash powder, magical potions and other interesting substances with a full lab and rare ingredients. All seek recipe to turn lead to gold and immortality. Get one new recipe per level but can learn more +2 Apothecary and Black Powder NWP

Apothecary INT

Can brew drugs, recreational, stat boosters or reducers, emotional fx, sleeping pills, treat symptoms, preserve herbal medicine. Get one new recipe per level but can learn more

Black Powder Int %
Can make gunpowder and also make demolition charges, rolling kegs, fuses, mines, fireworks and hand grenades. Get one new recipe per level but can learn more

Debate Int
Can formally debate and attempt to way others with reason based arguments

Evil Eye #
-1 save vs spell save for victims, can get a second slot at 10th level for -2

Familiar Blood
Familiar can share HP with you – you can heal each other

Familiar Finding #
A 24 hr ritual where a 1000gp sacrifice to gain a basic familiar servant. If familiar is killed inflicts 1hp damage per familiar level and lose 1hp permanantly. If wizard dies first familiar becomes free willed creature 

Familiar Focus  %
Familiar adds +1 Lv for effective spell casting

Familiar Resilience
+2 AC, can get a second slot at 10th level for +4

Familiar Sharing
Familiar and you share spells and can cast each others at the same time

Familiar Slave Will

Familiar concentrate to keep spells going for you

Familiar Spell Storage
Can store one extra spell in familiar Lv max = Spell Bonus ( Int for Wizards, etc)

Familiar Trans-Vitality
+1 HP/lv of familiar on masters HP 

Familiar Vitality
+1 HP/lv of familiar HP, familiar and Wizard can take multiple times

Feign Death
Fake being dead and use ½ air for 1T/Lv

Glass Blowing Dex

Can make glass windows, jars, lab equipment and other items

Hypnotism Cha
Can attempt to effect low level suggestion skill roll and they get a save +2 roll if unaware of attempt

Incendiaries Int %
Can make torches, smoke bombs, flammable explosives, napalm and knows of using fire in war and for destruction. Get one new recipe per level but can learn more

Jeweler Dex
Can value, cut, set and disguise gems, know the magical properties of gems

Magical Durability
-1 pt dam off spell damage per dice, minimum of one point always, magical damage only

Observation Wis

Can observe a subject scientifically looking for patterns, clues, weaknesses and advantages, may also create tests and experiments to examine hidden mysteries.

Poison Lore INT %
Can make, handle, identify and treat poison – one new recipe per lv, can help a poison victim get a second save or can keep stable till reach better treatment from a healer, +2 to healing vs poison,
Get one new recipe per level but can learn more

Sleight of Hand %
Can perform basic prestidigitation tricks, ball and cup games, pull coins from noses, scarves from sleeves etc

Use Arcane Craft
Allows crafter not normally able to, to be able to learn magic item crafting skills. All wizards can do this but they dont usually teach others.

Use Arcane Focus
Use staff or dagger as foci, add + of any magic weapon to spell damage per dice. EG +1 dagger gives 5d6 fireball +5 damage while a +2 staff  would be +10. Some other magicians get different objects like elf gets bow and sword and priest gets a cult weapon

Use Arcane Tools
Operate magic items not normally available to you. Lets normal persons learn to use wizard magic items. Lets wizard use priestly items unless limited to use by one cult.

Use Ley line
Can tap additional power from leylines in special locations. +1d3 Levels of ready to cast spell levels restored ready to use again, takes 10 minutes meditation, at least one such site every six miles with different d3 level power recovery, also locations may provide improved rituals and enchantments

Sense Ley Line
Can detect leylines usually at least one per six miles between natural sites, monuments and other things. Can sense direction and when on top of location with divining rods and assess its power

Spell Lock %
passive defensive spell 3rd or less Lv, with duration in turns can be made to last a day - (sheild, senses and stat spells), second slot available at 10th

(thanx 2 Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque by Jack W. Shear for some ideas)

All AC +4
+1 HP per Lv of familiar after the first
1hp for palm size and inflict 1 pt sting damage
1d4 for small animal size and I attack of 1d4
1d6 for medium animal size and I attack of 1d6
Birds base fly speed 24"
Most animals run 12"
Most Amphibians run 6" and swim 12"

2d12 Basic Animals (undersea and under dark would have different ones)

2 Rat, Mouse, Squirrel or other small rodent or bug 1hp
3 Hare or Rabbit or squirrel or huge rat HD 1d4
4 Bat or mole HD 1d4
5 Lizard, salamander or newt or chameleon HD 1d4hp Attack: 1d4 bite or poison bite1pt+1poison/lv
6 Toad or turtle HD 1d4
7 Raven or parrot HD 1d4 AC+4 Attack: 1d3
8 Beaver, otter, meercat, mongoose HD 1d4
9 Hawk, Falcon or Owl HD 1d4
10 Spider, cricket, scorpion, centipede, snail or giant bug 1hp and dam 1pt+1poison/lvor, 1d4 giant
11 Rooster, duck, goose, turkey other fowl HD 1d4 or 1d6 flightless
12 Dog HD 1d6 many types hunting, farm, caving, war, guard, wild, jackal, coyote, fox
13 Songbird, finch, minor bird, or tiny bird 1hp or 1d4 or 1d6 flightless) HD
14 Small Goat or pig HD 1d6
15 Snake HD 1d4 dam1pt+1poison/lv for small viper or 1d4 constrict or bite type
16 Skunk or possum or weasel or ferret; 1d4 HD
17 Cat HD 1d4 from kitten to wild forest cat to temple pet
18 Monkey HD 1d4 monkey or 1d6 for an ape, can use tools
19 Hybrid – roll twice again
21-24 next table

2d12 Gonzo Bonkers – sentient other planar critters

All sentient to start, some can talk

2 Floating Skull – a hovering talkative skull who moans fatalistically about doom and moaning
1d4 HD Neutral or evil
3 Mechanical – A animated clock, winged hourglass, astrolabe, music box, clockwork animal or other machine construct, 1hp or 1d4 or 1d6 HD 1d4 Fly or Foot primary locomotion 12" Mostly Lawful
4 Doll – An animated doll, figurine, statue or puppet 1d4 HD Any Alignment but often evil or chaotic
5 Hairy Thing – A grotesque hairy creepy critter that hides in the dark or your robes 1d4 HD Any non-good
6 Mandrake Plant – A hideous mandrake root 1d4 Attack: 1d4 Scream, Neutral
7 Sprite – Tiny Fairy or elf or spite, mostly invisible 1d4 12" fly Chaotic or neutral good
8 Ghostly Spirit – Tiny spirit hovers around watching for you 1d4 HD, no dam only +1to be hit Any Alignment, able to walk through walls and see other ghostly beings and spirits
9 Micro Elemental – Hand Sized Elemental F – may ignite fire, W – makes water for a day, A – Provides air for 1d4 Mostly Neutral
10 Dancing Devil – Tiny attractive tiny devil dances on command lasciviously and offers advice on getting power 1d4 AC+4 Fly 12or Foot 6 Attack: 1d4 trident Lawful Evil
11 Micro Modron – pyramid with one eye and wings looks at you judgmentally 1d4 Fly12” Attack: 1d4 zap Lawful
12 Domestic Tool – A broom, Iron, Hammer, butter churn, hand mill, lamp, staff, Instrument, knife but animated and alive 1d4 HD Hop 6” Attack: 1d4 ram Any Alignment
13 Cherub – A winged baby from the hosts of heaven, with a bow and an instrument
1d4 HD Fly 12” Attack: 1d4 arrow Lawful Good
14 Mini Golem – A construct made from matter like jack-o-lantern, wood, iron, stone, flesh, clay
1d4 Any Alignment most Neutral
15 Floating Eyeball – A glistening floating eyeball HD 1d4 Fly12” Attack: 1d3 zap Any Alignment most Neutral
16 Mini Magic Mushroom Man – A tiny humanoid fungus HD 1d4 Attack: 1d4 Punch or spore blast Mostly Neutral
17 Protoplasmic Blob – Revolting ball of slime full of eyes (my little shogoth) HD1d4 Attack: 1d4 acid or ranger 1d3 ranged zap or 1+1poison/lv Mostly Neutral or Evil
18 Micro Dragon – A palm size pocket dragon HD1d4 Fly12” Attack: 1d3 magic fire breath Any Alignment
19 Gremlin – Mischievous hand sized tiny goblinoid Any Evil 1d4 HD
20 Lantern or Shadow – Either a sphere of light or Darkness from the positive or negative plane, can light a room or darken a small light source HD 1d4 Fly12” Attack: 1d3 zap Lantern is Lawful or Good or Neutral, Shadow Chaotic, Neutral or Evil
21 Bottle Imp – Tiny demon kept in a container, gives advice to give into your evil side, wants to take your soul to otherworld
1d4 Fly 12or Foot 6 Attack: poison stinger +1poison/lv Lawful Evil
22 Mini Gargoyle – a silent gargoyle stone statue that can fly and come to life, makes great paper weight or book end 1d4 Fly 12” Attack: 1d4 bite Neutral or evil
23 Micro Cloud – a silent floating vapor cloud can be kept in container or clothes
1d4 Fly 12” Attack: 1d3 zap or acid or 1+1poison/lv, both types can squirt water at will
24 Micro Animal – a tiny animal of a type normally large, elephant, moose, auroch, rhino, dinosaur (raaawr!!!) 1HP or 1d4 or 1d6 HD

Familiar Abilities – familiar has own Lv - Gains new Lv each time wizard does
All +1HP per Lv gained since summoning
Lv1 One non-combat proficiency as specialty, usually appropriate for type
Lv2 Telepathic Link – visual +1 cantrip
Lv3 Telepathic Link – thought +2 cantrip
Lv4 Speak and think as Human +3 cantrip
Lv5 Humanized – may become bipedal, take to wearing clothing, use paws as hands +4 cantrip
Lv6 Equal to 1st Wizard - continues to get spells
Lv7 Size change, - palm size to medium animal size, +1 Attack 2nd Wizard
Lv8 Needs +1 magic weapon to harm 3rd Wizard
Lv9 New proficiency for familiar Spells as 4th Wizard
Lv10 Choose Additional Form, wizard develops familiars cosmetic feature, 5th Wizard
Lv11 New proficiency for familiar 6th Wizard
Lv12 New proficiency for familiar, +2 AC, up to human size, +2 attacks 7th Wizard
lv13 Magical Attack power - a spell like special ability 8th Wizard
Lv14 Needs +2 magic to harm 9th Wizard
Lv15 Swap HP with wizard either way over link 10th Wizard
Lv16 New proficiency for familiar Spells as 11th Lv Wizard
lv17 Growth from normal to large size, double damage dice, +3 xtra attacks 12th Wizard
L18 Telepathic with any sentient, 13th Wizard
lv19 Dimension door once per round, 14th Wizard
Lv20 Familiar can Plane Shift self to commune with other worlds, 15th Wizard

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