Thursday 31 August 2017

Sewers and Cesspits 4 - mission to sewertopia

So have been thinking and brainstorming more and had some nice responses from this series ive meant to do for about 5 years. Some tangents happening now. Welcome to sewertopia. Also got my new PC and getting software/net/printer/scanner set up and will try to make a artwork a day for a while as a challenge. Playing old games including torchlight which is pretty inspirational for a few future projects. Civilization colonial version good and possible to treat natives fairly well.

So looking at this awesome book

Was reminded of when I had adventuring party paid to babysit dandy gourmets on travel across island and adventurers kept leaving followers with them while the cleaned out local dungeons. Dandies got wind of this and became dungeon curious. So this set up would  work ok with a sewer and city setting. Ive ordered 3 vols of the Delicious in the Dungeon Manga too I have discussed a while back. So if tasty exotic monsters live in drains would rich dilettante gourmets be interested? Well it is the sort of fad that might work. Image I used for part 3 was from article on how the rich would go on man pulled trolley rides in sewers comfortably seated. This would fit in my setting well. They would probably have a jolly feast after on exotic monsters while being entertained by dancing shit golems and comedic goblins. When the fad almost dies the rich take up racing in the sewers with novelty theme teams in slave palanquins. Scholar types might want guides to go into the depths too to see ancient ruins in the deep.

I've also considered the poor faerie folk of a city thousands of years old, filthy kin of the river and sea gods. Don't forget your best friends beyond the s-bend. I guess the upper levels would be more humans, then gobinoids and sewer faerie folk and sewer nymphs, then remains of old monster races then connections to the sewers of hell. Kinda suits my setting as city is lawful evil, is often compared to hell and many consider the immortal baron ruler to possibly be a noble of hell.

So I'm putting off sewers of hell till next install and today focusing on d100 Sewer Missions and Sewer Wonders....  Will PDF all this in the future with sewer geomorphs.

So many people need adventurers to go below. Murder hobos are often desperate and filthy and insane so many say they belong there. So more shit tables are needed so as your no2 blog spot I shal provide.

Many of these missions pay poorly and might seem more like charity.

d100 Sewer Missions
01 Rat catchers guild say something bigger than normal is eating members and need it killed
02 Merchant has giant rats getting in his cellar and normal ratcatcher disapeared
03 Someones favorite ratting dog has gone missing and they are ever so worried
04 Sewer workers guild need guards as section they are working too dangerous 
05 Gongfarmers finding certain area infested with criminals and need them driven out
06 Gang trying to charge gongfarmers tithe to work the best drains in city
07 Gang has had lots of losses and need someone to scout out a new safe sewer base
08 Gang ever so grateful if you could find out who has been murdering members in drains
09 Someones child joined a sewer gang and they want you to find them and bring them back
10 A wizard wants ten giant rats, preferably black not grey or brown for experiments

11 A were rat murdered the thieves guild chief's son and he wants the buggers dead
12 Someone swallowed their gold tooth and need someone to get it back

13 A tavern keeper says customers keep disappearing in lavatory could you please take a look
14 An atractive gongfarmers daughter says she will marry whoever returns her father from the sewers
15 A man came back from prison and has heard his family have been living in the drains, he needs help
16 A wizard has heard of strange carvings in the deepest levels of the sewers and would like a escort
17 Some rich dandies would ever so like to see wonders below and will pay handsomely, especially if they don't have to get messy
18 A circus man wants someone to catch a sewer troll he has heard of for his show
19 A rich wizards pet monster escaped from his menagerie and got into the drains 
20 A man has heard you can catch magic fish in the sewer and needs a escort
21 A chef has heard there are giant sewer lobsters and he thinks they will make a dish to bring in his gourmet customers
22 A wizard found his son using a book of arcane lore as toilet paper and needs the pages recovered
23 Some well off lads want to hold a sewer boat race and need adventurers to clear out a fun route
24 A kobold dealer had a shipment of prescious skilled slve kobolds escape into a drain and needs them back
25 Someone stole a clay golem manual from a temple and priests want it back, the theif broke in through the cistern
26 Secret police lost a tax inspector in drain looking for illegal traders and offer a reward to recover him
27 Rat beast men cultists have been spreading disease in sewers and city wants them dead
28 A crazed old hobo claims to have found a magic fountain that will make rich who can recover it, possibly it is under a sorcerers or alchemists bathroom
29 Soldiers keep breaking into wine cellars through sewers and merchants want this to stop
30 Something from sewer stole a child from a merchant through the toilet pit
31 A wealthy young fop tried to comit suicide by jumping into sewer and his father wants him back
32 A fluffy pet of a spoiled rich girl was flushed down the drain and family want the pet back
33 A priest is worried by the sewers as secret highway for demon cults and would like some adventurers to assess the risk
34 A local street has been terrorised by a witch and she lives in the sewer with her goat and cat
35 A prize piglet was stolen by a giant frog that escaped into the sewer and the farmer wants it dead
36 City offering bounty on fish men or fish cultists up to no good in the sewer
37 A merchant wants to set up a sweatshop in the drains and needs a location and someone to deal with the gangs
38 A man has fallen in love with a sewer nymph he met when he drunkenly fell down a drain and wants help to finding her
39 A wizard needs someone to catch gremlins, lots of them
40 A sewer gang has been getting licked by a gang of orcs and need help
41 A kelpie faerie has been luring drunks to their deaths in sewers and barkeepers want it dead
42 A savage sewer nixie tribe have been drowning homeless who live in rivers edge drains and they have scraped together some possibly valuable weird trash for who ever stops them
43 A filthy clan of sewer halflings have been dricven from their lair by giant spiders
44 Sewer goblins stole a dozen beer barrels and brewer needs them back or will go broke and it's the best beer youve ever tasted
45 A sewer bugbear has been scaring local children and stealing pets and parents want the bugger stopped because children wont sleep or use bathrooms 
46 A homeless man found some carvings a scholar paid lots for and he hopes to find more but the area crawling with monsters
47 A cult has taken a merchants child as a sacrifice because he couldn't pay ransom, he needs adventurers to get her back
48 A cobbler says magic wee folk came out of drain and helped make shoes in his workshop and he wants you to catch some in a cage because they did such a good job
49 A barge load of goods in a below street canal boat was robbed and merchant wants goods back
50 A slaver had his whole stock escape into a drain and he needs them back for a VIP client
51 Some rich kids were graffiting a drain and several were washed away when a sudden downpour surprised them, their families want them back
52 A drunk old man says he has seen a secret sewer witch covens and knows where you can spy on their lewd and depraved rituals for a small fee
53 Gang members all paying top coin for new type of sewer fungus
54 A rich lady lost a necklace in the sewers and will reward  finders handsomly
55 A devil in disguise offers a treasure map actually a enterance to hell
56 A cow fell down a well and is running around damaging the drain and sewer workers guild will reward you for getting it out, maybe it was actually a bull, you'll be fine 
57 A murder hobo prospector wants help examining abandoned mine connected to sewers
58 A scholar has heard there is a tribe of sewer elves and would like you to catch one
59 A gang has stolen a nobles valuables and he wants them hunted and killed in their sewer hideout
60 A wizard is sure giant invisible telepathic spiders cortol the city from the sewers in secret and needs someone to find him evidence to present to the wizard council
61 A sewer worker found a illuminated book page in the depths and a temple wants explorers to see if rumours of a secret sewer monastery is real 
62 A cult of demon sewer snake worshipers have been infesting city toilets with snakes and the sewer workers guild need someone to locate their temple
63 A wizard wants guards to take his apprentices on a sewer field trip looking for ancient carvings
64 Some dandies want pet giant snails for jousting but need someone to fetch eggs from the sewers
65 A necromancer has been teaching evil spells to the unworthy in a secret sewer school and the university want him captured for trial
66 A homeless man has found a section of long forgotten crypts in drain catacombs and will show greedy adventurers for a cut
67 Black lotus smugglers are using city drains and the secret police offer a reward to stop these unsanctioned drug dealers
68 The Barons dungeon games require fresh monsters and the sewers have plenty also conveniently close by
69 A cultist giving out sewer treasure maps where cult await to trap victims for sacrifice
70 A cult converted a nobles son and he wants all but his son killed
71 A witch hunter requires mercenaries to enter the drains with him on a hunt for demon worshippers
72 A potion dealer has directions to find several types of magic frogs he requires but he cant go himself into the drains  because they are too horrible for him
73 A enormous bear size rat snatched a baby from it's crib and outraged peasants want it back
74 A tavern keeper thought he was helping a press gang turns out they were a demon cult with a temple in the drains, he wants someone to kill them all 
75 A dandy has heard there are secret races in the drains where goblins ride frogs, he wants a escort so he can plce bets
76 Cultists  from the sewer stole a precious star stone from a collectors house and he wants it back
77 Brain eating squid men in the sewers have been increasingly braving the streets and the militia want them taught a lesson about where they should dwell
78 A dandy has heard about a spot where magic fish can be caught in drain needs a escort
79 A drunk saw moon men come  from the sky on moonbeams and enter the sewer, a wizard wants this investigated
80 A drunk saw giant talking bats cast a spell and the wizards guild want this investigated
81 A giant sewer centipede stole a mans favorite duck and he will pay you in eggs for a year to get her back or kill centipede
82 A sewer barge of goods was sunk and guild needs a enterprising group of adventurers to recover the goods
83 A youth with a waterbreathing potion discovered a lost fishman complex under sewers and tells all about the trreasures and terrors he saw
84 A group of adventurers in the deep drains were drowned during heave rain, only 3 of 6 bodies recovered, reward offered to who finds any others by kin
85 A sewerage golem has been killing sewer workers and gongfarmers and both guilds will pay handsomely to who can stop the horror
86 A priest has heard of a awful thief raising urchins to be criminals and abusing them, wants someone to kill thief and bring kids to church orphanage
87 Taxman has reports of a hidden sewer tax haven and will give anyone who destroys it a year of tax relief
88 A man claiming to be a concerned parent wants a hidden sewer drug lab destroyed really it is his gangs rival operation
89 Nightwatch and the dockyard guards guilds have offered a bounty on ratmen heads this week
90 A bridge warden has offered a reward for clearing out the sewers that connect to the deeper tunnels under the bridge as monsters and gangs disturbing sweat shop slaves in underground work houses
91 A factory owner has had a disturbing number of urchins escape his sweatshop and believes they have formed a gang in the sewers that he wants stopped or returned
92 A new breed of giant kangaroo rats has been reported in sewers and the menageriest guild would like a breeding pair
93 Frogmen have been kidnapping local halflings and taking them to a newly built sewer temple for some reason
94 A section of the sewers is eternally frozen and sewer guild has sponsered a wizard study group to investigate and they need guards, posibly ice toads to blame
95 Giant dung beetles have been released into sewers to damage the gongfarmers guild, sewer workers keep getting rolled over in giant balls of dung - both guilds want beetles under control and find who released the pests 
96 A cult of the old one Abhoth released his spores somewhere in sewer and now all manner of freakish useless things crawling out of sewers, a reward offered to stopping the spawn or sealing them away before problem spreads
97 A chaos billy goat loose in the sewers is causing all kinds of trouble and keeps on igniting sewer gas with his flaming breath
98 A lesser devil and his hellhounds have been been hunting sewer workers and the guild will reward any who stop it
99 A scholar wants rubbings made of certain elder carvings deep under the city for spell research and will pay
100 A shoggoth has been released by a gang in the deeps and now it wanders the sewers eating everyone and crying gibberish, since it started exploring surface at night city offered a reward to kill it 

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