Saturday 12 August 2017

d100 low level village mysteries or Goat Quest Missions

I could have just called this low level mysteries for rural dnd but goat appeal wins

Goat agents in the secret service of Nanny Binx hunt chaos, cults and evil in the countryside or normal low level adventurers encounter mysteries in the countryside.

Or whenever you pass as village roll here so players have sidequests.
Too many in the same village means burn the village down.

d100 Goat Quest Missions

01 Find a senior agent who has disappeared undercover
02 Find a cult of chaos hiding in a comunity
03 Lead lawmen to a chaos cult site without giving mission away
04 Free a barn of animals from a farm turned to chaos and needing sacrifices
05 Search a haunted house for evidence of witchcraft
06 Take over a farm run by chaos cultists
07 Recruit new agents in the area to keep eyes and ears alert 
08 Some local source has been contaminating man and beast with mutations
09 Find where local witch cult meet and inform authorities
10 Find a local cave believed to hide a demon shrine

11 Find a chaos goat that has infiltrated the local herd
12 Find a sorcerer who has been operating out of the area

13 Find the chaos goatmen lair
14 Find and destroy a chaos shrine or altar
15 Find the ruined temple in the woods that have been active again
16 Find the standing stones used by local cults 
17 Search and destroy a chaos plant or mushroom growing in woods
18 A building in village has a secret chaos shrine
19 A village had chaos cult long ago, check it is inactive
20 Find a evil black dog menacing area by night
21 An evil witch familiar has been corrupting villagers
22 A favorite goat herder or milkmaid has gone missing
23 Local children have been singing strange rhymes someone taught them
24 Something is mutilating cattle
25 Something is haunting the moors by night
26 Villagers have falsely accused old woman of witchcraft
27 A self appointed witch hunter is stirring up mob and charging exorbitant fees
28 A missing old man was last seen in the forest
29 Who is tainting village milk?
30 Someone in the village is a shapeshifter causing trouble
31 Someone disturbing local graves
32 Investigate rumours a necromancer is living in the forest
33 Phantom has bee seen in the village at night
34 Wolves in area and a stranger in town
35 Bat fluttering and laughter heard by night from the sky
36 A strange chaos rooster has been seen in the woods, where did it come from
37 Something is stealing and playing cruel pranks
38 Cows are scared and stopped giving milk
39 Something stealing chickens and hurt a village dog
40 Something has been beating hired labourers in their shack by night
41 Rats in the walls scaring people and bit a baby
42 Something taken village cats
43 Local man has a strange large cat and has become prosperous
44 Local man with black poodle has found buried treasure twice
45 Something ruining fences by night
46 Something stealing from old woman's root cellar
47 A baby has been replaced with a goblin and parents upset
48 Gremlins infesting village find where they come from
49 Several children are lost in the forest
50 Ravens hanging around village, sometimes seem to say horrible things
51 Strange eggs found in hen house
52 Unicorn hunters have been operating in area against the law
53 Cackling goblins have been heard in woods up to some no good
54 Something upstream has stopped all the fish
55 Local water supply has been tainted making some sick
56 Someone is offering money for dead or alive pixies
57 Sacrificed farm animals found in meadow who dunnit?
58 Dark elves have killed inhabitants of farm and made man and beasts into zombies
59 People claim a troll has moved under a bridge in the high meadows
60 Someone let pony into food store and it ate itself to death, who dunnit?
61 Mysterious blood stains found on village trails
62 Blood found in laundry on line and bailiff has locked up old woman falsely accused of evil
63 Strange goings on and several villagers have conspicuous luxury items
64 A man sold strange beans that grew goblins and caused trouble, who was he?
65 A stuttering hunchback who was kind to children and animals has been accused of crime
66 Butcher and pie shop selling inexpensive mystery meat 
67 Murder hobos left cursed item in village causing trouble
68 Body awaiting burial stolen and everyone living in fear
69 Strange voice by night has been asking children permission to enter homes
70 Old person vanished and house doors open
71 Someone is burning haystacks
72 Two teen lovers found murdered in barn
73 Several cows pregnant yet no local bull away on village show circuit
74 Someone digging mysterious holes as if looking for something
75 Someone clearing bushes found a craggy hole littered with bone fragments
76 Something stealing animal tails
77 Empty grave with strange stinking hole in bottom found
78 Strange sounds heard from the ruined old mill
79 Strange sounds and rumblings heard from underground and earth mounds found
80 Village festival coming and prize pig or beautiful festival queen missing
81 Horribly mutilated human or animal corpse found in creekbed
82 Strange noises coming from village septic pit
83 Strange mutant fish found in local creek
84 Lights seen around old faerie mound outside of village, was once a burial place
85 Lights seen on moors at night and strange noises heard
86 A wicked chaos goat has been luring nanny goats and kids away from the herd
87 Someone saw several unrecognised children performing a ritual in the woods
88 Someone in village is informing bandits when traders pass through
89 Someone is drawing witch signs around the village in chalk
90 Someone saw a hideous crone living in a wrecked shack in the woods
91 Something killed several sheep and the shepherds best dog
92 Goblins have been tempting children with strange fruits
93 Someone has found a adorable baby monster, hilarity ensues
94 Shadow from a dead priest born in village has been haunting street by night
95 A forest creature has been persecuting villagers as an act of revenge over something
96 Mysterious hooded men have been searching countryside
97 Strange stain on grass seems to be in shape of a demon
98 Someone cutting turf to make demon symbols in hillside
99 Murder hobos have hired a abandoned shack and locals fear they will stir up monsters
100 A local farmer has been seen growing a strange new plant


  1. How long does it take you to think up 100 ideas like this?

    1. depends one like this took three sessions while watching vids and was pretty easy over two days

      simple lists are a hour or two

      some with longer multiple sentences are slower and take days

      my list of stillborn blogs is 9 - ones where it felt overly ambitious and have been sitting about for months


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