Tuesday 4 June 2019

Marvel Log: Doom that came to River City

So ran my infrequent TSR marvel game on sunday with our dnd dag posse, Richard, JB & Pete. Dallas was away. As I was watching godzilla films and realized bnew film out i was a bit inspired. Actually found old notes from a month back on this but merged it with a different worlds mag superworld module I played in 85. The module has a Cthulhu cult, Dholes and a villain called the Nightgaunt. Im running the basic idea not adventure strictly but Superwold I'm still fond of. I don't use the marvel universe just the game.

So the team met up at mayors office to fill out some paperwork in the secret department hidden in his office. They had not had a team up for a month.

Bolt Thrower the android archer built by Dr Cheng had been fighting cultists his nosy reporter lover had stirred up. Has flight, armour, regeneration and his fold out laser bow. He often shoots multiple arrows or web arrows.

Evac the super agent of World Wide Rescue had been looking into recent marine disappearances and hoped to get WWR heavy lifter to visit with a sub to help him from their command centre near Hawaii. He is strong, flies, armoured and flies. He has access to lots of fancy rescue tech.

Jack Frost the returned hero of yesteryear, secretly a scientist at the city space research centre (also a medic, geneticist and secret occultist). He had notices some kind of gravitic lensing effect distorting space in a window facing the crab nebula. Jack can turn into ice, shoot ice or turn into a cloud of frozen gas. He was a hero 30 years ago and knows lots of old heroes and villains.

Amp the super strong sonic powered roadie was away on a charity tour (sorry Dallas).

The team decided to unite as possibly this stuff was related. A strange blue mineral deposit had been left by cults and they searched the shorelines for more and questioned some contacts working the area. Visiting the uni space science dept Bolt thrower saw a mystery man on the roof and flew up only to be shot and stunned. Pretty embarrassing for him. In the lab the intruder had left a usb device broadcasting the astronomy lab data to somewhere. 
Bolt Thrower interfaced with their computers to track where the cult mainfrome was.

They searched Diablo Island, a industrial slum land were most bad stuff in river city happens. Found a abandoned church with cultists and attacked. Several robed cultists operated computers while others performed a ritual over a bowl of the blue minerals. Several cult ninjas were guards. They had little hope of resisting but the heroes stopped the fanatics killing each other. The cult site was one of estimated five trying to summon something from beyond space to earth. Bolt Thrower checked the computers and found two more locations. A basement lab mixing occult and science and a copy of the Necronomicon helped Jack Frost work out the cult gate opening plan. Something about transporting a planetary population of mile long worms to cover the earth a mile deep.

The next cult location had less dedicated cultists who spoke more freely. They expected to become rulers of the earth but Jack Frost doubted this.

The next location the cult were ready. After they burst in the abandoned paint factory and incapacitated the cultists, the cult heavy hitters arrived. The Nightgaunt a villain unseen since Jack Frost's day using occult and science. He had alien mechanical wings, a gas mask and a big plasma pistol with fist size one shot plasma fuel cells that he had stunned Bolt Thrower with before on the uni roof.

With him were some cult ninjas and four actual nightgaunt demons. Two demons attacked Evac in his force sheath and managed to psionicly paralyze him with spasms of insane laughter, their tickle effect. Jack not the toughest hero if not in hiss ice or mist forms was more mentally resistant. Deadbolt used his laser bow to shoot nighgaunts gun wounding him and several demons. Nightgaunt got in close able to escape laser web arrows and chased Bolt thrower in a dogfight. One nightgaunt was stunned by a arrow and the other demon carried Evac outside and twenty stories up, heading for space apparently. Jack managed to stop a ninja kill the webbed up cultists and battled tw demons who he was mostly resistant to their psi-tickle.

Evac eventually escaped and headed back. Nightgaunt and some demons were wounded and vanished in black clouds. Cultists they saved from ninja confessed about links to the public face of the cult and the heroes with police raided his mansion.

Apparently the heroes had stopped earth being covered by a mile thick layer of space worms but one was coming. A cultist let it slip that the earths own natural defence was coming - the ,mystery ship sinker. Flying over the sea and dropping sonar probes from the WWR heavy lift transportthey detected a dinosaur kaiju was on the way to the city.

A mass evacuation was called and heroes helped especial at the city bridge from Diablo Is;land to the rich district that had been sealed by sabotage by a slumb landlord who didnt want riff raff in his district. They caught sabotuers and partly freed the bridge blockage with the WWR heavy lifter.

Deciding to stop worm or lizard reaching the city, Jack from the space centre fired three missiles to stop the worm or change it's course and missed. Bolt Thrower flew up and jacked into the missile network and guided the final missile so the worm was knocked into the ocean near the kaijusaurus. The titans battled. The mile long worm has class 1000 stats but the only unearthly lizard was a canny fighter dodging and biting and using it's nuclear blast breath. Jack determined it was a specific frequency that ignored the worms armour. Realizing they couldn't hurt it Jack arranged Evac's WWR lifter to bring in a missile warhead.

The team flew in, Evac holding a half ton warhead. They knew the world was watching them. They waited till the worm head was backing off from the lizards breath, considered attacking the worms anus but not for long. Evac threw the warhead in the worms mouth, Jack frost sealed it with ice and at the last moment before the ice sealed, Bolt Throwers arrow slipped through and the warhead was detonated. The worm now headless and blind was now ineffective writhing about allowing the lizard to slice it up with nuclear hellfire breath bolts.

The heroes got lots of karma and popularity and media attention. Most went up a rank in fame making them among the cities most favoured heroes. I also offered them a new contact.

Evac chose  Close Orbit Air Command, to expand his rescue operation into space and work near Jack Frost more.

Bolt Thrower wanted a cybernetic hawk sidekick which he partly built and used his body nanites to make. He was no Dr Cheng but was a good engineer and good enough to help Jack Frost.

Jack Frost while hobnobbing with important politicians and space defence folk, befriended a alien ambassadors technician. An ameboid bio tech expert who could appear human (this race was established by a previous character in my 30 year long campaign).

Big fun session

Looking forward to being at least monthly and Dallas joining again. Might get some new players possibly.

School going well and some legal stuff sorted so i might have some month in a month....
Finishing a post about villains for superhero and spy games

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