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d100 Diabolic Brews and Potions of the Guilds

This may have some duplication, typos, numbering flaws - let me know if any problems in coments

This was a request from a reader on G+ and seemed like a good idea. I don't really want to deal with real poisons in my game too much. I have always liked the rolemaster and MERP poisons. The Ygdrasill rpg has good info on real poisons.

In Shadelport many forbidden substances are made and sold by evil specialists of the Apothecary Guild under licences auspiced by the secret police. Such potions, poisons and drugs are publicly forbidden and criminal yet are peddled in secret by men supposedly dedicated to healing. They supply assassins guilds, thieves guilds and even drug dealers. Some ingredients are imported or smuggled into the city from foreign even inhuman lands. These are usually diluted, refined and cut with local materials to make more profit. In Shadelport even the criminals organisations are under control by the state but most are ignorant of this. Alchemists make all these things often of large scale but don't admit it and use their apprentices if possible. Alchemists boast about unlocking secrets of life and nature not selling dirty tricks to cheap killers.

Finding a Black Apothecary or Alchemist Dealer 1in6 Secret Police
1 Someone in bar promises to hook you up
2 Found a user and squeeze them for source
3 Dealer gave you a free dose to get you interested
4 A family you know helps you use their dealer
5 Wander the streets late at night looking for street dealer
6 Someone at party introduces you
7 Prowl all the dodgiest districts looking for shanty town markets full of vice
8 In a coffee shop for intellectuals and fashionistas
9 Find a normal apothecary who also deals in criminal stuff
10 Black marketeer deals in all kinds of vice and prohibited goods

d10 Type of Dealer 1in6 Secret Police
1 Lone Dealer who  buys from a gang sells on street
2 Dealer works with a gang with a lab and black market
3 Dealer in secret service to a corrupt guildsman
4 Witches selling items on cheap to locals in rural areas
5 Sorcerer pleasure cultist or crooked wizards apprentice
6 Cult in service to chaos, devils, demons or the old ones
7 Secret Society or Criminal guild or Temple staff
8 Alchemist or apothecary guild store run for criminal sideline
9 Alchemists ex apprentice who sneaks lab access
10 Alchemist apprentice running racket for master

Secret policeman will blackmail you into joining up or becoming informant
They usually check tax records of suspects too

Poisons come in these forms
Name (Mineral/Animal/Vegetable/Compound + Contact/Blade/Ingested/Gas) 

Mineral is made from salts, rare earths, stones and rocks
Animal is made from venom or liquid from animal organs
Vegetable is made from sap, seeds, flowers or leaves
Compound is made from from many ingredients the rarer the more and rarer

Contact breaches skin and used as a trap on books and treasure
Blade venom coats one melee weapon or ten arrows and is good for one hit
Ingested need to be eaten by target
Gas requires being kept in container and is released mostly by opening or smashing
Smoke requires fire and often a pipe or hookah
Dust can be sprinkled for contact or blown into face or thrown in eggshell
Splash is a liquid weapon can possibly hit several targets
Healer may slow some poisons making them do less damage
as can slow poison spell which often neutralises most time based poisons

Addiction can be treated with a week with a healer and a prison cell possible some helpers. Neutralise poison spell cures addiction also

1 Dose of blade venom = 
one average d8 or two handed melee d10 weapon
two javelins or spears or shortsword or daggers or hand axes
three darts or small knives or shuriken
ten arrows or bolts or needles
d100 Diabolic Brews and Potions of the Guilds
01 Koboldium (Mineral/Contact) 1gp Burns skin on touch, glows in pitch dark, save or 1pt per round for 2d6 rounds. Will burn and smoke through armour armour and may ruin boots. 15gp for potion covering 1 square foot. Kobolds can make it mix with metal for traps
02 Diacin (Mineral/Ingested) 1gp metallic taste can be concealed by salt, sugar or alcohol. 2d6 damage or save for half. A blend of mineral salts only a teaspoon required in a meal  
03 Goblin Weed (Vegetable/Ingested) 1gp A green weed that goblins smoke dried but kills farm animals of anything that eats it. Slight bitter taste to food. 2d4 damage or 1d4 if make save 
04 Bladefunk (Animal/Blade) 1cp Made from piss, rust, feces and various foul common things. Save every six hours or take 1 point damage, one save stops effect
05 Trogmusk (Animal/Gas) 4gp a foul oily liquid splashed on targets or released in broken bottle or pot in a trap or thrown, once exposed all in 5ft radius suffer vomiting and can do nothing but flee if fail save and for a round after. If musk on skin or clothes subsides after d6 rounds but still foul ruining clothes or for a d6 days on skin. Bathing in vinegar reduces to a day 
06 Centipede Venom (Animal/Blade) 1sp can be milked and kept but weakened +2 save or take 1pt a round for 2d4 rounds, popular with goblinoid arrows  
07 Manbane (Vegetable/Ingested) 1sp a weed often looks like a common salad herb and grown by goblins and dark elves. Save or d4 cramp damage one hour after eating per dose.
08 Devil Dust (Mineral/Dust) 10gp Can be sprinkled as a contact poison or sometimes blown in face with tube or thrown in eggshell. Save or take 1 pt damage per round for d4 rounds
09 Star Flour Sap (Vegetable/Blade) 3gp d3 cramp damage on target if fail save a d6 rounds after being hit, often used by hunters and skirmishers who hit and run
Fiend Bile (Compound/Blade) 2gp one pt damage per round until victim succeeds in a saving throw feels burning instantly that spreads til death from fever and red welts on skin
11 Fever Wort (Vegetable/Ingested) 8pg one pt damage per day until succeed in one roll, inflicts fits of fever and cramps. Makes most people die of a sickness or come close
12 Night Flower (Vegetable/Ingested) 3gp Sap Coated on blades and needles but must be handled with caution and gloves. If enters blood the victim loses a hp per 10 minute turn for 2d4 turns or half that time/damage with a saving throw. A good doctor may halt this  

13 Red Widow Spider Venom (Animal/Blade) 4gp one point lost per hour save each time to take no damage that lasts for a d4 days or one day if first saving throw made, wounds actually open and blood is drawn out of the body by the venom, some vomit or cry tears of blood 
14 Turquoise Snake Venom (Animal/Ingested) 12gp WIthin a round ingested usually in strong flavoured grog the effect kicks in a d4 rounds, with a failed saving throw the victim has violent hallucinations and may even attack loved ones or friends if they fail a saving throw. If they resist they know the hallucinations are not real and don't act on the fear but get -2 on all dice rolls from pain and confusion. The poison lasts a d3 ten minute turns turns. Older persons make a additional save at end to see if their hearts give out. Some people take this deliberately especially sorcerers and cultists 
15 Blue Ring Octopus Venom (Animal/Blade) 9gp Causes paralysis the next round then save every hour for 12 hours or asphyxiate. Milked from fangs of giant venomous giant octopus from islands to the south. A good doctor can halt the poison effect with a skill check with antidote kit and one hour
16 Viper Sting (Animal/Blade) 5gp Causes intense pain for 4d6 hours causing -4 on all dice rolls, with a save only 2d6 hours and -2 all dice rolls. Milked from various breeds of monster worms in the east. Also used for torture 
17 Black Cap Dust (Vegetable/Dust) 6pg Can be touched or inhaled to be deadly. After a hour if touched or a ten minute turn if inhaled start to get sick The body is overcome by fungus roots infecting the body and will die in a d4 days. If make a first save the victim resists the strain. If on a second save fails the victim is helpless and weak for a d4 days or if saved a d4 hours nausea and fever -2 on all rolls with a success. Goblins put this on their treasure
18 Nettle Sting (Vegetable/Contact) 2pg with touch contact this poison causes intense pain for a d4 turns with -2 on all rolls and -4 on fine motor skills or half this with a saving throw. Potion covers a square foot area if fine dust that needs to touch bare skin
19 Giant Ant Venom (Animal/Blade) 10gp extracted from giant jumping stinger ants for one hour after skin broken by weapon the victim feels stressed or in shock from pain. After end of hour save of die of heart failure. Most versions diluted to +2 or +4 save but victim finds unpleasant sensation even if it doesn't harm them  
20 Nightsting Venom (Vegetable/Ingested) 1gp causes incredible stomach cramps ten minutes after eating for a d4+1 rounds where the victim has -2 on all rolls. Then agonizing organ death set in over next turn. Doctor can treat with ten minutes effort and antidote kit. If you save you only feel initial rounds of pain. Growing the flower is a death sentence
21 Scorpion Venom (Animal/Blade) 40gp Stinging and burning venom lose one HP per round, get a saving throw every ten minute turn to stop. Extracted from colourful giant scorpions or large sea scorpions
22 Baslisk Venom (Animal/Contact) 200gp a pound of venemous slime can be spread over a foot or thrown at victims. If they fail a save victim turns to stone. The magic in the venom only effects one target per dose even if spread out
23 Dragon Brain Dust (Animal/Dust) 250gp snorted from a snuff tin save to feel ancient draconic unimind from the dawn age for a d6 hours which is good for insight and magic research. Fail save the user becomes addicted wanting a dose per month and remember nothing from the visions. Dragons know a user on sight even if only used once without harm 
24 Goblin Milk (Animal/Ingested) 20gp turn second generation to be born with goblinoid features or lesser mutations if fail save. Used to taint farm animals and people on frontiers or ruin lives of your enemies. Elf version 50gp
25 Feywhey (Vegetable/Ingested) 30gp addictive elf food from elf land can sustain a elf or goblinoid on crumbs for a month or three days for a human. For humans it is delicious and addictive if fail a save after one meal. Failure makes helping them become thralls of elfland for more Feywhey. Elves trade secretly and human secret police suspicious of users
26 Ambrosia (Vegetable/Ingested) 500gp save reduce age by d4 and feel ecstasy for ten minutes, if failed save then tormented by spirits for ten minutes and ages a year with some grey hair if they fail.. A second save is made failure character is addicted craving it monthly. Elves don't feel any adverse effects or addiction if adults
27 Lycan Blood Animal/Ingested) 50gp can be used to infect people with a strain of lycanthropy, rat most common 60% then werewolf 30% then the rest. Drinker gets a save or catches the disease. Animals dislike the infected
28 Vampire Ichor (Animal/Ingested) 1000gp can be used to revive dead vampire mostly intact in dust or ash even. If a living person drinks it and fails a save they become ghouls a week after burial when they eventually die 
29 Ectoplasmic Philter (animal/Ingested) 300gp contains slime trail of supernatural being, once eaten save can see invisible spirits for a turn on a fail the drinker becomes possessed by a hostile spirit. It is all the rage with young necromancers 
30 Pallid Lily Venom (Vegetable/Ingested) 250gp Sends into a dreamy trance where spirits mutter for 2d6 hours. If make a save the voices impart some knowledge, if they fail the person after the trance is possessed for ten minutes and will try to cause as much destruction as possible 
31x Slougheye (Compound/dust) 4gp this dust usually blown in someones face by person or by a trap. Once contacted save or become blind for 2d6 hours if save eyes are sore -2 rolls for an hour 
32 Sleep Philter (Vegetable/Ingested) 4sp fairly flavourless spoonful of herbal powder blend added to a meal makes the eater feel like a nap ten minutes after eating. If make save they merely in a daydreamy, tired state for an hour.  If fail in a deep sleep for 3d4 hours
33 Dream Powder (Vegetable/Ingested) 3gp used to induce strange dream states that exaggerate the current mood of consumer to near madness extreme. It tastes bad but is mixed with wine and spices. State lasts 2d4 hours. If you save may lucidly dream and hallucinate but still act if you fail in a comatose state. A second save determines if dreams are Utopian or with a fail save the nightmares leave victim in a negative mood for 24 hours with -2 on all rolls
34  Puffer Fish Venom (Animal/Blade) 2pg round after victim is slowed for 2d6 rounds from swelling and burning unless makes a saving throw then only lasts a round. Move is halved and they lose initiative each round
35 Mandragore Root (Vegetable/Ingested) 40gp harvesting involves sacrificing a dog and risking life. As a tea can be used to add one to daily healing for a week or eat for 3d6 hours of occult visions for research if make a save. Fail save becomes addicted but doesn't remember visions, craves a dose per week
36 Violet Cap Venom (Vegetable/Blade) 30gp from small toxic fungus used by goblins and dark elves. If save feel stiffness and -2 all rolls for next 2d6 rounds then recover. If fail save victim has 2d6 rounds of choking paralysis and a second save to avoid death from shock. A Doctor can keep victim alive ten minutes more for another chance to save and recover
37 Dragon Venom (Animal/Blade) 40gp necrotic venom from a large lizard carries vile disease, lose 1HP per round and save each round until succeed in a save then stops. As first effect ends then save per hour or lose CON point if fail, roll every hour til success. Recover 1 CON point a day when effect ends. One of these effects lets the lizards follow their prey till they weaken or die
38 Demon Seed (animal/Ingested) 400gp a type of seed and is placed in the victims feed. If the victim saves the chew or digest the seed. If they fail the seed grows into a Imp who eventualy will try to burst free that night after hours of stomach pain bursts open for 4d4 damage or save for half. The creature hates the parent for life and tries to ruin them
39  Black Cap Mushroom (Vegetable/Ingested) 10gp if fed to children they must save or turn into goblins. Sometimes they like to hide taste and look with illusion magic because children hate them. Adults just get stomach ache for an hour and -3 on all rolls while sick if fail save, all demihumans know it on sight and hate it 
40 Wyvern Poison (Animal/Blade) 12gp Paralyzing venom hold victim who doesnt save for 2d6 rounds. Difficult to extract but popular with kidnappers
41 Zombie Dust (Compound/Dust) 4pg sprinkled on a fresh corps animates it as a free willed zombie, older corpses take longer perhaps a hour to animate
42 Corpse Powder  (Compound/Dust) 4gp dries a corpse over a turn becoming light, brittle and easy to turn into dust 
43 Blood Dust (Compound/Contact) 10gp drains blood through skin contact for one hp a  round until you scrape it off and make a save. Burning sensation and red smoke comes from contact point. 
44 Spirit Powder (Compound/Contact) 30gp makes spirits and non corporeal beings visible or can put in eyes of five persons to see spirits around them for a ten minute turn
45 Bone Powder (Compound/Contact) 12gp seeps through skin desiccating flesh and painfully bonding to skeleton stiffening joints. Failed save victim moves half speed and -4 all skills for d3 days. If successful save only -2 rolls for an hour used for torture and cruelty
46 Curse Dust (Compound/Dust) 400gp carries a supernatural curse on victim by touch usually specified by each batch and by creators will. One batch delivers one curse only but can be spread out over a foot area to trap someone
47 Hex Powder (Compound/Dust) 40gp save or -1 on all rolls for a hour, cumulative with multiple doses, once target saves power in that portion of dust depleted
48 Blinding Dust (Compound/Dust) 20gp sprayed in face causes blindness for 2d6 rounds if fail save
49 Ghost Powder (Compound/Dust) 100gp if sprinkled on a spirit it must save or become visible and tangible and vulnerable to non magical attacks allowing a mob to drive away a spirit or non corporeal entity
50 Black Ichor (Compound/Splash) 100gp makes altars and holy sanctified area broken or can remove the effects of a bless or prayer spell. If consume and fail save changes alignment to evil plus a second roll to become addicted to ichor. Demons often deal it directly and devils offer delivery contracts for your soul
51 Smoke Powder (Compound/Dust) 1ep causes coloured cloud covers a 5 foot area for sneaking or signalling, requires fuse lit often used from a eggshell, often throw several to cover larger area
52 Flash Powder (Compound/Dust) 1ep causes flash that can surprise or dazzle requires a spark to ignite, light hating creatures and most animals will make a morale check if surprised, Intelligent If fail save distracted for round round if not expecting flash 
53 Pepper Powder (Vegetable/Dust) 1ep causes blindness and sneezing for d4 rounds in face with -2 all rolls for ten minutes after, if save only blinded for a round
54 Powder Charge (Compound/Dust) 1gp suitable for a black powder weapon comes in wooden holder for individual charges to hand on belts for quick loading or in horm with 30 shots, empty single shot container worth 4sp and empty horn is worth 2gp. Also can try to open a lock with this but risk seizing shut. For double price can come in iron ball to protect it from being attacked while being placed against a door or wall
55 Grenade (Compound/Dust) 40gp 2d4 damage across 5 foot radius, save for half damage, comes in iron ball with fuse
56 Powder Keg (Compound/Dust) 100gp 2d6 damage 10 foot radius 4lb charge for small keg, 300gp 4d6 20 foot radius ten pound charge, 1000gp 6d6 damage 30 foot radius 40lb save for half by diving for ground or cover 
57 Land Mine (Compound/Dust) 75gp 2d4 damage across 5 foot radius, save for half damage, pot with lit fuse, if shell broken or ground vibrated by troops or cavalry then fuse ignites. Often hidden under straw in a ditch or under dust in a pothole.
58 Sea Mine (Compound/Dust) is a floating pot if bumped by boat ignites fuse exploding, often positioned by swimming men into boats path slowly and gently and perilously. Use double powder keg price 
59 Arrow Rocket (Compound/Dust) 2gp d4 damage arrow fired by lit fuse in one round if you have fire handy. Often mounted on spear haft or in bundles on small hand waggons or thousands on a ox cart
60 Signal Rocket (Compound/Dust) 40gp a 4lb rocket bursts into spectacular fire works hundreds of feet from where fired, used to signal help or light battlefield up for one round 
61 Acid Vial (Compound/Splash) 12gp a d6 damage acid save for half usually in a small glass vial, enough to weaken a chain or lock or splash somebody. Larger amounts can be thrown or used. A 5 foot square effect version costs 50g per standard potion bottle
62 Wondrous Solvent (Compound/Splash) 100gp burns for 2d4 rounds 1HP per round, half if save. Can dissolve web, glue, slime and other compounds   
63 Inferno Oil (Mineral/Splash) 2gp burns target thrown at for 2d4 damage. Can be splashed over a 5 square area for d4 damage save to evade instead, often in clay pot with fuse requiring fire
64 Hellfire Oil (Compound/Splash) 40gp burns for 2d4 damage and if fail a save then burns for 1 point more per round for 2d4 rounds or can cover 10 foot square for a d4 damage and save or burn for a d4 rounds losing 1HP per round more, fuse must be lit
65 Web Agent (Compound/Splash) 200gp victim makes save or held by spider web like glue fluid. May break free with a STR save and a round of effort to move half speed. Glue lasts d6 turns 
66 Faerie Fire Oil (Compound/Splash) 100gp oil makes victim glow brilliantly removing targets penalties to hit for darkness lads for d4 turns or none if make save
67 Holy Water (Compound/Splash) 30gp 2d4 damage to undead devil or demon or d4 to multiple such beings in a 5 foot circle
68 Holy Oil (Compound/Splash) 100gp combination of both holy water and hellfire oil, comes in sanctified clay or glass vial with fuse
69 Wondrous Glue (Compound/Splash) for quick repairs in field and even can be used to help build a shelter with materials, not quite good enough for lasting weapon 
70 Cyan Blossom Gas (Compound/Gas) 75gp save to hold breath for a round, if fail causes death next round but person could be saved by healer over ten minutes, comes in glass hand size spheres spread over one yard each, often used in traps. Filling whole rooms is expensive
71 Dwarf Berserker Mead (Animal/Ingested) 40pg +2 Hit Damage will fight into negative HP 2d6 rounds
72 Elven Love Philter (Compound/Ingested) 100gp used to charm victims and makes victim addicted to first view after failing the saving throw. With a save victim knows they have unwelcome interest against their will and many would blame on magic or witchcraft
73 Halfling Healing Cordial (Compound/Ingested) 15gp treats a d4 hp just applied to wound per drop
74 Gnomish Hemp Resin (Vegetable/Smoke) 3sp smoked in pipes keeps gnomes jolly and mellow for 2d4 hours. If save it is creative experience if you fail mopes about eating and sleeping
75 Squid Men Devil Weed (Vegetable/Smoke) 12sp chewed over 10 minutes give +3 HP for an hour, is addictive and withdrawal kicks in after 3 doses if fail a save causing -2 rolls until treated by healer for a week, popular with youth in cities so there are specialist sanitariums for addicts. Squid men sell it to weaken humanity 
76 Hell Goatman Powder (Compound/Dust) 8gp Keeps aroused and able to dance all night if they make save. Fail turns the victim goat headed for a d6 turns after they get a second roll to be permanent
77 Giant Dust (Compound/Dust) 20gp if inhaled or rubbed on skin causes muscles to swell and bulge and the user gains 2 inches in height and +2 STR for ten minutes. Is addictive frequent users hear dead Jotun voices advising them. Older users need a extra save vs heart failure.
78 Serpent Man Venom (Animal/Blade) 40gp rare but keeps for decades, save or heart seizes up and fall into spasms for ten minutes then get a second save or die. A skilled healer can extend the lifespan ten minutes then get another save or die chance before the heart finally stops
79 Orc Tar (Mineral/Ingested) 5sp chewable black tar makes mouth and teeth black but adds +1 to morale and one HP for an hour after a ten minute chew, teeth take d4 days to return to normal. Tastes nasty orcs like to chew with liver chunks
80 Bugbear Nip (Vegetable/Ingested) 4sp makes bugbears euphoric and friendly. Get a +2 save if smell it when just unpacked within ten feet. Scent can make them friendly for d6 rounds. No save mod if ingested and full effect of putting bugbears into euphoric naps for a d6 hours  after ten minutes of gregarious friendly play
81 Black Lotus (Vegetable/Smoke) 12-40gp gives visions of other worlds and times which offer artistic or philosophical inspiration with a successful save. With a failed save the victim has awful horror visions and cannot sleep for a week -2 to all rolls. With a second failed roll the victim is addicted craving weekly hits
82 Blue Lotus (Vegetable/Ingested) 75-100gp gives mystical insight and magical understanding if make save, sped a d6 days in coma mind blown if fail. With a second failed roll the victim is addicted craving weekly hits. Usually comes fresh or dried flower in wine cup which activates the drug
83 Jade Lotus (Vegetable/Smoke) 20gp gives dreamy trance for 12 hours then saves, failure is addicted, has nightmares and craves a weekly amount, -2 on all rolls till cured 
84 Yellow Lotus (Vegetable/Smoke) 30gp gives sleepy dreamy sensations and visions of carcosa and the court of hali with success for a d6 hours, with failure the dreamer has nightmares and sees the yellow sign. Those seeing the sign spend a d6 days paranoid with delusions of being followed or persecuted. 1in6 will encounter some creature when alone (often undead) during that time. A second save when results over is to see if the user is addicted and craves a weekly hit 
84 Red Lotus (Vegetable/Smoke) 12gp smoked causes mental clarity, alertness and can keep user awake 12 hours if you make your save. Fail makes irritable and paranoid and prone to starting fights or arguments in that time. Three uses and user must make a save vs addiction becoming aggressive as long as addicted
85 White Lotus (Vegetable/Ingested) 80gp These seeds are skinned then boiled till soft white and eaten, eating puts into a four hour trance. If saved user communes with friendly spirit of the dead usually a friend or kin. If failed tormented by dead and everyone you have killed causing nightmares for a d4 days and -2 on all rolls. A second save needed to resist addiction requiring weekly hit
86 Chaos Lotus (Vegetable/Ingested) 50gp induces a petty mutation if you eat chaos tainted roots. If fail a saving throw, if you ever make a save you are forever immune to Chaos Lotus. Cultists like to chew the roots for days which turns eater chaotic after three doses
87 Jeweled Lotus  (Vegetable/Ingested) 75gp is tainted by law, if scintillating flower is eaten experience +1 INT for a d6 hours of emotionless clarity. If fail fall into torpor for d6 days while experiencing no time. If three eaten at once eater becomes lawful
88 Fire Lotus  (Vegetable/Smoke) 40gp is hot peppery flavoured smoke. If make the save user feels warm and gains +1 to hit and AC for a hour. If they fail the victim coughs for ten minutes and will be unwilling to ever use again  
89 Crystal Lotus (Vegetable/Ingested) 100gp Eaten dried whole flower or powder or pill. Successful save can detect magic by sight for 10 minutes, failure makes user blind for a hour and will never get positive use from the drug 
90 Lotus Root Tea (Vegetable/Ingested) 20gp with a save the user enjoys a hour of clarity and confidence, fail save ends the your with a blood nose and a d6 hour nightmare coma. One small spoon per pot. Most drink diluted or slowly in tiny cups to reduce effects to same use with a mild buzz and no nightmare trance. Addiction requires a d4 cups of diluted brew a day and a full hit once a week
91 Plutonian Drug (Compound/Ingested) 100gp have amazing d6 visions of the past, with a failed save the last vision is too far back and cosmic planar entities follow you back to the present to kill 
92 Space Mead (Compound/Ingested) 100gp is brewed with rare and valuable ingredients including a human pineal gland. It allows body to survive extremes of space in a trance so creatures can carry you to other worlds. If fail save the traveller dies in transit. If used ten times users eyes turn into dark eyeless pits and they get preternatural sight instead
93 Leng Dust  (Compound/dust) 100gp inhaled or eaten, instantly comes over in ten minutes of visions of other wolds and hidden occult places, if fail save is addicted craving weekly hit and cannot remember anything from visions. Usually failures sob for a d6 hours after they come out of trance
96 Troll Gland (Animal/Ingested) 30gp living troll gland can be eaten whole or soaked on string in tea for d6 uses for a diluted effect. Strong version heals one HP and gives +1 hit for a d6 hours, diluted version takes ten minutes to take effect and lasts only an hour 
97 Alicorn Powder (Animal/Ingested) 300gp cures effects of poison or addiction within one round of tasting, if spinkled on poison anything will smoulder and as a detector a dose can be used thus ten times. Is highly illegal and rare, elves will kill you for having it
98 Unicorn Guano (Animal/Ingested) 50gp fresh eaten cures a d4 damage,  will usually dry out in 3 months to heal only 1HP but often tinned or packaged or sealed in wax in bricks to last for years
99 Dagon Slime (Animal/Contact) 75gp jelly packed in fleshy pod is smeared over eyes, nose and mouth forming a membrane allowing user to breath under water for a d6 hours. Every application after the first must save or permanently become a water breather. Used by fish men and undersea ancient evils on human slaves. Pods picked from animal in deep sea trenches 
100 Dragon Weed (Vegetable Ingested) 1000gp guarded by sea dragons in the depth and occasionally stolen by mortals. If eaten with a save users age reduces to fertile adulthood and aging slows 10% which extra doses increase by 10% - at 100% user immortal. If fail the potion turns skin blue or green and they are immune to any benefits from the plant forever

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