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Hacking the Classics: Flumph You! on Planet Psychon

Secret Flumph-core Action
Weird monsters have a special home on Planet Psychon, with their Fiend Folio 1st ed kin, Post-Earth era world makes them look normal. Planet Psychon has traditionally many colour versions with altered basic powers of any species.

In my fantasy game these would fit in fine too. I make use of the flumph in a barrel as a standard trap, even better with hidden hobgoblin archers and poison arrows.

I often refer to them as aerial jellyfish or skyjellies

Chaos wizards and sky goblins surf on wind with them as mounts in storms

Bigger ones can act as skyships or menace a city or deploy swarms of normal flumphs

Bigger ones have more HD and bigger area effect and damage

Intelligent flumphs are possible with wizard ones or some as cult servants of horrible forbidden gods

Flumphs make great player characters in a all flumph campagn setting, try running Dragonlance but replace all humanoids with flumphs

Flumph cookery is a sometimes useful art

Flumphtastical tales of anti flumph sentiment made me write these items in sympathy:

d12 Colour Variant Flumphs

Abilities replace standard stink clouds of normal ones. Occasionally a mad wizard starts a breeding program

1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon) Flamejelly often nocturnal spray napalm 1d4 damage for 1d4 founds or can stop with a DEX save if spend whole round putting self out, morale check, can be harvested for fuel
2 Magenta (rose, pink) Lovejelly infects everybody who fails a WIS save of loving the flumph and each other and makes them keen to protect it and any charmed friends, makes good charm potions or quality incence favoured bu love goddess and whore houses
3 Cyan (sky, light blue) Standard skyjelly being creates a stinking cloud and can be made into a potion if cooked properly
4 Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine) Aqua regia damages armour and equipment that can be harmed by acid or 1d3 for 1d6 rounds on a creatures (dex save to wash off if has some liquid and a spare round) used to make acid for craftsmen and alchemists
5 Yellow (gold) Shoots 3d6 gold pieces then flees, always wither and die if captured, need sunlight. Some follow herds for a living
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze) Hallucinogenic gas all make a CON save or spend 6d10  rounds tripping balls. Flumph will feed off your dreams
and depart before you recover. Their corpses makes drugs and are banned
7 Emerald (olive, forest) Forestjelly sprays sleep gas CON save or fall asleep for at last a turn, zero or first level characters get no save, resemble mossy bark and make excellent sleep potion
8 Green (lime, light green) Slime jelly sprays dead bio-hazard corrosive slime cooked remains make a potion that neutralizes slime into algae
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender) Desert Jelly makes every victim delicious smelling and tasting and atracts creatures getting their scent, even herbivores want to lick you, lasts 1d12 hours at a time or can wash off with vinigar and wine. Jelly flies away up if possible. Makes a delicious sauce if killed
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy) This nightjelly has a glowing auraura effect prevents spells or magic items functioning or spells to be cast for 1d12 rounds. The deep blue jelly has gold flecks that sparkle when flumph is scared. If cooked into a potion makes poison that prevents spell casting for one hour if fail WIS roll
11 Ivory Corpse jelly can reach its tentacles into burried coffins and if disturned it sprays zombie animation gas typically creating 1d12 per use, some effect skeletons instead which are weaker but more common. Can be used to make animate dead potion if cooked
12 Jet Doomjelly drains one life energy level with touch and creates a cloud of silent darkness which verbal magic cannot be cast within, potion made from corpse restores lost levels or stats as restoration spell

d12 Other Variant Flumphs
Can be added to any above flumphs

1 Invisible
2 Elongating tendrils streach up to 100 foot
3 Blink effect when in danger
4 Magic resistance 1d8x5 as % score
5 1d4 Re spawn from remains if left intact 10 minutes later
6 Phased matter exist on more than one plane, need magic to hit,
7 Dissolve non magic metal cannot be harmed by it and ruin metal
8 Squishy, take minimum damage from blunt attacks, ignore criticals
9 Paralyzing tentacles save of paralyzed for 1d6 10 minute turns
10 Swallow if 1d6 bite attack hits 4 better than required engulfs for 1d6 per round acid and asphyxiate chance
11 Cold tendrils CON save or slowed for 1d12 rounds
12 Poison Tentacles
CON save vs poison,  or 1pt damage per 10 min turn till dead. Antidote is a properly cooked fresh flumph of same type one flumph serves four if corpse in good condition must be prepared by cook or poison expert or alchemist for best results
"You know you want me" Lamentations of the lonely flumph trapper, 20gp book with B&W title page art, 180 pages, banned in seven kingdoms


  1. I never want to see a sideways Flumph ever again... :( I might use these for one of my games though!

  2. Sideways flumph dealers found in dodgy alley ways in best red light districs

  3. It has come to my attention that I ignored flumphs are lawful good (WTF?) and sentient and really are helpless if you flip them and are only 2 foot wide. Im happy to fudge most of those details in my game.


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