Thursday 24 August 2017

Sewers and Cesspits 1

Ive long considered a dungeon zone just of sewers for fantasy and for post apocalypse. I used to enjoy exploring drains till a bunch of ppl died not following cave clan safety code. So this topic got my imagination going pretty well. Here are lists of things found in drains and basic encounters.Will later do hell's sewers which is sort of a cheat to get around hell's levels if your too gutless to pay tolls at gates. Sorta like the boiler room areas and probably connected.

d100 Stuff Found In Drains
01 Dead animal d4 1=giant rat 2=dog 3=cat 4=half eaten small pony
02 Sack of puppies 1in6 chance still alive
03 Human corpse d4 1=peasant 2=thief 3=mutant 4=gongfarmer
04 Old boot
05 Severed head
06 Dead goblin or kobold
07 Broken bucket
08 Giant pile of feces
09 Congealed lump of fat acumulated over years
10 Broken cart

11 Broken barrel
12 Pile of old beer bottles

13 Pile of fish skeletons
14 Stalactites and stalagmites 
15 Sawn through iron bar grill plate
16 Pair of old stockings
17 Fishing rod
18 Half eaten fish with bite marks
19 Package of illegal drugs stuffed in hole
20 Gang graffitti
21 Dead baby or child
22 Dead half eaten crocodile
23 Patch of thriving fungus
24 Chunk of stone in wall with prehistoric carvings
25 Tiny shack built of scrap
26 Sign from a shop or tavern
27 Torn old map
28 Page from spellbook covered in feces
29 Lost hat
30 Fancy shoe
31 Pile of old rags
32 Skeleton
33 Rotten vegetable heap
34 Pile of rotten leaves
35 Pile of corpses with slit throats
36 Glowing mushrooms
37 Huge bones
38 Sheets of shed reptile skin
39 Tree roots
40 Stone statue head
41 Drowned woman clutching suicide note
42 Strange carvings in wall
43 Cult idol set into wall
44 Sack of copper coins stuffed in hole in wall 
45 Pile of loose bricks and soil
46 Shovel, buckets and sacks of feces
47 Artificial limb
48 Rusty old broken dagger
49 Sodden pile of posters removed from street walls
50 Childs cloth doll stuffed with straw
51 Broken erotic clay figurine
52 Bundle of torches
53 Rotten goat crawling with maggots
54 Wheel of cheese being eaten by rats
55 Gnawed human limbs
56 Wooden crate with cultist robes 
57 Crate with rusted old chains, tools and scrap
58 Gnawed leather pants
59 Walking stick
60 Huge broken teeth
61 Puddle of blood
62 Lost puppy
63 Stray cat
64 Gelatinous harmless blob grazing on filth
65 Dog collar and lead
66 Old blanket
67 Mound of scrap and garbage
68 Dead giant bug
69 Giant maggot crawling about eating scraps
70 Patch of mould
71 Thousands of cocroaches covering walls
72 Thick cobwebs block area
73 Coffins with rotten corpses fallen through collapsed wall
74 Sealed burial niches for burials 
75 Cultist graffiti
76 Mound of human hair
77 Mound of dirty bubbling froth
78 Wooden planks
79 Scaffolding supporting sagging ceiling
80 Several boxes arranged as furniture with cups and empty bottles
81 Bedroll and backpack with old clothes and d6 copper coins
82 Purse with d6 copper coins
83 Silver coin
84 Huge toad sitting in a hole
85 Half a broken boat
86 Tree branch tangled with string and hair and mud
87 Sloppy wet mud with footprints
88 Rusty old lantern
89 Candle stubs stuck on walls
90 Campfire
91 Pile of stale rat eaten bread
92 Nest of mice under pile of garbage
93 Eels gnawing on chunk of rotten mystery meat
94 Broken musical instrument d4 1=bone flute 2=drum 3=bagpipes 4=horn
95 Chart of local tunnels pasted to wall
96 Someone smashed holes in walls looking for something
97 Collapsed tunnel with several shovels and buckets in rubble
98 Colony of bats easily startled
99 Walls have skulls placed in holes in brick work with mortar
100 Cluster of large eggs

d100 Sewers of Shadelport Encounters
01 Giant ratsout hunting
02 Swarm of rats guarding nest
03 A colossal rat size of a black or brown bear
04 Gang of escaped kobold slaves
05 Goblin sewer gang
06 Goblin sewer workers just here to clean up
07 Thief gang on way somewhere don't want witnesses
08 Thief gang dont want any trouble will scatter
09 Sewer gang defending turf
10 Homeless old people drinking rotgut

11 Homeless street urchins flee on sight
12 Homeless youg child crying

13 Sewer workers with tools and cart full of dung
14 Fisherman with bucket of sewer fish and eels
15 Sewer workers with digging tools and cart of bricks
16 Militia on patrol exterminating unauthorized persons
17 Militia chasing escaped criminal
18 Pick pocket on the run from law
19 Old thief with gang of urchins in training as thieves
20 Family of mutants looking for food
21 Dwarf surveyors looking for damage and faults
22 Halfling family hunting rats
23 City rat catchers with sacks of rats and noisy terriers
24 Carrion crawler wid d4 egg filled corpses
25 Insane gibbering tentacled mutant
26 Orc sewer gang unemployed and looking for trouble
27 Secret police moving unseen for a surface mission
28 Zombies patroling sewers for gangs and monsters but they are not very discriminating
29 Skeletons collecting bodies for necromancer master
30 Skeletons with necromancer master on way to secret lair
31 Gelatinous cube cleaning up filth
32 Ochre Jelly eating anyone in path
33 Grey ooze hungrily devouring everything
34 Shrieking fungus patch
35 Giant crickets devouring mould
36 Green slime patch on ceiling
37 Yellow mould patch
38 Mushroom men collecting dung to take home
39 Giant dung beetle rolling huge ball of turd over everything in path
40 Giant flies laying eggs, caring for maggots and looking for food
41 Giant maggots hungrily sniffing out food
42 Cult with sacrifice dont want any witnesses
43 Cult on way to secret meeting
44 Cult summoning demon
45 Sewer wight wanders from crypt to kill occasionally
46 Sewer mummy wandering about spreading disease
47 Chaos rat men hunting for victims often with priest or wizard
48 Lamprey men looking for blood
49 Giant eels willing to flop about in air for food
50 Mole men looking for slaves
51 Evil dwarfs looking for new lair
52 Dark elves spreading exotic fungi spoor
53 Goblin children having a turd throwing fight
54 Giant slug munching on filth
55 Bloodthirsty weasel men hunting for anyone they can eat or at least some rats
56 Albino sewer apes crazed with rage carrying bone clubs
57 Squid men caarying cursed relics to cultists
58 Fishmen with  captive trying to get to sea shore
59 Sons of kyuss dripping with glowing green maggots looking for victims
60 Eel men pirates drunkenly looking for victims to serve as slaves or food
61 Chaos Troll eating feces but prefers fresh meat especially hands 
62 Otyugh or neo otyugh wallowing in pile of filth demands worship
63 Roper lays in wait in water expects sacrifices
64 Cave fisher lurking in hole in ceiling awaiting victims 
65 Giant cave lobster lurking in pool hungrilly
66 Giant crabs come from sea looking for food
67 Giant cockroaches will try to eat anything 
68 Giant centipede nest or single gigantic specimen hunting
69 Giant beetles hunting in a pack
70 Giant toad covered in hilth hidden awaits tast prey
71 Pack of savage toothed frogs hunting for game
72 Earth or water elemental formed from sewerage on murder spree
73 Feces golem furious with being created from shoddy materials on killing rampage
74 Ghoul pack travelling between graveyards
75 Skelton wizard with skeleton guards seeking long lost relic
76 Zombies uncontrolled hungry for flesh
77 Smugglers moving goods under the city
78 Pirates moving press ganged captives to ship
79 Witches moving in secret to hidden ritual coven chamber in basement
80 Gang dumping dead bodies
81 People smugglers helping customers cross city district walls
82 Doppelgangers will sense minds of adventurers and adopt a plausible form to close in
83 Ogre wandering the sewers tired of eating feces and rats
84 Starvin peasants looking for rats to eat
85 Giant cod will try to snatch people close to water
86 Giant snakes hiding in broken pipes nip passers by
87 Giant gecko lives on ceiling camouflaged tries to snatch and run with humanoid
88 Rust monster flushed as a baby wanders hungrily
89 Floating eyeball used by wizard to find interesting things follows party
90 Goblins bathing in sewage and splashing playfully
91 Drunken goblins singing and eating feces
92 A gang of orcs skirmishing with a human gang over wide area
93 Militia mounting large area manhunt for a unlicenced assassin on the run
94 Adventurers on some grubby dodgy quest for hidden treasure
95 Down on luck murder hobos looking for monsters to kill for city bounties
96 Assassins guild on training mission for initiates sworn to kill witnesses
97 Cultists on run from a demon or beastmen after deal gone bad
98 Smugglers boat delivering goods to evade tax
99 Tako octopus faerie folk exploring human civilization from their sea castle home
100 Giant sewer octopus living in cesspool


  1. Things from these charts could supplement most any "dungeon dressing" list. You are amazing as usual.

  2. yes - part 2 also
    very usable for caves too


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