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Proficiency System for my EMO DnD part 6: Magic

Two blogs retired with more followers than me - one cited boredom of being DM other cited G+ as killer and unwillingness to try it.

My third time round trying G+ worked - i get about 30% of whats going on here now. I'm wondering if difficulty using is a deliberate dickhead filter. Setting up groups was the key - im only using G+ for games and comics. I dont want to waste life arguing a passive media like comics though. If i argue DnD i might learn something useful.

What G+ does great:

Communities better than FB with better grade of discussion and better specific content.
Crowd source projects are great fun - the haiku like art of table generation thriving here. Ive written fantasy book titles, my sleeping table entries and been in an awesome hexcrawl project. A group just for collab projects would be handy. Probably the best thing on G+ really.

What G+ does not do great:
Not so good at big slabs of info or rules like a blog, not so easy to trawl through old content. Basicly G+ chats pretty much like FB. The northern hemisphere must be warm enough to go outside now cos everything i am involved with online has less Canadians at the moment. Bloger and G+ are easily linked so promoting your blog content on G+ is a good way to play for more hits.

My blogger hits are climbing still, I am slowly getting more feedback (thank you) and im still following 300+ blogs. Actually the last few dozen I have added I found on Blogger and due to the Swords & Sorcery event by Tenkar. Petty Gods from gorgon milk also netted me lots of new friends too so all the cyring about blogger and OSR death is just a bit premature. Like many groups people come and go and you dont have to tatoo OSD for life on your balls to be in the club.  People tell me FB about to die too for 5 years hasnt happened yet.

Having seen my parents friends reject new tech and become living fossils i want to teach myself new software or gadget every month to fight the same urge. Losing your adaptability to changing world doesn't help and closes you to new possibilities. Basically makes you dumber. I met lady of 89-ish who said she would prefer horses and no cars or computers. Really believes her kids doing nothing of worth with computers. Some guy probably thought stone axes were better than copper.

EMO rules so far:

I have put most of the emo dnd book i wrote pre blogging last year online now. Actually stuff here better and cleaner than original and have had players use smartphones in play for rules from here. Spell lists and weapons last sections. Then I will do a basic and advanced PDF and see if i can put pdf's online too. Drop box too costly need something free with no log in. Might try google books. A Gamma-world book possible too but mutation table project proved to be too big for now. Redbrick book still being proofed. When ready will lay out and have as a $4 book online by JUN. Still waiting on artist for now 6 months sigh. Will start on Gothic Crypt version of redbrick shortly. Must scan my Banister Fletcher architecture book on subject to create new geomorphs.


Common Craft NWP Set - part 1
Common Lore NWP Set - part 1
Warrior Set - part 2
Wizard Set - part 4
Priest Set - tpart 5
Rogue Set - part 3
Magic Craft NWP Set - today's episode
Magic Lore NWP Set - today's episode

# = every group should consider having one person with this
% = most frequently everyday useful for adventurers
Magic skills may have a minimum level to use

Ill wait a bit before i do weapons - im still thinking about this and watching ultimate warrior series for ideas. I shouldn't really enjoy watching skulls explode into puffs of gore so much.

Magic craft set covers common magician NWP used every day by priests and wizards and others. Magic lore set is similar and like the common lore i just wanted to break into a seperate list for easier use.

For record spell components costs = levelxlevel in gp. Spells all visable, have spoken and gestural and material components. Priests just use holy symbol, holy book or relics and can re-use.

My wacky alignment system here and other planar Champions


Book Making DEX
Can make a proper wizard book which may even be fire and waterproofed and locked with a quality success

Brew Potion 3rd INT #
Can learn to make basic potions – one new recipe per lv

Bureaucracy WIS
Can deal with administration and legal red tape and get favorable reactions from scribes, civil servents and lawmakers

Calligraphy DEX
Write beautiful script to impress the wealthy and scholarly or for money

Cantrip WIS priest, INT wizard #

Learn one additional zero level cantrip spell from any list you can find a willing teacher, can take multiple times

Cast Hidden DEX #

With a roll the usual flamboyant fx are diminished greatly and thus less traceable to the caster

Cast Motionless DEX #
Can make a roll to cast without gestures

Cast Mounted DEX %
Can cast spells mounted, not actually how to ride any creature

Cast Silent DEX #
Can make a roll to cast without sound

Cast Swimming DEX %
Can cast spells in water, not actually how to swim

Concentration DEX
+4 on rolls to resist concentration being disrupted while spell casting

Counting INT
Can finger count to 10,000 and abacus into millions and handle complex math’s and measurement projects

Craft Fetish CHA 3rd
Can learn to make basic charm which provide +1 bonus to one proficiency, attack or attribute once roll +2 at lv6 +3 at 9th. Each plus equals a day of work.

Elemental Resistance CON

+1 save vs any elemental attack 

Enchant Item INT 5th #
Can learn to make basic items from formula – gain one new one per lv after choosing. One week per plus or spell level or months for other powers

Engineering INT
Can design large structures like castles, bridges, aqueducts, large dams, and other feats of building

Expand Mind WIS priests or INT Wizards #
Can store one extra spell in your mind. Max level equal stat spell bonus (Wis for Priest Int for Wizards, etc)

Illuminated WIS %
+2 resist illusions

Improvise Component INT #

Can find functional alternative components before casting with a skill roll and try to cast with no components with a roll also on the fly

Iron Mind WIS %
+1 save vs charm or mental magic effects

Make Candle INT 3rd
Make candles with spell effects one recipe per lv. Most take one day per spell level

Meditation WIS %
Can cut required rest time -20 minutes per level

Memorize INT
Can rote learn massive information like lineages or books, or quickly remember facts and trivia accurately

Observation WIS

Can observe a subject scientifically looking for patterns, clues, weaknesses and advantages

Petrification Resistance CON

+1 vs petrify or paralysis

Philosophy WIS

Can discuss esoteric cosmology, metaphysics and ethics based on logic and consistent principles

Research INT %
Can research from a document, library or even a book to find clues, spells, formulas or recipes

Research Spell INT 5th #
Can develop new spells need a library and lab. One month per level.

Scribe Scroll INT 3rd #
Can learn to make basic scrolls – one new recipe per lv – must be able to cast spell or read and copy one. One working day per level.

Sense Magic INT #
Can sense for magic from places or objects by concentrating for I round and a roll, 10 ft per level.

Spell Quick Ready DEX #

Have one spell prepared to release in one seccond with a skill roll instead of a whole round. Can respond to surprise and ambush with this one spell and successful roll.

Spell Specialization INT #
Have a favored spell which acts as +1lv

Use Spell Storage WIS for priest INT for wizard #
Keep one spell in a staff or dagger for a wizard or holy symbol or book if a priest, skill roll to activate, Max level equal stat spell bonus (Wis for Priest Int for Wizards, etc)

Xtra damage INT %
+1 dam per dice fx can be purchased 3 times

Xtra duration INT %

+10% duration fx can be purchased 3 times

Xtra range INT %
+10% range fx can be purchased 3 times

Xtra Summoning INT %
Summon average numbers and+1HP per die per (cant exceed max hp) skills taken and stacked 3times

Xtra volume INT %
+10% area fx can be purchased 3 times


Air lore Int #
+1 spell level on air spells, -1 victim save

Alignment Lore WIS
Understand the philosophical, ethical and cosmological differences of alignment

Anatomy Lore INT
Familiar with the hypothetical and magical properties of bodies of all kinds of creatures and their organs

Ancient Lore INT%
Know legends and lore of ancients and theory and history of their peoples, languages and treasures

Angelic Lore WIS
Know the lore of the heavenly citadel and its armies or angels and cherubim and seraphim who serve the gods of law and good

Arcadian Lore WIS
Know the lore of the happy hunting grounds where wild tribes folk and beast are free and equal and reborn forever. Chaotic Good

Astrology Lore INT
Can attempt to learn about fate of person or even a nation through studying heavens and charts

Balance Lore WIS
You understand the struggle between law and chaos and can devise how to keep equilibrium between the two

Cthonic Lore WIS
Know of the primal evils from the dark sludge of the dawn of creation who prey on others and cavort with death. Balanced Evil

Demonic Lore WIS
Know of the million chittering demons of the abyss and their furious desire for mindless destruction and plunder. Chaotic evil.

Diabolic Lore WIS
Know of the lords of the nine hells who constantly plot and scheme to draw men into their web of evil. Lawful Evil.

Draconic Lore INT
Know legends and lore of dragons and theory and history of their types, languages and treasures

Dream Lore WIS
Interpreted dreams to find the messages from beyond they contain

Dungeon Lore INT #
Know legends and lore of dungeons and theory and history of their types, inhabitants and treasures

Earth Lore Int #
+1 spell level on earth spells, -1 victim save

Elder Lore INT %
Know legends and lore of spells and theory and history of prehumen primordial epochs and the unhuman age

Elemental Lore INT
Know the cosmic conflict between the elements and their interrelations and spirits

Fire Lore INT
+1 spell level on fire spells, -1 victim save

Giant Lore INT
Know legends and lore of spells and theory and history of giant kind from divine titans to degenerate hill giants

Illusion Lore CHA #
+1 spell level on illusion spells, -1 victim save

Mechanical Lore INT
Can make clocks, water powered machines, windmills, treadmills and other simple mechanical constructions, possibly simple steam power

Nuetral Lore WIS
Understand philosophical middle way between Good and Evil and how to compromise them and get on with living

Modronic Lore WIS
Understand the doctrines of pure law and order in the struggle with chaos in all forms. Pure law untainted by evil or good

Monster Lore INT %
Familiar with the hypothetical and magical properties of all kinds of creatures and their origins

Nature Lore INT
Understands legends and lore of the forces of nature and the magical interactions between the land and life

Necromancy Lore INT #
+1 level on necromantic, death and undead spells, -1 victim saves

Plague Lore INT
Know legends, history an treatents of various illnesses and ailments, +2 to treat disease with healing 

Plane Lore INT
Understands the cosmology of the multiverse and all the plains of alignment or elements

Slaadic Lore WIS
Understand the servants of true chaos which is merely ultimate freedom and spontaneous existence. Pure chaos untainted by evil or good

Spell Lore INT #
Know legends and lore of spells and theory and history of their uses by wizards of old. Can recognise what spell caster doing and possible solutions.

Spirit Lore WIS
Understand the spirit world and the kinds of spirits of all kinds that dwell there, +2 CHA dealing with spirits

Summoning Law CHA #
+1 spell level on summonings, -1 save for summoned beings to resist control

Sylvian Lore WIS
Goodness and prosperity for all life and natural forces. Balanced good

Undead Lore INT
Know legends and lore of spells and theory and history of their uses by wizards of old

Water Lore INT #
+1 spell level on fire spells, -1 victim save

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