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Some Armour and ENC notes

ArmourOn psychon I use piece armour and to have most strangers in greaves and hero harness in most cases.

I use personal discretion how much is stackable but mostly suits win out in long run for weight and mobility. Skills WP to enhance armour, move better, use shields, use capes and dodge to increase AC are available.If your body has different armour types an enemy could make a called shot against the weakest individual one.

A Gladiator with a full helm and hero harness and plate arm +4 AC 12lb but a called shot could target his bare flesh with zero armour. Skilled fighter could actually get an advantage over this partial armour.

A Gladiator with full helm, hero harness, metal leg greaves and vambraces and a small shield would get +6 14lb and his lowest AC is +1 vs a called shot

Piece armour sounds gross but weaker vs called shots. A called shot is normaly -4 but a called shot specialty NWP (halves penalty for called shot) would effectively give the attacker +2 to hit piece armour which is an interesting aberration for bean counting rule breaking players.
Im considering allowing a DEX save vs any thrown or launched missile to be avoided at long range for an attack action if you can see it coming - or have a WP skill do it. Skill could be linked to martial arts arrow cutting tree of WP or something

Light wear

Hero Harness +1 double straps for weapons across chest with metal disk in centre 2lb
Cloak +1 a heavy cloak for elements as used by watchmen and shepherds 3lb
Heavy Studded cloak +2 studded with metal rings or wooden discs, heavy hide 6lb -1MV

Set of Leather Braces +1 (covering legs) & vambraces (covering arms) 2lb
Metal Greaves +1 leg armour 2lb
Metal Vambraces +1 arm armour 2lb
Plate arm +1 good for +1 damage punching 6lb -1mv
Plate arms +2 good for +1 damage punching 12lb -2mv
Plate Boots +2 8lb -1MV

Light Helmet +1 2lb pot or skullcap or heavy circlet
Full Helmet +2 4lb heavy knight helmet halves sense checks
Hero Helmet +3 6lb ornamental and bulky halves sense checks (-1 on d6 surprise rolls)

Leather chest plate or apron +1 5lb
Scale Shirt +2 8lb
Chain Shirt +3 12lb -1MV
Chest Plate +4 12lb -2MV
Half Plate +5 16lb -3MV

Legs and lower body
Heavy Leather trousers with thigh high boots +1 4lb
Scale trousers or skirt +2 8lb -1MV
Chain trousers or skirt +2 12lb -2MV
Plate trousers +3 16lb -3MV

Suits of armour

Padding +1 felt or silk or quilted cotton or paper suit +1 4lb
Hard Leather suit +2 heavy hide or boiled cabouli leather or scaled leather 6lb
Studded leather suit +3 leather or padding with metal or wooden studs or rings 12lb -1MV
Scalemail suit +4 metallic layered scales 16lb -2MV
Chainmail suit +5 chain rings interlocking 20lb -3MV
Heavy chain suit +6
thickened chain rings interlocking and padding 30lb -6MVPlatemail +7 chainmail with extra metal plates 30lb -6MV
Field Plate +8
interlocking metal suit 24lb -3MVFull Plate +9 interlocking metal suit 24lb -3MV
Heroic Plate +10 40lb -6MV

Buckler +1 used for blocking only counts if prepared 1d4 dam 2lb
Small +1 covers at all times from front 1d6 dam 4lb
Medeum +1 +2 vs missiles knight or viking or spartan shield covers from front and sides 1d6 dam 8lb
Heavy +2 +3 vs missiles Norman kite or Roman legionnaire shield covers from front and sides and can cover another person 1d6 dam 12lb -1 MV
Siege +2 +4 vs missiles for castle assaults uses both hands to move can cover two others 1d6 damag 20lb -3 MV

also changes value, time to make and scarcity. Cheap inferior or uncared for old armour with -2 on AC score available at a discount and is common. Some suits recycled fro many other suits.

Crafters skill could improve or decrease +/- 1 AC and or MV score
Metal could improve or decrease +/- 1 Copper or inferior bronze or iron
Magic could improve more

Some armour could be ablative and lose a point every hit

Guns and high tech armour
Low tech armour is half vs any gun
Plastic polymer armour common in riot suits half weight and halves movement mods
Powered armour usually no mass penalty and may enhance MV score and ENC
High tech ballistic armour works at full vs guns
Very high tech energy weapons might ignore all low tech armour
Very high tech armour and force fields resist energy weapons at full
Some possible resistances vs specific energy types like reflec or mirror armour
Ablative armour vs energy attacks available or spray on ablat
Some high tech armour poorer vs low tech by as much as -4

Wetsuit +1 4lb
Ballistic cloth  Shirt +0 +4 vs guns Ablative (loses 1point defence every hit till zerp) 1kg
Ballistic padded cloth suit +2
2kg Flack Jacket AC +2 but +4vs guns
Polymer ballistic studded plastic riot armour +3 6KG
Heavy riot plastic plate +8  only +4vs guns
includes gasmask 15kg -3MV
Ballistic polymer and titanium ceramic plate +8
includes gasmask 20kg -4MV

Reflec anti laser suit +4 vs laser 2kg (or laser directed electro stunner or plasma beam)
Ablat anti laser suit
+4 vs laser 2kg (or laser directed electro stunner or plasma beam)Fire proof suit +4 vs fire 2kg 2kg
Retroreflec as standard reflec suit but but +6 vs laser and roll d10 1=reflects back hitting shooter 2=hits near shooter or roll to hit enemy nearest ally 3-8 nothing 9 ground strike blast of shrapnel or smoke near suit wearer 10 hit on suit wearers ally. Some also act as hologram field projector creating effective stealth mode or pretend to be someone else

Spray on anti laser ablative foam +4 vs laser (1 minute to set) one can cover one suit 2kg -1mv
Spray on fire ablative foam +4 vs fire(1 minute to set) one can cover one suit 2kg -1mv 
Spray on kinetic ablative foam +2 vs melee or guns (1 minute to set) one can cover one suit 2kg -1mv
Radiation absorbing version available but must be safely disposed of.

Monocyrstal chain +5 ballistic mesh armour 8kg -1MV
Thermodynamic polymer armour +4 +8vs energy and charges batteries and keeps cool or warm 12kg -1MV
Reflec space marine
plate +8 everything 20kg -3MV
light powered infantry marine +10 vs everything
includes gasmask 200lb
medium infantry +12 vs everything, spacesuit armour  350lb
+4MVheavy jump marine +14 everything, drops from orbit, heavily armed 1t+20MV Jump 40MV and many have sustained flu pack or discarded re-entry pack for planet fall and extreme gravity and radiation and temperature

Can do by pounds or just estimate or just use amount of MV modifier from armour type

No ENC up to STR in lb no mods usual street clothes and a hand weapon
Medeum ENC
up to STRx2 lb -1MV light armour and weapons
Heavy ENC
up to STRx5 lb -2MV 1/2 swim and athletic skills, heavier weapons and armour
Very Heavy ENC
up to STRx10 -3MV 1/2 swim skill roll to not sink and all athletic NWP skill rolls and DEX saves, no DEX bonus on AC
Over ENC max of STRx20 -6
MV sink like a stone and fail almost any test or DEX roll


It is a nice start and needs to be play tested a bit.

Rogues could benefit from this too possibly automatically hitting a choice location. I'm usually happy to estimate movement and encumbrance classes. I just increase when they are loaded with loot then need to flee are tired and if they sink like stones in the briny deep

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