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More Sidekicks for Planet Psychon

Quick sidekicks for Planet Psychon
The last post on this was more for small pets verging on biological magitech artifacts. These are more traditional sidekicks for adventurers and could be rolled by a beginner or used to generate adventurers or inhabitants of some kind of bar. The first tables are for the kit or the sidekick then some example skill proficiency sets for zero level flunkies then the species. I have had a player ask about being a robot so I might develop rules or use Anomalous Subsurface Environment ones. Other pets and mounts good idea to do too.

Zero level follower characters are of two types:
Man at arms 1d6 hp with 2 WP and 1 NWP tend to become warriors at 1st level
Expert with 1d4 hp with 1 WP and 2 NWP tend to become non warrior classes at 1st level

d12 Weapon kits for flunkies

A fighting man at arms can roll this with a optional +3 on first table

1 Sling (plus 1d3 spare) 20+1d20 stones, 2d4 lead bullets, dagger, linen robe, sandals, staff
2 Club, linen robe, sandals, whip, dagger, cloak
3 Dagger, buckler, 3 javelins, linen robes, sandals
4 Shortsword, buckler, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger
5 Shortbow, 20 arrows, dagger, linen robe, sandals, hat
6 Spear, javelins, medium shield, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger
7 Crossbow, 20 bolts, shortsword/handaxe, dagger, linen robes, sandals
8 Shortsword, dagger, 3 throwing knives, linen robe, sandals
9 Atlatl, 12 darts, dagger, loincloth, sandals
10 Battle Axe, hand axe, helmet, medium shield, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger
11 Sword, helmet, medium shield, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger
12 Roll on exotic equipment subtable

d12 Exotic Weapon subtable

1 Musket, bayonet, shot and ball for 20 shots, shirt, trousers, coat, boots
2 Sword, flintlock pistol, dagger, shot and ball for 2o shots, shirt, trousers, coat, boots
3 Trident, net, dagger, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals, dagger
4 Cestus for each hand, helmet, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, sandals
5 .22 Automatic Pistol (8 shots) 2 full magazines, knife, shirt, trousers, coat, boots
6 .38 Revolver (6 shooter) 20 bullets, truncheon, cap, shirt, trousers, coat, boots
7 Shortsword, 12 shuriken, knife, black linen suit and mask, second linen suit, sandals
8 Polearm or longspear, hero harness, greaves, loincloth, helmet, sandals, dagger
9 Scythe, sickle, hatchet, linen suit, sandals
10 Chain, linen suit, sandals, knife, blackjack, cloak
11 Knuckle duster, can of irritant spray, whistle, t-shirt, jeans, running shoes
12 Disposable civilian laser pistol (6 shots then useless), jumpsuit, large spanner 

d12 Other kit
1 Sack of 2d6 days humble food (bread, turnips, cheese, sausage)
2 Wineskin of grog or bottle of spirits
3 Cosmetic case
4 Bandages and primitive first aid kit
5 30 foot of rope
6 Lamp with oil or box of dozen candles or 1d6 torches and tinderbox
7 Fishing line, hooks, bait and bucket
8 Dog or other similar companion animal for guard or shepherd or hunting
9 Donkey or similar beast of burden or goat suitable for milking
10 Cooking pots and firewood
11 Pipe and bag of tobacco or herbs and tinderbox
12 Other exotic kit subtable

d12 Other exotic kit subtable
1 Zippo lighter and packet of ciggies
2 Handcuffs
3 Electric pocket torch solar or hand cranked
4 Magnifying glass or spectacles
5 Mobile phone
6 First Aid Kit
7 Space Blanket
8 30 days space food sticks
9 Space blanket
10 Filtration canteen
11 Bag of 1d4 rabbit traps
12 Inflatable life preserver

d12 Skill set
1 Missile and melee weapon, and one NWP possibly survival or farming
2 Weapon group (2 WP slots) and one NWP possibly survival or farming
3 One weapon, first aid and herbalism
4  One weapon, sneak and hide
5 One weapon, animal husbandry and animal training (one species)
6 One weapon, track and survival
7 One weapon, foraging and ancient lore
8 One weapon, pick pockets and streetwise
9 One weapon, song lore and play instrument
10 One weapon, looting and evaluate
11 One weapon, mechanical lore and electrical lore
12 One weapon Expertise (+1 hit and damage 2WP slots) War lore

d20 Species

1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon) human
2 Magenta (rose, pink) human3 Cyan (sky, light blue) human
4 Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine) human
5 Yellow (gold) human
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze) human
7 Emerald (olive, forest) human
8 Green (lime, light green) human
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender) human
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy) human
11 Ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver) human
12 Jet human (Slate, Steel, Grey) human
13 Piebald Human (two coloured) roll 2d12 for colour
14 Piebald Human (multi coloured) roll 1d4 x d12 for colour

15 Eldren (Immortal Children of The Gods) roll 1d12 for colour
16 Morlock (Cannibal sub world dwarf) roll 2d12 for colour
17 Half man (might pass as a human child) roll 1d12 for colour
18 Giant (looks human is only a child) roll 1d12 for colour
19-20 Beast Folk, roll 2d12 for colour roll 1d12 for colour roll d100 for beast type

d100 Beast Folk
The last ten are not traditional beast folk but are treated as varients
1 Ape folk
2 Monkey folk
3 Lemur folk
4 Rat folk
5 Mouse folk
6 Anteater folk
7 Aardvark folk
8 Kangaroo folk
9 Koala folk
10 Platypus folk
11 Echidna folk
12 Wallaby folk
13 Tree Kangaroo folk
15 Turtle folk
16 Lizard folk
18 Dinosaur folk
19 Dog folk
20 Fox folk
21 Wolf folk
22 Cat folk
23 Lion folk
24 Tiger folk
25 Leopard folk
26 Lynx folk
27 Bear folk
28 Hyena folk
29 Badger folk
30 Porcupine folk
31 Panda folk
32 Beaver folk
33 Weasel folk
34 Rabbit folk
35 Ferret folk
36 Stag folk
37 Goat folk
38 Bull folk
39 Ram folk
40 Rooster folk
41 Duck folk
42 Goose folk
43 Pigeon folk
44 Gull folk
45 Parrot folk
46 Eagle folk
47 Hawk folk
48 Owl folk
49 Raven folk
50 Kookaburra folk
51 Peacock folk
52 Emu folk
53 Ostrich folk
54 Cassowary folk
55 Possum folk
56 Frog folk
57 Toad folk
58 Salamander folk
59 Newt folk
60 Axolotl folk
61 Fish folk
62 Eel folk
63 Shark folk
64 Lamprey folk
65 Crab folk
66 Lobster folk
67 Snail folk
68 Slug folk
69 Worm folk
70 Spider folk
71 Scorpion folk
72 Fly folk
73 Mantis folk
74 Octopus folk
75 Snake folk
76 Squid folk
77 Jellyfish folk
78 Flea folk
79 Moth folk
80 Ant folk
81 Bee folk
82 Wasp folk
83 Termite folk
84 Centipede folk
85 Beetle folk
86 Stingray folk
87 Bat   folk
88 Horse folk
89 Alpaca folk
90 Camel folk
91 Tree folk
92 Rock folk
93 Magma folk
94 Ice folk
95 Crystal folk
96 Mud folk
97 Mushroom folk
98 Sea folk
99 Cactus folk
100 Hybrid roll twice more

d12 Unusual Features

Player chooses but should be rolled by DM if and revealed accordingly. Player can have a more average member and not roll here. In a adventurer tavern you might find 1in10 chance of finding someone like this. One in a hundred in a normal settlement. You dont want sidekicks to be more interesting than your character and steal your thunder.
1 Cosmetic mutation
2 Major mutation
3 Cyborg limbs or eye
4 Cursed by spell or gods
5 Was an ancient transformed to currant form
6 Hybrid with other planar being
7 looking for own kind or family
8 Wanted criminal or outlaw
9 Hunted by relentless enemies
10 Member of a horrible cult perhaps of elder gods, other plane, criminal, drugs or worse
11 Fears d4  1=technology 2=mutants 3=psionics 4=magic
12 Replicant in service of AI god or faction or aliens as a spy


I use piece armour and to have most strangers in greaves and hero harness in most cases.

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