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Proficiency System for my EMO DnD part 5: Priest


Common Craft NWP Set - part 1
Common Lore NWP Set - part 1
Warrior Set - part 2
Wizard Set -part 4
Priest Set - today's episode
Rogue Set - part 3
Magic Craft NWP Set
Magic Lore NWP Set

# = every group should consider having one person with this
% = most frequently everyday useful for adventurers

Priests usually also learn lore, crafts and even other NWP favored by god. Priests often act as scribes, accountants, stewards,  lawyers and other services. Skills shared by all magicians come under magic craft and magic lore.


Afterlife Lore INT
Know the moral significance of action in this world and the next and the punishments and rewards of the afterlife. Know names of guardians, gods of underworld, gate keepers and all the wonders of afterworlds

Ancestral Lore INT

Know the wisdom of the dead ancestors and can name them back to the first, impress spirits and gods as well as family history

Ceremony WIS %

Trained in the everyday holy rituals of common priests and can cast ceremony spell at +2 lv

Chant CHA %

Lead a group chant where 10 participants per level get +1 morale if  successful chant, used for war, forced marches and long hard labour like rowing a ship or digging

Chastity WIS #
Can resist temptation of sexual advances +2 to resist any love magic or charm attempts, may have sex for procreation if permitted by religion

Demoralizing Shout CHA
CHA based attack to foe in 10/lv range, morale test
, once per battle

Diplomacy CHA %
A capable diplomat, negotiator and peace maker for dealing with persons of all types, propose plausible compromises, terms of surrender, 

Divine faith WIS %
+1 any WIS save including spells 
Druidic Lore WIS

This is specific knowledge of druidry and their rites, rituals and mysteries of nature magic and the great beasts, familiar with rural and regional modes of worship, civilized and evil use this to hunt and destroy older modes of nature religion

Exhortation CHA %
+1 damage for next blow or d20 to hit or NWP or roll made, within 1round per Level after stirring speech on followers and party. Exhortation maker chooses which bonus recipients get

Exorcism CHA %
Help evict a possessed person with ritual suffocation, drowning and restraining to evict spirit. Victim gets an additional saving throw. Possessing beings fear being in body at death. If roll ten worse than required target number, victim must save vs death or require first aid or healer to restart breathing

Extra Holy Power WIS %
+1 more turn attempts per day to turn undead or alternate cult holy power uses. Also used by specialist druid powers - can take multiple times

Extra second chance WIS %
+1 extra second chance to reroll any failed roll, can buy several slots

Extra followers CHA %
Increase charisma for number of followers and henchmen available, can take multiple times

Flagellant CON
By self torture, show devotion too god. +2 resist pain or torture and recover extra HP from naturally recovered daily HP. Flagellants may be scorned by mainstream church but impress the common folk.

God Lore INT #
Familiar with mighty gods and their family trees and recognize most holy symbols

Healing WIS #
Can stack with First Aid. Treat wounds for 1d3 after a fight with 10 minute treatment, perform surgery and amputations, prevent infection. If patients resting for a day get +1d3 per day extra if under healers care.

Inspire  CHA %
Within 10ft per lv, all get +1 morale and resist fear

Improved Holy Power WIS #
Turn or cult holy power or druid specialist powers get +1 level effectiveness

Judgment WIS
Make wiser decisions resolving disputes, making matches and solving problems of your underlings

Lay Hands WIS #

Can heal 2 HP per level once per day by touch. Can purchase multiple times

Missionary INT
Operate a mission intended to teach, heal and convert public with kindness if good or sadism and pleasure if evil. Also used by merchants and statesmen to spread trade and cultural influence.

Orate CHA #
Can publicly speak and attempt to sway others with emotional based arguments. Good for stirring up mobs, politics, spread faith and alignment philosophy or comfort a crowd. State may monitor abusers with secret police.

Prayer WIS %

Speak to gods in pleasing manner.  Prayer gives a one in twenty chance or receiving some divine help or some sign of divine understanding. Each hour of prayer gives a +1 in 20 chance of sending god a message above the usual din of needy followers.
Read Omens WIS %
Can look for signs which indicate success or failure – takes as long to find as time in the future you are questioning. Each user specializes in a type of omen such as birds, weather, oil on water, sheep liver, etc. Can take more than once in different type

Sacrifice CHA %

Prepare sacrifices to gods in pleasing manner. 100GP value or 1HD of chosen animal sacrifice per level restores a priests daily turning or holy power use or adds +2 to prayer odds or ads +1 to a single effective level for spell or turning or holy power once. 1000GP of goods or 1 HD of suitable sentient creature per level restores spells in half the usual time or adds +4 to prayer odds. Each god has a preferred material and living sacrifices.

Sense Balance INT #
Can sense middle way in people, relics or places by concentrating for I round and a roll, 10ft per level

Sense Chaos INT #
Can sense chaos of people, relics or places by concentrating for I round and a roll, 10ft per level

Sense Evil INT #
Can sense evil of people, relics or places by concentrating for I round and a roll, 10ft per level

Sense Good INT #
Can sense goodness of people, relics or places by concentrating for I round and a roll, 10ft per level

Sense Holy INT #
Can sense for priestly and divine magic from places or objects or beings by concentrating for I round and a roll, 10ft per level

Sense Law INT #
Can sense law of people, relics or places by concentrating for I round and a roll, 10ft per level

Sense Neutral INT #
Can sense neutrality of people, relics or places by concentrating for I round and a roll , 10ft per level

Sermon CHA
Morally lecture and berate alignment and religious philosophy, make guilty feel bad and remorseful, increase religious donations and interest from congregation. Evil priests encourage selfishness, hatred and fear by denouncing weakness and sympathy. Balance aligned preach the middle path.

Use Holy Focus WIS %

Use holy book or symbol in secret manner to get +1 level on a spell or turn or holy power once per day. Can purchase several times.

Use Holy Relic WIS %
With a success operate relics not normally available to non priests made by priests or for priests, or read priest scrolls. Allows priests to read operate wizard and other items usually forbidden to them

Use Sacred Site WIS %
Activate and tap into power of your religions holy sites for spell and turning bonuses +1d3 levels per location. Some sites shared by whole pantheon or may provide ad3-1 levels to related cult

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