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d100 Amazon Tribes

In my setting amazons are really common. Ive considered designing a class for them. All people have heard of amazons often in relation to goddesses and from ancient histories. Many petty magic cantrip spells used since the dawn age have helped make the life of women more free. But most of the world have become backwards since the dawn age. Many cultures shun amazons and accuse uppity women and disobedient girls of being under their influence. The more a culture hates amazons by reputation the more they oppress their own women. Many such women run away to join amazon tribes on the fringes of civilization. The new knightly women orders of the empire and other more modern groups often adopt amazon heraldry and even enjoy their art and literature.

In the dawn age there was plenty and prosperity till chaos came and death and time were born. When the monster empire arose from the ruins of the divine empire, Amazon tribes sprung up in revolt and have continued since. While humans are free of monster kings and gods and necromancers the world is still imperfect and Amazons still keep fighting.

Amazon Characters
Most amazon tribes have a ancestral goddess and a totem beast

Amazons typically wear bronze plate with hoplite shield

Typically Amazons use spear, sword, bow, dart

Other popular weapons include lance, lasso, dagger, javelin, net, shortsword, battle axe, polearm

Popular non weapon proficiencies include ride, first aid, swim, run, acrobatics, balance

Most specialize in weapons and some specialize in combat and trick riding abilities

Amazons tend to not be materialistic even if they happen to be civilized and comfortable

Most Amazons are warriors but priesthood and wizard and "scouts" also exist from amazons with other talents

Amazons can have any alignment and many fight each other. Amazons of varied alignments will unite against a common enemy oppressive male conquerors.

There are great 1/72 amazon minis now with a box set of beast riders including dinos, unicorns, tigers and stags.

d10 Amazon reproduction
1 Use male prisoners or captives
2 Use male slaves
3 Seek and court great men then return home
 Kidnapping and recruitment
Use of a spell or magic herb or potion
Use of a relic or magic item
 Non human race used for fathers like elves or beast men
8 Supernatural creature or monster or magical hemaphrodite
9 Summon a male spirit or servant of their goddess
10 Summon their goddess or her brother at a great ceremony

d20 What about sons?
1 Become slaves caste forbiden to bear arms
2 Become slave cast but include auxiliaries, skirmishers and gladiators
3 Give them to other peoples or return them to fathers in other lands
4 Expose them in wilderness but other peoples often adopt them
5 Sell them to slave traders no questions asked
6 Sacrifice them to a god or demon or devils in return for services
7 Keep some as pets and drive away unwanted ones at puberty
8 Drive away when adult enough
9 Raise in state creches and form military or labour units
10 Make most of them into eunuchs

11 All babies born are daughters
12 Give birth to animals instead
13 Males are all orcs or ogres and set free or enslaved
14 Males are non humanoid monsters
15 Most babies magically changed to females at birth
16 Male children swapped for female with other culture
17 Accepted as long as conform to amazon customs and accept place as second class
18 Sent away at adulthood with weapons as part mercenary company
19 Male children traded with non humans for goods and services
20 Males care for children, cook, clean, tend home and serve their women

With some magical pairings the males are born monsters or non human while daughters are born amazons. Some evil amazons breed with orcs they kidnap and the orc sons serve as auxiliaries. Some tribes know magic to change gender and will recruit men, others will accept men who conform to amazon customs. Others magically create perfect alchemical hermaphrodites for breeding. Sometimes amazons have killed most male humanoids in a tribe and taught their ways to the surviving females creating amazon goblins, hobgoblins and orcs. Elven amazons are a thing too but they tend to be less belligerent. Amazons of all types will protect women and children from harm, even the evil ones.

During the second empire the Emperor would yearly sleep with visiting Amazon pilgrims in a yearly ceremony but later emperors became degenerate and the custom ended. The current third empire has no official dealings with any Amazons.

d10 Amazon Comunities1 Hunter gatherer nomads living with their cult beasts with seasonal holy sites

2 Nomads with portable housing and seasonal tribal clan gatherings
3 Fortified Camp seasonally move every 4-10 years
4 Hillfort comunity watching over a wilderness territory
5 Fortress complex with military community
6 Fortified Tower with military force guarding a holy place
7 Castle of amazon knights guarding a rural farm area
8 Fortified Temple with warrior priest order
 Fortified Town with agrarian areas surrounding it
10 Citadel complex blended with natural landscape

d100 Amazon Tribes

1 Unicorn Tribe ride unicorns and worship the unicorn god who praises virgins
2 Stag Tribe ride huge deer and watch woodlands
3 Lion Tribe ride huge lions and prowl savannas or mountains or forests
4 Terrorbird Tribe ride giant meat eating birds and are savage hunters
5 Sabretooth Tribe ride giant cats and hunt auroch and mamoths and dinosaurs
6 Tiger Tribe ride huge tigers in giants and snowy mountains, many are solitary
7 Serpent Tribe worship snakes in great temples and carry holy snakes always
8 Dragon Tribe worship and serve dragons and ride them into battle
9 Wolf Tribe ride dire wolves and wage war on humanoids and cavemen
10 Raptor Tribe ride hunting dinosaurs and hunt other thunderlizards in lost lands
11 Dolphin Tribe ride dolphins and live on islands raiding ships and coastlines
12 Owl Tribe ride giant owls and keep owls as pets in service to many goddesses
11 Gorgon Tribe worship the goddess medusa and her spawn in mighty temples
12 Wyvern Tribe ride monsters and live in mountains raiding cattle and sheep herds

13 Mole tribe live underground using giant moles and slaves to dig labyrinthine tunnels
14 Panther Tribe are treacherous and fight by night and ambush with their cat allies
15 Lynx tribe live with giant lynx companions and guard northern forests from evil
16 Goat tribe ride giant mountain goats in rocky isolated regions building forts
17 Beaver tribe build gigantic log forts and dams with their giant beaver allies in forests
18 Frog tribe ride giant bullfrogs and guard swamps from chaos and mutants
19 Dog tribe have huge packs of wild dogs and hunt together, there is a halfling version too
20 Owlbear tribe are raised from birth with pet owlbears and sometimes ride them
21 Pegasi Tribe ride flying horses and live high in their mountains close to the gods
22 Hell Hound tribe serve the lords of hell in return for independance
23 Crocodile Tribe live in marshes and serve their underworld judge master
24 Mammoth Tribe tive in the glacier lands living with mammoths using all their left overs
25 Auroch Tribe serve the great bull god and perform bloody sacrifices with axes
26 Eagle tribe ride giant eagles in the mountains harrasing travellers and humanoids
27 Bat Tribe ride giant bats but the vampire bat riders are a evil sub tribe serving undead
28 Bear Trribe live in mountains and forests shunning civilization and metal use
29 Horse Tribe are nomadic and have burned several great cities over thousands of years
30 Eel Tribe live in reef castles and ride giant eels to raid ships, some live underground too
31 Crab Tribe sped whole lives on backs of their collosal crabs building houses on backs
32 Falcon Tribe are sun worshipers who scout the world for evil to destroy
33 Goose Tribe ride giant geese and travel between continents carrying refugees
34 Shark Tribe ride pet sharks terrorising coastal peoples with bloodthirsty feeding rituals
35 Turtle Tribe build fortified houses on turtle backs living in deep sea and marshes 
36 Hyena Tribe ride giant hyenas and are feared raiders and skirmishers who eat the dead
37 Jackal Tribe hunt and kill undead and feed them to their giant intelligent pets
38 Tyrannosaur Tribe live in jungles and terrorise intruders into their lost world
39 Octopus Tribe live with their giant octopi friends in coral reef caves raiding fish men
40 Cat Tribe keep hundreds of pet cats who protect their crops which they use to make beer
41 Cow Tribe are jolly cow herders who live off dairy products of their sacred beasts
42 Kaiju Tribe live on and underfoot their monster gods cleaning and protecting them
43 Beetle tribe use various beetles to ride, as cattle, war machines and mobile homes
44 Fish Tribe operate fish farms on rivers and coastal tidal pools
45 Worm Tribe live underground and raid the surface for victims to hurl into their maggot pits
46 Salamander Tribe live near active volcanoes and rifts in the earth to be near their gods
47 Ostrich Tribe ride and herd ostriches and are strictly independent avoiding other races
48 Bee Tribe use bee nests as weapons and sell magic honey from their royal hives
49 Mantis Tribe wear insectoid armour and ritually decapitate their males after sex
50 Ape Tribe worship their giant ape king guardian and use trained war gorillas
51 Moth Tribe summon giant moth gods and ride them to secret places even the moon
52 The Wasp Tribe are cannibals who feed enemies and their children to their own offspring
53 Locust Tribe ride giant bugs and raid crops on their rambling nomadic journeys
54 Boar Tribe ride giant battlepigs and are very destructive, some tribes are all orcish 
55 Triceratops Tribe serve law and order crushing chaos and oppresive regimes
56 Leopard Tribe are nocturnal killers who ride their huge leopards silently
57 Badger Tribe ride giant badgers, live in underground citadels and raid the surface
58 Camel Tribe are merchants who wander the wastes secretly collecting knowledge
59 Centipede Tribe are savage killers each believe they are a link of the great centipede
60 Scorpion Tribe are hunters who are also cannibals and guard gates to the underworld
61 Ankylosaurus Tribe are herders of and riders of their armoured thunder lizards
62 Stegosaurus Tribe rampage through jungles clearing roads and fighting monsters
63 Spider Tribe dwell in the underland with their herds of giant spiders
64 Hippogriff Tribe rescue maidens especially ones in wizard towers 
65 Griffon Tribe guard gold of the gods on mountain tops and aiding forces of law
66 Hydra Tribe guard nests of hydra by building citadels over their nests and worship them
67 Naga Tribe serve to guard nagas in their temples and protect their treasures
68 Otter Tribe dwell near rivers living in burrow forts under the river banks
69 Peryton Tribe ride these monsters and feed them bloody fresh hearts 
70 Ram Tribe live in mountain snowy valleys hand ride giant rams 
71 Sphynx Tribe serve sphinxes recording their wisdom and guarding their treasure
72 Lamia Tribe serve a lamia who acts as their queen, providing her with luxuries and vice
73 Toad Tribe live with giant toads in their burrow cities, waging war on worms and bugs
74 Weasel Tribe ride giant weasels and savagely raid victims like bloody berserkers
75 Bat Tribe ride giant bats and live in underground citadels fighting races of the underland
76 Cyclops Tribe guard the lairs of their cyclops gods who make weapons for deities
77 Fire Tribe worship elementals in great volcano temples eternally aflame 
78 Earth Tribe worship elementals in great underground temples keeping elder secrets 
79 Water Tribe worship elementals in great island temples guarded by reefs and monsters
80 Air Tribe worship elementals in great mountain top temples and open spaces
81 Mongoose Tribe battle evil reptilians like basilisks, dragons, cockatrice and others
82 Chimera Tribe guard their sacred beast caves and bring sacrifices they capture
83 Minotaur Tribe guard sacred mazes of their holy minotaurs and treasure hoardes
84 Cobra Tribe worship their holy cobra god in mighty snake filled temple towers 
85 Vulture Tribe gather corpses to feed their birds and battle undead and necromancers
86 Ant Tribe are hard working subterranean builders and miners
87 Squid Tribe are pirates operating out secret coral citadels with their giant squid ships
88 Seahorse Tribe ride giant versions of tribal beast from their coral sea castles 
89 Horse Tribe are nomadic raiders who drink fermented mares milk and burn cities
90 Glyptodon Tribe ride huge armoured mammals who live in burrow complexes
91 Gull Tribe ride giant sea birds over huge areas living on island cliff citadels
92 Puffin Tribe herd giant war puffins into battle on coastal areas from their cliff citadels
93 Phoenix Tribe guard their sacred pheonix birds on behalf of heaven
94 Hedgehog Tribe fight with their war hogs in giant hedge mazes covering their burrows 
95 Ogre Tribe herd ogre slaves, bred and surgically modified lobotomized berserkers 
96 Newt Tribe ride giant newts in the swamps and dwell in giant gelatinous spawn citadels
97 Rat Tribe ride giant rodents and live in burrow complexes raiding farms and city sewers
98 Manta Tribe surf on rays raiding coastlines and shipping from their lagoon island towns
99 Dragon Turtle Tribe ride inside the shells of their sacred beasts raiding shipping
100 Manatee Tribe ride and herd sea cows who graze on sea grass 

These are the beauties im looking for, i wish someone would do more dungeon monsters - the trolls look good too and i like the mounted undead. The earlier sets look more archaen greek.

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