Saturday 8 September 2012

Against the Elves

So our band of heroes pass into the Blackwood where dark elves from the underworld have been gardening for several thousand years.  Our friendly blood druid decided trade with elves was desirable. Some of the others scoffed but followed his lead. A trumpet shroom set off a signal alerting the elves. Finches warned the party about incoming elves who were swiftly taken down. Then their hidden corporal popped a sleep spell and zonked Ulf, the parties best archer. Too little too late. The elves were tied and questioned. The Druid and the sorcerer Pug set half free and demanded parley. One young dark elf named Blackfoot convinced the heroes he was a traitor and wanted to follow Pug. Anyway a deal was made with a dark elf lieutenant and the party managed to tempt them with offers of gilt baroque pornographic furniture they had previously looted from the manse of the adventurers three. The heroes wanted to buy a license to cross the forest at will.

Blackfoot was sent with them to witness the furniture. Then he told them how the elves would charm and enslave and otherwise betray them. He recommended attacking another clans tree fort. The party was lead to the fort and led to its blind spot. Nick the snake crawled into the kitchen drain and poured a horrible gastro potion into their food supply. When sure the guards morale was shattered the wizard spider climbed onto the topmost branched and helped the rest follow with Nick the thief. They sneaked past the giant wasps on the way and a wizard knock took them to the 4000 year old great hall. It was dusty and disused, but from the ornate doors came smell of drugs and incense and music.

Nick in a good mood offered to sneak in and stab somebody. So in he went. There was some yelling and sounds of a spell. The party burst in to find Nick was charmed. Two high dark elves - one with a black soundless magic sabre and black elven chain. The other a lady with a mace and whip. While they hit the male with every spell and missile possible, Nick back stabbed Ulf the horse archer. While the elf warlock was stunned they poured hate on him. His wife paralyzed the Wizard with a spell. They turned to her and she paralyzed Ulf. The odds were getting worse. While they attacked her again she healed her husband. While they turned back to him she animated undead making 10 skeletons from bodies buried under the floor. At least skeletons only do so much unarmed damage. She healed him again and he was pummeled again. Pug blasted her with a fire shuriken and she dived out the balcony. While the rest whittled down skeletons the Druid tried a last entangle spell. They looted the Elflords armour and sword and loaded up a tensers disc worth of rugs, tapestries and spidersilk fabric, all covered in depraved designs. Some nice candle sticks and a bunch of silver change. They fled and young Blackfoot (only 150) started telling them about other clans they could hit.

Hmmmm thought the Druid, methinks we have been used. They propped up the elflords unconscious body on his throne. The Druid still thinks he can make evil elves respect him.

Back home the group split up again. Sondar the priest, Nick the snake, the Druid and wizard went exploring. They saw the city from afar and saw the famous Wolfwood hunting lodge were the rich come to hunt Unicorns. The guards were rude and taunted the party off. They climbed a mountain and looked over new regions.

There were the great sylvan forests where humans were outlawed to the west passage and the .scrubby hill tribe lands to the north east. They saw the evil swamp wood they had heard of and went to marshwood village. The wizard got talking with some young noble about her illuminated poetry of the parties travel and made many friends. The Druid smoked swamp weed with the local sect who have battled the swamp since the dawn age. The weed from the swamp put you in contact with the swamps evil presence.

They checked out the mountains and met friendly bandits, actually runaways from the city. Not evil rather desperate and selfish they proved pleasant company. Heard many new rumors of local lands.

So they traveled onwards to an unexplored region to the south, past a posse out hunting them. They found a tiny lost kingdom and rescued a baby from some goblins and are just settling into the town, getting to know the new local area.

I am enjoying how some locations hate the party already. The wizard heard the pop of Bloodbeach whaling and sealing harbour is 99% male and refused to go. Also you can smell it a days walk away from all the rendering plants.

While they haven't killed one elf they sure have started something....

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