Sunday 23 September 2012

Strange High House in the Stars

Space Cthulhu running shortly - this is for a scenario I was writing or a contest but I got too hung up on gravity. I imagine this tethered to an other rock with a refinery and fuel dump and antenna array. At some moment the tether will break, damage any parked ships and loose all gravity (only about .4G anyway - with special rotating sleep pods with .7G to extend crew occupation).

The crew are a team of low G-modified first in rescue specialist investigating this mining station currently building a massive antenna array orbiting Saturn. Their ship is a tiny fluid filled high-G emergency ship capable of traveling 4G for several days. The team of 6 also has a bio drone atmospheric tester and cleaning mascot.

As the rescue ship decelerates and adjusts its spin to dock, they make contact with the station computer. They get the option of rebooting the AI or booting the old out of date mining AI. Some of the crew have cross motives.

One of the asteroid staff running the high energy deep space antenna project has been operating unsupervised ultra high frequency experiments and has been running unusual computations....

more drones

I also wrote a list of scenarios and a big list of little ideas i might put here
One day i will work out how to put pdfs in my toolbars here


  1. Greetings. Nice map you've posted! What software did you use?

  2. photoshop - the doors are square brushes - im happy to make maps for ppl occasionaly - cheers


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