Thursday, 2 January 2014

Psychonlog: Alien Killers take Castle Invisible

So back to city for a game with my old crew Richard and Michael. Dined on home made pizza with crocodile, ham, salami and capsicum better than any I had from a shop in years.

Party consists of:

2nd lv Bard psionic oracle with his atomic keytar (originally from 1980s)
-Jugs his poison lactating slug
-Smut fairy cherub
-Sheena the shield maiden now 1st lv
-Bose the singing crystal

2nd level acrobatic thief raised by tiny mushroom men
-pet batweasel
-mushroom munchkin adopted brother

1st lv Morlock with a deathwish since eating his friend
2nd lv warrior has resolved his loss of former party
1st eldren archer musician
2nd priest of Colossus now back in good books with his cult

Having rested in temple of Colossus in the glaring desert beyond the violet forest the party marched back to town to consider their next job. Wight barrows seemed too deadly and party went past cautiously. Yellow zombies from the city have diminished sine evil bearded wizard snake killed. Welcomed back to the magenta eldren citadel. Decided the alien steamworks of the feral grey aliens was still worth investigating.

Saw some bandits with crossbows who hailed them for tax. Gang of mixed magenta eldren and men banished from citadel (civilized for med, brutes for eldren with gang tats and piercings). Bard used his psionic charm person discipline on leader and called him over. Gang lowered weapons surprised and confused while bard shook his new "old" best friend's hand and whispered his men were planning betrayal. Thief jumped from a tree and ran one through while bard double punched same guy with envenomed cestus massacring him. Rest of party dived in slaughtering them with new bandit pall. He told them of 40 strong gang and headquarters in ruins.

Party moved on after looting and heard music. Some eldren youths were practising in seclusion as they felt insecure about abilities. Bard chimed in and smiling party joined them. After the music jam. Theif explained these woods full of murderers and showed sack of gory bandit heads to prove his point. Youths headed home smiling and said they might catch up in citadel.

Old cobblestones, round alien rammed earth bricks, rusted engines and mighty chimneys overgrown by mighty roots of titanic violet trees were everywhere. Heard distant noise and saw cyan fire cult pilgrims trying to catch something hidden in pile of rubble. Theif sneaked up and ran through leader hanging back in red and lowered his body gently. Next guy went down in orange robes and third too busy to notice a miss was nicked in the neck with tranq envenomed dagger. Last three acolytes in yellow noticed and were struck by hail or arrows and javelins from rest of party. In the hole in the brick mound a savage grey hissed and spat. They beheaded the cultists and Bard milked his narco-slug and poisoned the corpse with its delicious chocolate venom. The savage grey alien chewed on the corpse and was drugged. Dragged it out and beheaded it and searched the hole. Found dead eldren and a corroded alien pistol shaped lump in rotten plastic holster.  Bard used his Psychometric history discipline and saw the grey's life flash by since hatched from its egg. Saw mostly cultureless beings crudely worship at old saucer landing site.

Planned to visit the gang HQ when dangerous Psychonian weather kicked in, yellow eye watering fog rolled in. Went to hide but heard strange throbbing tech noise. Theif climbed a tree and saw distant glow. Party despite many choking and eye watering crept closer. An alien glowing egg on metal rod landing legs was parked while a suited alien with a strange box on a stick was poking the soil with beeping item. Thief ran him through. Looked inside the egg at controls and bards fingers felt tingly so he closed the pod. Used history on the being and saw its life. Decantered from a vat weeks ago, was hooked up to learning machines and saw mothership saucer bay and other greys. Was on a mission searching for radioactives and had found some semi depleted water in ivory soil here then was killed. Party took corpse and its suit, the bard took the gasmask. Hid in the feral grey hole till weather passed.

Found the bandit lair in old foundry with most entrances sealed in metal plate. Batweasel scouted chimneys and found smoke and cooking fumes. Saw leaders talking over map. Thief climbed down huge chimney with his own gasmask on and poured Jugs slugs chocolate boob venom into gangs cauldron and all waited. 75% of gang in deep sleep when main party bashed down back door. Some gang roused when thief came at them from behind ranks and used his mushroom man brothers toxic spoor cloud to break up formation and backstab one. Whole party pored in as gang line broken and bard and thief kept stepping from choking spore cloud to punch and stab gang at awkward moments.

Gang slaughtered and too many heads. Eldren buddy recommended they just take noses and he would vouch for party to citadel bounty office. Party wounds treated by priest and all rested. Piles of silver and pile of weapons for loot. Found map indicating a ladder nearby. In morning marched back to citadel without incident and cashed in loot. Then marched to temple of colossus in the desert to show him alien corpse. A few zombies on the way easily dispatched, some bandits ran away on sight and spoke to mongrel men which they were pleasantly surprised by. Bard felt sorry for them.

In the temple colossus beamed alien body to his star temple and heard heroes story of the egg ship. He swapped the rusty old laser for a shiny ancient civilian model of old earth and gave them a black sphere to put in egg ship and instructed them to set the auto pilot to return. Marched all the way back with a few yellow zombies and scared bandits and returned to egg ship. Was evening now and all the grass around it had died. Bard put the sphere inside and armed it then set autopilot.   Watched it soar off towards moon then saw pinprick of light about ten minutes later (60d10 heat 60d10 blast 60d10 radiation blast).  Party pleased and camped in the feral grey lair they used earlier.

Searched as directed by map and found wire ladder hovering a few feet above ground going up to nothing. Flyers flew around found nothing but thief climbed up and entered into some other place and disappeared. All party climbed into otherspace.

Inside a castle store room full of food and supplies in crates. Several doors out. Bard scanned for minds and party went into lifeless area first. In other tower was crystal engine with a furnace burning magic items on low power. Bards talking crystal explained it was an arcane version of ancient dimensional drive that needed fuel. In the courtyard were sheep, wool dying pits and drying racks were about. Went up spiral stairs and in locked door to find four Eldren forced to spin wool and weave a tapestry. Explained they were enslaved by Morlock sorcerer who was forcing them to make tapestry he would enchant. It was a scene of morlocks eating cosmic giant at the dawn of time and he hoped to use it to travel there. Eldren included three females, a maid, a mother a grandmother and a old man. In burst angy morlock demanding intruders leave. Tried to reason with him but he flame blasted the party, taking out several and critically injuring most of them. Took down the party morlock hero with shocking grasp. Party hammered him back and Bards spiked fists and Lolz scored some good hits just in time. Half party unconscious.

Stayed in castle and rested  before returning to citadel to trade loot and train up to third level. Traded wool and  combined wealth to buy thief a +1 dagger. A number of party flunkies with better armour and some magic weapons now.  returned to colossus who thanked them and gave them items from his teleport buffer from past adventurers.  Bard received a time travel belt pack with a few dents and two jumps left (can take a small party). Thief got a tin WW1 medic helmet with +1 protection. Bard used his psi powers to learn history. Saw time machine involved in terrible broken continuity of ancient apocalypse war, zombie plague era, android rebellion and more. The helmet was in WW1 then in a museum where it was looted and used by medics for hundreds of years. Party all pleased and returned to citadel to get drunk. Wights might be next...

Has been fun. Psion spell list has been best psionic system I've ever played. The history spell makes magic items much more fun. Look forward to ESP spell being used next. Priest can now make holy water to fuel the angel chainsaw they found earlier which has ant undead powers. Will have one more session with these guys before im back in Sydney.

Thinking of running for new year:
Cthulhu Vikings on sunday with Psychon after if people up for a late game. Im feeling less in love with my 13th level party and broken attendance - I will see what players want. Might change venue as i need to leave my warehouse with downstairs game club more. Hope to run long stairs DnD a bit too. Will cut back on gaming a bit as Ive been gaming like a teenager last six months as a live in club gamer. I need to get my work/health back to speed. Publishing something by april priority too.  

As I'm without net on my travels things im writing include Citadel generation tables for Psychon. Looking good enough for a whole campagn inside a city. One more game here before im back in Sydney...


  1. He'd better take care of that atomic keytar. It's a classic!

  2. Some risk of atomic detonation


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