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Sleepy time in the dungeon

I found these two three four lots of great blogs and was inspired - I thought a version where world not ruined or players might talk to me after would be more usable. I would use this if players over using the time honoured tactic of sealing a roo for a wizard nap. The dungeon may seem to be a living spiteful being or at least a viralant ecology so will respond to party efforts.

Option 2 - bards sing songs about the brave party who took no risks and and would only fight if fully rested. Become scorn of local taverns across the land. Perhaps a few of these table outcomes could be rumours to put party off the the fight-nap-fight strategy. Monsters could tease party for being weaklings too, raise their morale when battling notorious wimps.

What happens if I fortify a room for a nap? D100

1 Random monsters make feeble effort to get in and give up
2 Random monsters make feeble effort to get in and come back 1d4 hours with tools and help
3 Random monsters make determined effort to get in and wont give up, noisy cant sleep
4 Random monsters set up an ambush
5 Random monsters (but probably Kobolds) set up traps
6 Random monsters (but probably Kobolds) set up alarm which attracts monsters
7 Evil wizard seals door with spell or magical trap
8 Parasites like fleas, worms or ear centipedes
9 Evil priest destroys and fouls food and water with magic
10 Ethereal or vapour creature comes through any cracks
11 Slime creature eats through wood or oozes through crack
12 Spectral non-corporeal undead or spirits haunt party and prevent sleep
13 Kobold band play noisily next door/upstairs/downstairs for hours
14 Adventurers seal door on other side and pump in smoke or gas with bellows
15 Rats crawl over your face when trying to sleep
16 Vermin get at your food supplies, chew holes in sacks
17 Dream of evil gods, dungeon boss or demons menacing, not effective sleep
18 Cant sleep, remain fatigued
19 Find a strange person or object in bed after sleep
20 Diseased chamber infects party
21 Trapdoor opens and Kobold commando or spider or other critter sneaks in
22 Camouflaged creature sleeping or hiding in room all along (lizard or bug)
23 Wake up in different room
24 Something party brought in turns into a monster (sheet, food, rope)
25 When you try to sleep hear insane whisper telling you to kill friends
26 When you try and sleep hear demonic cult chanting a summoning ritual
27 Monsters brick your door up
28 Spyhole in bricks or ceiling noticed
29 When you try to sleep hear giant heart beat
30 When you try to sleep hear breathing noise
31 Party member snores
32 Party member has foul flatulence or diarrhea, stink out room
33 Party member dreams of being offered reward for killing party in sleep
34 Guard detail fall into magical slumber if fail save roll
35 Party wake 1d100 years later
36 Small devil or demon gates in
37 All lights go out with sudden gust of air
38 Poor air, party slowly suffocate unless realize and get fresh air
39 A gnome illusionist appears and offers a quest or unwanted advice, vanishes if threatened
40 While sleeping, kobold crew change dungeon layout and re-set all traps
41 Monster disguised as dungeon feature waits outside door
42 Priest makes corridor silent with spell so monsters can burrow in silently
43 Tax collectors or dungeoneer guild knock on door demanding dues or paperwork
44 Monsters pour flammable liquid in cracks and set room on fire
45 Supposed wizard demands party to surrender or will kill you all with spell
45 Assassin knocks on door to ask if person on his latest contract inside
46 Rival party make determined assault till they realize who is inside
47 Kobold uses magic gas from bellows as love potion, gender or race change potion
48 Party all magically turn into dungeon monsters
49 Concealed monster nest in room hatches – spiders, air jellyfish, leeches
50 Horrible spore infestation or mould or fungus grows while asleep

horrible xtra ideas over dinner

51 Awake with childhood pet as undead licking your face
52 In your dreams parental ghost gives unwanted advice about how you're a disappointment
54 Gremlins pick your pockets or swap items to start fights
55 Strange green cursed idol appears, keeps appearing near party, any roll of 1 on d20 fumbles
56 Dreams of diabolic evil driving heroes through deathtrap maze in hell
57 Dreams of aeons old beings from the stars fill you with cosmic despair and drepression
58 All parties maps and scrolls have been altered by gremlins
59 Potions swapped for funnier reject potions by gremlins
60 Gremlins eat all your food then evolve into kobolds magically and attack party
61 One player dreams of being vampire or werebeast killing own party
62 Dreams of creepy men invading mind and stealing parties dreams and innocence
63 Party mutated by strange rays
64 Growth or mole appears, one month later eye opens and tries to take control
65 Dream of being kept in jar of fluid by insectoid chittering space fungi or clockwork squid
69 Wake up naked sleeping on coin heap
70 Tatooed by gremlins magically while asleep, possibly invisible to non magic sight
71 Extra spells scribed in book
72 Paralyzing light bathes all, grey naked humanoids touch you, then memory loss
73 Ground is cold and damp, CON save or get pnumonia, cant sleep
74 Gremlins steal, pants, belts, body hair, socks, boots or some such items
75 Undead hands burst through ground
76 Haunted by wailing ghosts who prevent sleep
77 Party dream they wake up as pigfarmers, adventuring just a dream
78 Ear centipedes take over someones body in sleep become cursed beserker
79 Spiders wrap up party in web
80 A gnome illusionist appears with party disguised as harmless children
81 Characters found spooning or thumb sucking 
82 Party all wet beds, get no proper sleep
83 Sleeping gremlins found in bed in morning, gremlins keep hatching from clothes and stuff
84 Spiritual parasites latch on to souls of party, untouchable phantoms constantly follow
85 Menaced by lascivious spirits, party have mild erotic dreams, next child born is a monster
86 Ghost tries to possess each party member from weakest to strongest
87 Party dream of lover/kin/loot in peril keeps from sleeping
88 Party dream of elfmaids suckling them, next full moon transported to elfland to be slaves
89 Each person dreams of personalized "let the punishment fit the crime" tortures in hell
90 An impressed deity sends a servant to present party with treasure
91 As you settle down hear a distant innocent cry for help and increasingly scream
92 Awaken covered in mystery bites and scars
93 Hear the sounds of monsters clocking off shift and chating on way home
94 Everyone ages 1d6 years, food and drink all dust, 25% of finding children of same age
95 Gremlins steal tissue samples and evil wizard clones a party of evil twins
96 Dungeon moves to new location or dimension
97 Dream of previous lives and being killed in the dungeon, cant sleep
98 Hear cries of every creature character ever killed, cant sleep
99 Awake with animal heads lasts 1d6 hours
100 Hungry ghosts wail, keep awake and eat party food


  1. Great list! If you don't mind, I'll use a few of those in the d100 "while they sleep" table.


  2. Nice one ... I just might steal some of these ideas!


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