Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Dungeon Zine 3 Dark Island

Am a tad burned out and Ive stopped posting daily. Mostly playing Cthulhu of late really and reading and researching for that. Not really working to quality i want and need to change what Im doing as It feels more like work than fun and not getting much extra reward for extra effort so Im winding back for a bit.

This was done as a reward for my top tier on Patreon.
Seems to be a struggle to give away my labour.
Will be playing with some art and reading for a bit.
Have a few colourist things to do.

I just finished a version of my redbrick book on Patreon too over a month late.
Next Dungeon Zine is for Psychon, finished but no plans to release. Will do a few more as Ive been using them as bribes gifts for ppl who comment.

Download Here:

Dungeon Zine 3  

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  1. You make amazing content, and I'll bet anyone who frequents this blog would agree. Rest up; rest that powerful imagination of yours. You deserve it. Thanks so much for all the great stuff you have posted here.


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