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Gods of Xor - expanded edition

Had a bit more of a thought about cults of Xor and though I needed more so here we are...

Also considered a citadel generator for Xor like the one I did for Underland/fantasy or Planet Psychon to create endless fleshy population hubs with built in adventure prospects. Do I need this? Spells are main thing to finish on Xor now. Thinking I need more of those weird races from medieval books like one legged men, headless men with faces in chests, hermaphrodite or siamese twins etc.

I could probably expand on some popular cults like the molerat goddess sometime or a "liberation of the mole rat goddess temple" adventure

Ancestral Gods
Each tribe has a great ancestor or couple
Humanoid and demihumans have their own
Some ancestors are animal gods or beast lords
Like the popular mole rat goddess

The Great Gods of the body of Xor
The blood god brings love and war
The bone god brings strength and labour
The flesh god brings food and health
The animus god brings life and will
Other organs and fluids have lesser gods

The Elemental Gods of Xor
Many elemental gods seek worship from Xorlings
Many tribes come from elemental ancestors
Individual elementals and elemental beings might be worshipped
Other rarer forms of elementals and evil demon tainted elementals exist too
Sky god and the Air goddess
Water god and the moon goddess
Sun goddess and the Fire god
Earth goddess and the Underworld god

Chaos Cults
Demon Renegades
Demon Nobility
Demon Royalty
Elder Horrors

Petty Gods
Hundreds of them, some local

How many Local Cults
village gets one roll
big village gets d2 roll
town gets a d3 roll
citadel gets 1d4 rolls
metropolis gets 1d4+2 rolls
whole hex d6

The first 20 on table are the basic ones and most of the time you should roll a d20 or perhaps ross d20 for first half and d100 for second half. The first half are most popular, the second half are struggling often live in secret or a single isolated village or suburb.

Or in a big multicultural city or even among traders you could roll religion for everyone you meet

d100 Cults on Xor
1 Historical Monotheism Abrahamic tradition - Christian, Islamic or Judaism
2 Historical Philosophical tradition - Daoisim, Confucianism, Buddhism, Jainism
3 Ancient Pantheon tradition - Norse, Greek, Roman, Babylon, Chinese, Indian, Japan, Egypt, Celt
4 GM Choice Fantasy pantheon ____________________ or default to Cosmic Law and order
5 GM Choice Fantasy pantheon ____________________ or default Cthulhu Mythos
6 Elemental Cults commune with and study elemental powers from other planes
7 Necromantic Cults study death magic, knowledge of the dead and commanding undead slaves
8 Chaos cult or repressed followers mostly dupes, ignorant, desperate, coerced or unwilling
9 Chaos cult of willing followers seeking wealth, power, sex or revenge
10 Demonic Chaos servants direct minions of demons and lords of demonic chaos
11 Spirit Cult Ancestral Beast tradition claim ancestry from a species of animal
12 Spirit Cult Ancestral Land traditions claim ancestry from natural land features
13 Spirit Cult Clan Ancestral traditions claim ancestry from generations from the first humans
13 Spirit Cult Xor traditions claim ancestry from the flesh of Xor and kinship to all life
14 Templars of Xor are a dedicated cult of demon hunters who swarm against chaos intruders
15 Hospitallers of Xor are dedicated to healing and the powers of life who hate necromancy
16 Inquisitors of Xor are dedicated to identifying hostile outsiders like demon tainted
17 Children of Xor are peace loving pilgrims who aid Xor and those faithful to its way
18 Heirophants of Xor philosophers who ponder the nature of Xor and support all its spawn
19 Mystics of Xor meditate on the mysteries of Xor and collect books in their monasteries
20 Heretics of Xor celebrate the appetite of Xor including gorging, cannibalism and inbreeding
21 Monastery or nunnery serves the locals
22 A bloody cult believe Xor needs constant war and sacrifices to sustain it
23 Lone hermit in a cave services the community
24 A wizard in a tower preaches philosophy and science, educates common folk
25 Single God talks to high priest via an artifact or prophet in a shrine
26 Single God talks to high priest via an artifact or prophets in a temple
27 Prophet picks up garbled visions from many gods which is interpreted by shrine priests
28 Astronomer interprets the will of heaven by some arcane theory
29 A shaman cares for the community, communing with the spirits
30 A druid cares for the community and dealing with nature
31 A sorcerer leads a cult from a pleasure dome celebrating vice and pleasure
32 A witch performs services to needy villagers and lives near
33 Religion is entwined with state cult such as a city god cult
34 Peasants left alone and follow local petty gods, priest or shaman acts as interpreter
35 Ancestors worshiped by communing with or as undead, priest or shaman acts as interpreter
36 Music, poets and bards replace religion
37 Cult of frolicing demon worshipers helt forces of darkness hide
38 Cult of alien star men who aid their otherworld masters
39 A petty lesser demon has enthralled all with cheap tricks and claims to be a god
40 A demon minor demon has set itself up as god with brutality and murder
41 A Succubi or Incubi in human form has established a cult with demons as false gods
42 A major demon visits to receive sacrifices from a robed priesthood who keep gods identity secret
43 A demon noble is worshiped and they send servants to receive offerings from the cult 
44 Elder gods utterly alien and more ancient than Xor or demons are worshipped by a cult
45 Elder gods thought long dead and forgotten have been worshipped led by a sorcerer or wizard
46 Elder alien gods have spread their influence via a hybrid or shape changing servitor race
47 People worship an alien crystalline monument that fell from the stars aeons ago
48 People worship iron from a meteorite that fell from the stars thousands of years ago
49 A cult of fire worshipers keep a sacred temple flame alive and forbid the cooking of flesh or food
50 Shrine to a popular petty god who occasionally visits and hangs around possibly leaving children
51 Shrines of many petty gods and some come to stay, some stay too long some not long enough
52 Sky god and the Air goddess are great tribal ancestors of the local nobility and priesthood
53 Water god and the moon goddess are great tribal ancestors of the local nobility and priesthood
54 Sun goddess and the Fire god are great tribal ancestors of the local nobility and priesthood
55 Earth goddess and Underworld god are great tribal ancestors of the local nobility and priesthood
56 Chaos tainted fire god cult demands sacrifices of burned blood and souls
57 Chaos tainted ice god cult demands sacrifices of frozen blood and souls
58 Locals worship demihumans and offer visiting ones food and creature comforts
59 Demon renegades on the run from superiors have seized control of local religion by lies and force
60 A bloated and corrupt flesh wizard abuses locals for food and sex and no longer walks without aid
61 The cult of the blood god brings love and war
62 The cult of the bone god brings strength and labour
63 The cult of the flesh god brings food and health
64 The cult of the animus god brings life and will
65 Cult serves a particular organ of Xor such as brain, heart, liver, eye or hand
66 Cult of Xor worship a particular liquid by product such as milk, feces, spittle, mucous, semen
67 Cult of Xor worship a particular biological system like digestion, respiration, circulation
68 Church of beast lord cult where members wear beast masks and worship anthropomorphic beasts
69 Celestial cult follow worship sun, moon and stars and consider themselves stranded on Xor
70 A tri-tentacled sewer pit monster claims divinity by telepathy
71 A creature lives in the barn, or a stove and acts as the village defender and sage
72 An elemental node has a being of some kind the locals give thanks too
73 A dark well is a night hag pit and she may accept sacrifice and defend her people
74 A monster near the community takes sacrifice for favors
75 A giant is worshipped by locals
76 A sphynx is worshipped by locals
77 A chimera is worshipped by locals 
78 A land spirit part connected to Xor acts as a local god (like dryad or naiad but with meat)
79 A psion school or teacher operates in these part
80 Materialist philosophers, different sects teach different magic
81 Religion here is a sham run by sorcerers or rogues for profit and abuse
82 Religion here is a sham run by fake priests with no special powers
83 Fake potion making and drug dealing racket has community fooled
84 A death cult ruled by a necromancer or evil priest worship the undead
85 Alignment fanatic church here to wage cosmic war Law, Chaos or Good or Evil or other
86 A warrior order or school or fighting style
87 Mercantile fraternal brotherhood run everything financial and have rituals like processions
88 Sincere but insane cult, exploited by a monster or wicked men or waiting to be exploited
89 Charismatic cultist destroying community and plans to move on to next with lies
90 Locals appease goblinoids with sacrifice, they may protect their investment
91 Witch hunters control faith, power predicated on persecuting rival faith
92 Atheistic wizard cult study the mysteries and science of Xor
93 Cult worship a sleeping Kaiju and tend to their dreaming god and dread it's apocalyptic awakening
94 Monster hunter club with hunter shrine pay homage to beasts and monsters they kill so they return
95 Adventurer HQ usually based around pub, multiple shrines of adventurer gods and fallen heroes
96 Imperial Missionaries from outside Xor spreading faith and trade and language, shrine
97 A different race acts as a spiritual adviser with strange results
97 Megalithic monument builders protect gods sacred places and use for ceremonies
98 Cannibal cult practice eating enemies and unwelcome visitors and make undead with scraps
99 Community predicated on magic monument building cult with promises of great reward
100 People here directly in psionic communion with the animus, all networked in group mind

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