Thursday 17 August 2017

d100 Useless fish cult treasures in the sunken city

Weeks long flu and worse after antibiotics, imagination low, weird dreams kinda ok, so bored inside im watching TV instead of Fallout. So blogging standards a bit low.

Saw a post on FB someone who filled Kuo-toa empty rooms in the classic modules with useless magic fishman stuff which is a awesome idea. I have done cursed fishman items before but this is a amazingly useful concept. Such items might turn up well inland from great floods or even before land rose from the sea. Possibly some use could be derived but not for most adventurers.

Fishmen hate it when infidels use their relics and their cultists will seek them back. Once they and their allies and servitor races ruled over man and they assume they will again.

d100 Useless fish cult treasures in the sunken city
01 Crown of Squid Communication allows communication with squid and cuttlefish 
02 Ring of Air Breathing for sea creatures visiting land
03 Oil of Hydration allows beings to walk on land without drying for a day
04 Oil of Scaliness replaces hideous naked ape skin with lovely natural scales for life
05 Torc of Slavelord allows wearer to communicate with humans 
06 Slime of Slave Making changes lungs of air breather into a water breather permanently
07 Ring of Fish Hook detection so they can sabotage fishermen
08 Ring of Net Detection to detect traps and fishermen
09 Lure of the Glow Worm this attracts curious fish
10 Skin of the Flesh Ape is a skin suit allowing a fishman to pretend to be human and breath air for 24 hours after it breaks up and disintegrates

11 Rod of Clam Command has a d100 charges and can make a clam or similar shellfish open up
12 Torc of Spawning doubles your egg or milt production when breeding

13 Conch of Calling calls a angry unhelpful sea monster from the deep once a year
14 Idol of the Squid God give owner nightmares and dreams or for use in elder sea gods blasphemous rights 
15 Wax tablet of the Old Ones if cast into the sea will call a fish man to contact you that night
16 Ring of Stinger Resistance protects wearer from jellyfish, anenomes and coral
17 Barnacle of Defence if planted on skin in a d6 months gives +2AC
18 Seaweed of Visions allows eater to dream of the evil planar powers of elemental water
19 Ambergris of the Old Ones this pugnant slime is a pleasing sacrifice to the sea gods if used gives a sea priest +1 level for spell casting for a day 
20 Crab Gauntlets often single or in a set, if put on bonds to flesh and now has a d4 damage pincer, comes off when dead
21 Fish Cloak of the Sages grants wearer ability to identify all sea animals and knowledge of growing coral reefs in deliberate formations over 30 years
22 Tentacle Beard of the Sea Pharaoh is a bundle of tentacles that bonds with your chin endowing wearer with +1 CHA to sea beings 
23 Spawn of the Sea God is a slimy packet from a great old one of the depths, if eaten gains power of elder god developing tentacles, spines and extra eyes permanantly 
24 Arm Ring of the Depths makes wearer pressure resistant at all depths or space
25 Shoggoth Seed is a pod if opened releases a newborn baby 1 HP shoggoth which will obey, each year gain a HD and a saving throw to rebel to a maximum of 10HD
26 Torc of Shoggoth Comunion allows wearer to telepathically talk to shoggoths within 100", the shoggoth will know the general whereabouts of the user
27 Spear of the Sea Hunter is a bone weapon with +2 vs fish
28 Trident of the Dolphin Slayer is a bone weapon +3 vs dolphins
29 Shell of the Whale Song on command will make beautiful whale music
30 Shell of Fishy delight on command calls tiny fish who will chew of your shedding skin in a pleasant manner once per day
31 Milt of the Old Ones a packet of fluid of squeezed over eggs will make hatchlings achieve maximum HP on adulthood and bear sacred marks of fish divinity
32 Golden Sea Idol of the Old Ones is a foot long gold idol that is blessed of the sea gods, if owned by infidel then local priests receive visions of the thief and location
33 Scriptures of the Siren are sheet music of the fishmen tattooed on fish skin allowing reader to sing a siren song that calls a d100 fish once a week
34 Skin of Eel Brotherhood this eel skin arm wrap around the arm and gives wearer positive reactions with all kinds of eels who regard the wearer as one of them
35 Skin of the Sea Serpant is a snake skin arm wrap making wearer immune to the poisonous bites of sea snakes 
36 Crown of the Lobster makes wearer able to speak to any lobster normal or giant
37 Ring of Purity keeps away sea lice and parasites and barnacles from your scales
38 Dagger of Fangs is +2 vs snakes and snake men , made from a single huge fang
39 Horn of the Boat Eaters can once a month atract a swarm of wood eating sea termites thar ruin boats and warfs over a week
40 Crown of the Sea Urchin can once a month call a swarm of sea urchins to plague an enemy or for eating
41 Crown of Coral will fuse to the wearers skull and allow them to speak to coral imploring them to grow reefs in pleasing ways over decades, on death it seperates
42 Narwhale Lance carved from a single tusk is +3 vs Whales and +1 vs mammals 
43 Tooth of the Shark if inserted into a tooth socket will change wearers teeth into savage shark teeth allowing d6 bite damage, the tooth can be removed on death
44 Cloak of the Fish allows wearer to change to a salmon and back once a day
45 Cloak of Blubber protects wearer from natural cold and can be chewed on for food equivalent to a meal a day without harm  
46 Rock of the Otterkin is a perfect rock that can split open any shellfish resting on users belly
47 vision Sea Weed fills users dreams with views of ancient glories of the monster empire for life if smoked or chewed
48 Crown of the Octopus bonds to the wearers head advising them on pleasing the elder gods and waving its tentacles to emphasize the wearers emotions, on death it drops of becoming ivory
49 Beak of the Squid will fuse to the wearers face giving them a d6 bite 
50 Snake Beard is jeweled ornamental beard of many snakes if stuck on face will bond and come to life will bite for 1hp damage and poison, will bite enemies of the scaly gods or old ones wearing it, reverts to jewelry on death 
51 Squid Wand shoots a slimy squid up to 10" a d100 charges
52 Seed of the Sea Fort if planted on a beach grows into a castle made of sand and coral with a aquatic entry, gate house, keep, two crabmen butlers and a giant crab guard
53 Starfish Wand can summon starfish within 10" a d100 charges
54 Clam Bands a mother of pearl wrist band can turn user into a giant clam and back once per day 
55 Pearl of the Dragon allows user holding it to speak to sea dragons
56 Vial of the Sea a brass bottle that can produce a dozen gallons of sea water a day
57 Pearl of Dragon Mist if cast into the sea a elder dragon turtle arises and breathes fog covering a d6 miles diameter across area
58 Bones of Dagon these ancient bones can be burned and summons the fish god Dagon to appear to hear requests from his worshipers
59 Dragonscale Armour as chainmail but as light as a shirt, no movement mods and works in water
60 Trident Weed if wrapped around your trident prongs makes next hit cause bleeding 1hp/round for ten minutes, only works with tridents
61 Seaweed Wik will attach to skin giving wearer luxurious long seaweed hair
62 Cursed Anchor Stone to replace a norma stone, crew will not notice but makes navigation harder, attracts monsters and bad weather,  most weih several hundred pounds and have carvings of fishmen rituals and gods which cursed sailors don't notice
63 Altar of the Sea Gods is a 500 pound green stone carved with ritual scenes will add +1 to casting priest levels if used in spell casting, some include holes for carrying poles to be inserted 
64 Nautilus Helm is a shell if worn, tentacles will hang from the edges and the helm warns of threats 360 degrees and can be used to adjust wearers buoyancy at will 
65 Flying Fish Darts come in a seaweed bag with 2d6, they are dried but come to life if pulled out of bag, can be thrown as darts but range is 10" with no range or cover penalties on hit rolls as living missiles self guided
66 Throwing Star Fish come in a seaweed bag with d6, they are dried but come to life if pulled out of bag,  if they hit target they cling and bite for a point of damage each round for ten rounds then drop off and crawl away
67 Pearl of Monster Dreaming lets you see visions of kaiju dreamings if held while sleeping
68 Seaweed Seeds if scattered in water grow a thick kelp forest over a 30" diameter area good for eating and making nets useless
69 Net of the Sea Lord is a living net kept in brine will grapple a hit target and strangle them, victim needs to save or be choked each round only works on man or dolphin sized creatures or smaller 
70 Tentacle Wand sprouts a 3" tentacle that will grapple a man sized target if they fail a save, also good for grabbing things or swinging d100 charges, on charge per use
71 Love Squid is a fish person sex toy that sucks their genitals stimulating milt and egg production, some humans like them too
72 Sea Goat Milk kept in a rigid pod for long life often found in seaweed bag of d6 pods. Also in manatee, whale, sealion and dolphin varieties
73 Mermaid Mirror makes user seem much more atractive than they are, though some made for fishman standards of beauty
74 Tusk of Sea Monster has scrimshawed designs of horrible beasts, if held will dream of sea monsters and attractive mermaid love which is preferable to actual love from own kind
75 Stuffed Mermaid usually made from a fish tail sewed to half a monkey but cursed so as to come to life on a full moon and kill, many come in a display case they can easily escape
76 Shrunken Human Heads once a day will answer three yes/no questions if asked based on own knowledge, shaman make them by binding human souls and use to learn about humans
77 Monster Spawn a organic sac if opened is full of eggs that hatch into various monsters if sprinkled in sea
78 Ink Squid is carried to make a 1" cloud of ink in water or to write or tattoo with, likes to be kept damp or hibernates in cocoon
79 Tatoo Tools are self inking tools that work even underwater, wrapped in fish leather bundle
80 Eye of the Old Ones seems to be a huge eyeball like gem on a gold chain lets starspawn of the deep see your actions, if pleased will send wearer dreams and gifts
81 Lucky Human Hand will store a 1st level cleric spell of any evil sea god
82 Dagger of Sacrifice will send essence of the victim to the elder gods who relish devouring the soul. Such a sacrifice will never be resurrected or reincarnated
83 Flying Fish Wings if strapped on allow wearer to glide for one round when surfacing, allowing them to land on a human boat deck
84 Sargassum Seed grows giant seaweed with tree trunk like proportions that will trap a ship even lifting it out of water if planted underneath
85 Shield Gum if applied to shield makes 1in6 weapons that miss the defender stick to the shield, gum lasts one day often comes in sea shell applicator with a d6 doses
86 Coral Seed if implanted in skin covers in several inches of calcium all over adding +d3 to AC, takes a d6 months to grow` 
87 Fish Wand shoots a wet fish 10" with a d100 charges, for pet treats or humiliating enemies, tends to hit victims in the face
88 Trident of Mammal Slaying +2 of any mammal and can detect nipples within 3"
89 Kraken Eggs come in string bag of a d4, will hatch into horrible evil krakens, often planted in cave grottos for cultists to use as a god, take decades to reach full size
90 Ring of Air Swimming allows wearer to swim in the air instead of walking or crawling, can float 1" above the ground, doesn't help fish folk breath air only move
91 Bubble Helm is a organic bubble that fits over the head and shoulders of a marine creature and contains water for them to breathe allowing them to stay on land for six hours, even amphibians find more comfortable using this as it keeps them hydrated 
92 Bolo Jelly comes in a water tight pod, throw up to 3" ata target and victim takes 2d4 stinging damage if unarmoured and save or be paralysed for a d4 hours, if completely covered in armoured suit victim unharmed. Fish folk are imune to handling the jelly, humans need at least a gauntlet
93 Blowfish are throwable spiny fish that if hit the victim saves or is poisoned. If dried and dead the save is +2, usually they are kept in salt water and can be carried in air a few hours
94 Blowfish Grenades are a breed of deep sea blowfish that if thrown above sea level explode, inflicting 2d4 to all in 1" blast radius and save vs poison or die. Require fresh salt water to store
95 Eelorang is a throwable huge eel that bites a struck target for a d6 but if misses will fly back into hand of the thrower to be used next round. Eel requires fresh water but can tolerate being above water a few hours. The owner must tame the eel with treats and practice or it bites the handler
96 Shark Stomach Sack appears to hold only 10lb but will streach to hold 100lb so be careful ofering goods by the bagload trading with fish folk
97 Embrace of the Sea is a wearable prosthetic that allows fish men to impregnate human females with fish hybrid spawn
98 Angler Fish Husband is a small ugly fish that will fuse to your flesh but give extra eyes and can keep watch while you sleep alerting you to surprises 
99 Seaweed Coat will bond to wearer and grow providing +1AC and can be used to flavour food
100 Tentacle of the Kraken is a 3 yard tentacle which will fuse to the wearer and gives them +1 attack inflicting a d4 or a grapple attack. Has evil mind of own so may grope others or grab others belongings. On death it drops of and can bond to another


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