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Extra Citadel Stuff...

At airport on way to from Sydney to Adelaide. Hope to get a game back on this Sunday for new party of Psychon players at Exiles club. Have some sample citadels sketched up will post when I have access to design and art software. Here are some tables I added after last batch to basic citadel design kit. Glad to see it met with some success and would love to hear about what ppl did with their own ideas. Im still playing with scale a bit.While trapped from web inmeat space wrote sidekick generator for psychon and poison rules which I will post soon. Was playing Temple of Elemental Evil abit too which is what got ma playing DnD again after 20 years.

Harald Wagener made this awesome awesome citatadel generator based on all these tables

Some Additional Stuff for citadels
These are some extras for citadels – the first is what is on the topmost floor and the second is some random extra stuff to individualize your creations more. I've also considered a 40 story monster complex (probably each story is 9-12 meters) is enough for a whole campaign let alone for a few sessions so I’ve made some smaller 10 level citadels with varying tech levels for easier integration in games. It is also possible to just generate basic features of a citadel then generate more specific areas like upper levels later.  The examples wont mention race either so could be for human, beast men or eldren or whatever.

D12 Crowning Features

The topmost special features of a citadel. Quite often they don’t work requiring some missing components or skills to operate. When they do work they are an important part of a citadels prosperity.

1 Antenna and radar array for communication and threat detection
2 Holographic projector can conceal citadel or render invisible
3 Colossal super weapon for siege an or air defence, keep all in fear
4 Teleporter array to transport goods or people to other places on Psychon or space
5 Psionic amplifier crystal array expands mental or magic powers
6 Astronomers observatory where scientists or astrologer wizards study the sky
8 Landing bay for aircraft, shuttles or airship docking bay
9 Huge lamp array can illuminate whole area around citadel or pinpoint intruders
10 Corona or aurora of energy (plasma or magical) visible over whole hex
11 Weather control beacon used to stabilize local weather or use for defence
12 Beanstalk elevator or cable car monofilament tethered to geostationary orbital

D100 Additional Features
1 A species of guard beast is used throughout the citadel like mutant dog or watch plant
2 Close circuit tv surveillance everywhere operated from secret control room
3 Advanced door security throughout citadel with thumb  or retinal scanner
4 Massive bulkhead doors can divide floors or section off districts in emergency
5 Areas can be flooded with gas in an emergency
6 Fire control system sprays foam over any room or section with open flame
7 Warning klaxons sound during emergencies or when police seek criminals
8 Air vents with fans circulate air around citadel and allow unauthorised passage
9 Feral kids or kobolds or goblins dwell in the drains stealing stuff
10 Drug plants or mushrooms common, many population in drugged stupor
11 Cannibalism endemic among many citizens, some develop laughing sickness
12 Dueling common but possibly illegal, diminishes elites constantly
13 Zombie virus infects many who become undead when they die of any causes
14 A horrible lich dwells in depths or secret chamber plotting citadels fall
15 Lycanthropy problem in lower parts of city, investigators search for culprits
16 Mad witch hunters persecute innocents with paranoia
17 Covens of witches causing problems with curses and charms
18 Patches of horrible corrosive slime and jelly grow if dank places
19 Horrible corrosion and decay run rife in some sections spreading slowly
20 Mutations among populations of some sections and are marginalized by unchanged
21 Criminal clans battle for control of city and infiltrate the citadel rulers
22 Battle damage has created outside openings and opened long sealed sections
23 Hidden sect seek lost sections of citadel for secret to gain power
24 Contaminants have reduced life span and birth rate, immigration keeps city going
25 Burned out closed sections have attracted unauthorised squatters
26 Flooded abandoned level has unwelcome inhabitants
27 Psionic or magical adepts in populace secretly trying to take control
28 Cult serving demon or warborg from a subworld weakening city from within
29 Parasitic infection through city slowing many citizens to lethargy
30 Army from other hex or subworld siege citadel regularly
31 Serial killer problem in most districts public in terror
32 Arson and fire problems plague several districts
33 Mad bomber terrorists trying to bring down social order
34 Repressed religion or magic school fighting to survive
35 Leaking sewerage problems spread disease and contaminate food
36 Insects crawling everywhere spoiling food, biting babies and pets, eating old people
37 Genetically modified bugs keep everything clean, locals barley notice them everywhere
38 Gangs of robbers in run down areas and outside citadel
39 Thief guilds thrive and even elite ones among ruling castes
40 Public bath houses very popular centres of recreation
41 Cruel games and sports commonplace in streets among all classes
42 Something in city preying upon children concerning populace
43 City gambling mad and bet on anything with different possible outcomes
44 City full of sex trade, pornography and lewd behaviour
45 Plague commonplace with high death rate, some districts decayed and corpse strewn
46 Homeless war veterans everywhere begging on streets tolerated by officials
47 Highly militarised population in fear of invasion, demagogues rally people to war
48 Highly superstitious and interested in occultism and magic, symbolism everywhere
49 Locals all keep pets and love animals of all kinds, critters running everywhere
50 Highly developed private transport including light rail and minicars
51 Ancient goods in high circulation here, locals very enthused by ancients
52 AI god manages city system and assists city rulers, has a local cult also among populace
53 Swarms of flying animals around city like owls, bats, pigeons or weird hybrids
54 Crazy dangerous action sports all the rage like paragliding, rappelling, monster taunting
55 Replicants infiltrating city managed by secret faction or hostile artificial beings
56 Other planar beings trying to infiltrate citadel elites, some locals suspicious
57 Citadel celebrates adventurers like rock stars with parades and fan cults
58 Citadel produces colonist caravans to spread to other hexes
59 Desperate for raw materials, pay high prices, days possibly numbered as viable
60 Unstable structure, some areas collapsing, some substandard repairs
61 Visitors subject to lengthy quarantine or ritual purification procedures
62 Visitors welcomed with floral wreathes, candy and concubines
63 Surveillance drones commonplace observing populace
64 Regular festivals and carnivals in party town, drunken revelry is commonplace
65 Golems, Gargoyles, androids or robots disguised as architectural features defend citadel
66 Gremlins run amok eating food stores and sabotaging everything to torment dweller
67 Built from materials or charmed to block astral or ethereal beings or scrying devices
68 Building dampens psionic or magic from operating inside its walls
69 Fungi growing out of control in sections with toxic spores and hostile mobile fungus
70 Care takers and servants (robots or golems or other) kill mess makers 
71 Minute doll size humans live in secret spaces in the city hiding from the giants
72 Pits of monsters used to punish criminals
73 Locals practice monster breeding as a science, some escape into wilds or abandoned districts
74 Non corporeal spirits haunt many areas, abandoned sections and corridors by night
75 Musical citadel with wind chimes, whistling walls, drums, gongs and trumpets used constantly
76 Takes on haunted demeanor by night with storms and howling  beasts
77 Whole complex is living and aware, possible responsible for disappearances
78 Refrigerated chilled complex with ice and frozen stalactites in coolest sections
79 Hot house dripping with condensation, sweaty, stuffy and sultry
80 Covered in murals of heroic warriors, mighty leaders and founders
81 Spectacular mosaics with even semiprecious stones in richest areas depicting history
82 Morbid gloomy residents display skulls and remains of ancestors and funerary art
83 Citizens wear carnival or cult masks when dealing with outsiders
84 Caste system with different dress, makeup and possibly race or species
85 City decorated with trash of the ancients, citizens convinced they live as before apocalypse
86 Rulers are virtually immortal due to technological or magical wonder
87 Famed for a magical spring kept secure in temple, healing or oracle possible
88 Class of aristocratic bullies pick on strangers and visitors and locals
89 People are highly accomplished fighters who have weekly battle drills
90 Citizens pay tribute to a great monster bringing great shame to citadel
91 A horrible beast lurks the corridors by night slaying those who breach the curfew
92 A monster lurks the lands around the citadel by night eating any foolish enough to be outdoors
93 Locals are mad for sport competition such as ball game, track events, racing or fighting
94 Sacrifices to gods regular from daily to mass sacrifices on special occasions
95 Gods demand citadel citizens sacrificed by being beamed up to orbitals every so often
96 Great beast under city imprisoned and used as natural resource by citizens
97 Some bizarre currency such as soul contracts, human hearts, live goblin babies, etc
98 Covered in gang graffiti, some from earliest post apocalypse times, changes often
99 Famous oracle attracts travellers from distant lands for poetic divination
100 Huge vault unopened from ancient days has famous puzzle or riddle to open 

I guess the last post wasn't so complete...

After seeing Hobbit2 I considered making an evil citadel of horror megadungeon inspired by Saurons tower....

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