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Apparently not the complete guide to Psychon Citadels Part 3

Has been a rich field of discussion and kindly words and projects from readers so thanks to all. Special thanks to Harald Wagener who made wonderful citadel generator and even updated it when i added more tables. Many said they like fantasy version which makes me think do more city districts for my fantasy RPG setting and to do do a straight DND fantasy version of the Psychon Citadel set. Really a edit where I remove sciencey stuff from the fantasy for more traditional games. I suspect my Early 80's taste UK in gaming influenced my taste alot. Fiend Folio was my first ADnD book, Fighting Fantasy and Brit magazines of 80s (I liked Dragon #65-120).

Anyway I realized after reading and losing a awesome city with 3 amazing sub level gardens that a good result is worth working with and saving. This will be very handy.

Im thinking of generators and encounters for citadel inns and bars and inns
Developing army and war generation tables for inter citadel battle
Citadel form with modular graphics
Pregens created for different genre piece adventures

Smaller and larger scale citadels, multi-tower tower citadels, ancient ruin generators
Look at scale and size and other shapes like Pyramids of the night land or domes

Like way it groups up floors from large mid levels in threes or fours. Implies some how connected and accessibility. Working status of crowning structure added by Harald Wagener.

His words here behind his table add ons.

1-6 nonfunctional, not repairable
7-10 nonfunctional, requires extensive repairs
11 nonfunctional, repairs ongoing
12 functional

"not repairable" means "repairing is out of the question because of the level of destruction or complete lack of understanding of crowning feature"
"extensive repairs" for me implies "required material or skills not available locally"
"repairs ongoing" implies "work can be done with existing material and skill in this citadel"
"functional" is just that, unless you think 1-in-12 is too regular.

Natora the Star Citadel
Scummy lower level rife with gangs. Even the outer surface is coverered in shambling junk houses. Hidden luxuries are inside and a spectacular forbidden crystal palace. Poor are primitive while rich have atomic replicators and nanofoundries making food and goods. A great functional astronomers observatory temple is here where priests search for meaning.

Surroundings: Dense vegetation grown for food and defence including thorns and toxic plants
Surface: Shambling huts, shacks and tents of impoverished class
Additional features: City gambling mad and bet on anything with different possible outcomes
Event: Creature lays eggs in party baggage

Sub levels
Cistern: A maze of sub canals with dock with boats used for transport
Shelter: Huge chambers for general population for a week or so
Cistern: Huge cisterns full of sewerage, possibly flammable gas and unwelcome creatures
Shelter: Huge chambers for general population for a week or so

Ground floors
Defence: Martial art school where some specialist school of fighters train under a master
Foreign: Warehouses of foreign goods are stored
Merchant: Rows of vending machines, with variety of packaged goods
Merchant: Banks of atomic powered replicators creating food and goods operated by priests
Merchant: Warehouse district with huge stockpile of bulk goods available
Merchant: Rows of vending machines, actually with gremlins or goblins inside

Mid levels
Ghetto: Cruel police suppress this area due to constant riots. Brutality drive resistance underground
Church: A small church with room for a dozen worshipers and accommodation for holy teacher
Merchant: Banks of atomic powered replicators creating food and goods operated by priests
Stadium: Waterpark with pools for leisure, racing and aquatic games

Ghetto: Controlled by local gang who charge tax and act as officials and run best black markets
Middle housing: Huge towers with automated elevators, laundry services heating and lighting
Middle housing: Rows of multi story shared houses with nosey neighbours and patrolmen militia
Middle housing: Large organic shaped open living areas with gardens and communal living space
Greenhouse: Huge bloated humanoids plumbed into refinery producing nutrient
Stadium: Public gymnasium with equipment and areas for track and field events

Manufacturing: Huge sweatshops where workers sleep and work for life
Greenhouse: Aquaculture farm with fish, eels, lampreys and shellfish grown in tanks

Upper levels
Merchant: Warehouse district with huge stockpile of bulk goods available
Library: Scrolls kept in tubes in collections in huge shelves
Palace: Fabulous crystal palace of special grown crystal with strange holographic echoes of past

Crowning Feature
Astronomers observatory where scientists or astrologer wizards study the sky (functional)


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  1. A lot of this is appearing as white text on a white background. It's easy to just highlight it and read it but I assumed you may want to know so you can choose whether to remove the text formatting or not. Great work on the citadels btw.


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