Thursday 3 August 2017

Post 1100, Goblin Mine PDF & Kobold Bindle Contents

So to celebrate EMO post 1100 Today here is a bonus of The Goblin Mine Zone PDF Carbon Edition. I will revise my gamma world and WW1 books soon too.

Also as it was one thing to do to complete the monster treasure tables section I had to do this kobold stuff table to finish the set. Will consider expanding goblin mine to to basically about underground humanoid kingdoms. A following book will deal with wild caverns and underlands and will have races not mentioned here so much like dark elves.

Here is he book
Goblin Mine Zone Link

Also for the kiddies as a bonus
Puff Colouring Book 2 Dungeon Funk

These and more on my Downloads Page

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Still hoping getting new PC as this one has dodgy keys making my spelling more exiting. New desktop publishing setup shortly will help getting my business doing art design teaching back as finding employers in more difficult.

d100 What's in that Kobolds Bindle?
01 Bag of assorted tasty mushrooms
02 Bag of 1d3 giant centipede kept for eating 03 Bound and gagged giant rat kept for eating 
04 Flat bread and several types of tasty mouldy veined cheese
05 Bag of turnips one has a funny rude shape
06 Mushroom wine d3 bottles, delicious in cooking
07 Pound of salt, enough for a whole tribe
08 Bag of barley d6 pounds good for soup
09 Bag of 3d6 onions or garlic bulbs
10 Bag of edible spider silk
11 Knife, scraper and toxic mineral salt for preparing and curing hides
12 Knife, wire saw, clever, hatchet all bloody with a d4 cuts of mystery meat

13 Dog collars, dried meat dog treats, lasso, whip belonging to dog handles
14 Fishing line 30ft, 2d6 bone hooks, d6 lures, tiny bucket
15 Parchment covered in plans and doodles, graphite stick, quill, ink
16 Blueprints on building doorway, tunnel or room, line, spirit level, chalk
17 Tiny pick axe, chisel, mallet, d10 iron spikes, twenty foot rope
18 Trowel, bag of mortar mix, bucket, brick mould
19 Hand saw, plane, hand drill, hatchet, file
20 Copper bar, tongs, hammer, iron bowl, bag of charcoal, wax, clay, slingstone mold
21 Basket, pruning knife, trowel, bags of fruit and vegetable seeds
22 Several box type rat traps and a bundle of 5d4 rats and box of poison
23 Set of thieves tools for disarming traps and opening locks, 20ft rope, tiny mask 
24 Camouflage face paint, dirty cloak with hood, bottle of well poison, set of crampons 
25 Insect net, tweezers, tiny sieve and jar with pound of bugs
26 Mess kit made of fine tin, with knife, bowl, plate, billy tin and d4 days dried rations 
27 Ledger book, d10 sheets paper, d4 quills, brush, ink, sealing wax
28 Abacus and scrawled tallies on parchment with graphite stick
29 Set of coloured chalk and box of tiny paint tins with brushes
30 Box of matches 2d6, pipe, tin of tobacco or hemp
31 Bundle of 2d6 darts
32 Bottles of flammable oil (d4)with fuses, tinder box
33 Blowpipe and ten darts and a bottle of cheap poison
34 Collection of d4 knives and a d3 daggers of different makers
35 Collection of d4 short swords or maces or hand axes of different styles
36 Bundle with d4 torches, lantern and oil, tinderbox and 2d6 candles
37 Tiny field stove and a d4 pots with lids
38 Alchemist test lit with 3d6 test papers and potion colour charts
39 Mineral test kit and samples of rock and souls in vials
40 First aid kit with bandages, bottle of grog, mallet, tiny saw, restraint straps 
41 Box of matches 2d6, pipe, tin of tobacco or hemp
42 Several sock puppets or marionette puppet
43 Spinning top and whip
44 Wooden puzzle or puzzle box
45 Cup and ball
46 Handball and chalk
47 Whittling knife and d12 chess pieces or figurines
48 Chess set
49 Deck of hand painted cards
50 Bottle of distilled wood alcohol and d6 shot cups
51 Bundle of copper cups, plates and arm rings
52 Bag of d4 hundred copper coins
53 Bundle of d4 padlocks and 2d6 keys
54 Length of ten foot chain with collar, padlock and key
55 Torturers tool kit
56 Slavers set of d4 manacles and leg irons
57 Several human and demihuman skulls
58 Bag of filthy laundry
59 Tiny pairs of d6 boots and cobbler tools
60 Bundle of leather, awl, 20ft leather cord, large needles and cutting knife
61 Sewing or knitting supplies and d4 samples of clothing
62 Bag of d100 beads, string, d6 completed pieces of cheap jewelery
63 Bag of trap d4 components and bottle of poison
64 Bundle of lead pipes 1in6 one with a tap included 
65 Sharpening stones, oil, files and cloths for blade care
66 Bundle of d6 dungeon map fragments
67 Clockwork grenade 2d4 damage over 10ft, can set clock from 1-60 minutes
68 Lantern with various shutters and press button igniting mechanism
69 Brass mechanical lighter 
70 Bundle of rune carved divination bones
71 Squat green stone idols with sea shell teeth and eyes
72 Bag of terracotta ancestor figures
73 Painted scene tile from old temple
74 Ivory carving of kobold fertility god and d10 cheap aphrodisiacs
75 Collection of children's teeth
76 Ritual instrument like bongo drum, cistrum, rattle, bone flute or lute 
77 Ancient clay tablet in cuniform kobold dug up
78 Totem wooden idol and carving knife
79 Ritual masks with scary faces
80 Painted ancestor skull
81 Bag of severed hands for dinner
82 Wasp nest in a sealed bag
83 Messenger bats d6
84 Colourful festival hat
85 Mining helmet with candle on top
86 Tiny stone carved cameo of kobold beauty
87 Kobold egg
88 Dog skin cape
89 Dragon scales d6
90 Bag of d6 fish or angry albino cave lobster
91 Box with fine leaves of koboldium a metal that can burn feet used in traps
92 Tiny chest with semiprecious stones inside worth d100+50gp 
93 List of ancestors names on tiny scroll in bone case going back to prehuman times
94 Ruby worth 100gp
95 Pet parasite has been with family for generations
96 Brass horn that will call local kobolds. Dogs hear it humans don't
97 Puppies d4 wild dog pups make good loyal hunting dogs
98 Kobold baby in cloth with d4 spare nappies, currently peaceful
99 Dragon claw or giant toenail or ogre tooth
100 Remains of shell hatched from packed by mum for good luck


  1. You're wonderful. You're a wonderful artist. You are a personification of a fount of creativity. Like a natural spring bubbling forth with wonder and amazement.

    1000 posts and 1100 posts are amazing milestones. That's like six or seven years of d100 lists and posts jam packed with much better ideas than mere mortals have.

    You are a Titan of D&D. You live closer to the source of all fantasy adventure and we are so lucky to see what it's like t be really dead good at this stuff.

    Thank you, thank you for 1100 amazing posts. And thanks for the Jack Kirby up top.

    1. thanks!

      feedback like this is fuel for many more posts and better than a sack of +1


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